North Edge New Alamein Towers

Prices start from 3,700,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 90
Last updated 2022-04-13
North Edge New Alamein TowersNorth Edge New Alamein TowersNorth Edge New Alamein TowersNorth Edge New Alamein Towers
North Edge New Alamein TowersNorth Edge New Alamein TowersNorth Edge New Alamein TowersNorth Edge New Alamein Towers
Details North Edge New Alamein Towers
project nameNorth Edge New Alamein Towers
project LocationLocated at New Alamein in Matrouh Governorate on Alex-Matrouh Road directly on the sea.
project unitsApartments - Chalets
Delivery date2022
Payment Systems10% Down Payment and installments Over 7 Years
Finishing typeSuper Lux Finishing
Spaces starting from90
Prices starting from3,700,000
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North Edge New Alamein Towers
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Project details

North Edge New Alamein Towers, or as it is known as  Project North Edge New Alamein, is one of  City Edge Real Estate Development Company’s, which explained below:

North Edge New Alamein Towers North Coast :

Towers is one of the largest projects that City Edge Corporation has stood on its feet in the new city of Alamein,

North Coast, which is represented by tourist residential towers located near the international commercial and

entertainment centers. The northern coast, so that it becomes a residential town in which there are all services and

not just a town that tourists come to in summertime only.

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About North Edge New Alamein:

North Edge is represented by 5 residential towers, each tower consists of forty floors,

each tower contains 230 residential units, and the towers enjoy a favorable view of

the most beautiful international beaches, and they have designed to simulate the Dubai Towers and

will carried out by various celebrations on occasions.

Green spaces, recreational areas, and crystal lagoons surround North Edge Towers,

just as there remains in front of it a large neighborhood

and entertainment complex that includes forty 1,000 properties,

cinemas and amusements, restaurants, cafes, and bank headquarters,

just as the towers remain near the famous El Alamein Lake, which is dedicated to cruises,

yachts, and boats.

The new town of El Alamein was designed on a place of 50 thousand acres and

a bottom of 60 square kilometers and more in the south of the coastal beach,

and the town will accommodate 3 1,000,000 people and more, and the area of

the first round will reach 8 thousand acres and will accommodate 400,000 people,

and that period is divided into a coastal sector, which in turn is divided into An old and coastal sector,

and a newer sector is an urban sector, which includes North Edge Towers.

The state administration is interested in forming the new town of El Alamein to become an integrated residential,

tourist, entertainment, and industrial town in order to relieve the pressure on the major cities.

It performs a large number of massive commercial businesses in it,

commercial centers, and skyscrapers.

The total investments in the town have reached tens of billions so that the town of

El Alamein becomes the first town of millions.

On the North Coast,

it is a preferred possibility for all investors and individuals.

North Edge New Alamein Units


It starts from 90 m2 up to 351 m2.
Super Lux finishing


It starts from 90 m2 up to 351 m2.
Super Lux finishing

Where is North Edge Towers North Coast located?

The towers are easily accessible in all respects due to their location on the main roads,

most notably the Petroleum Road, El Alamein Road, Wadi El Natroun,

and the International Coast Road,

and the towers are tracked in the administrative district of Marsa Matrouh,

which is located on the Alexandria-Matrouh International sidewalk with a length of 48 square kilometers.

The towers of the new town of El Alamein are located near the seawater desalination plant,

which a Spanish foundation has stood on its feet to implement,

and is also located near the industrial site in the Hamra port,

which rises on an area of 8 thousand feddans and

has an abundant amount of industries such as petrochemicals,

extraction industries and mountain salt,

and also located Close to multiple entertainment areas.

location of the New Alamein Towers is distinguished by the vital sites and cities,

as it is located in the New Alamein City immediately on the sea, and also:

North Edge New Alamein project

Location North Edge New Alamein Towers.

The most prominent features of the project:

  • new Alamein Towers is characterized by countless multiple features, namely:
  • The site is located in the new city of Alamein, North Coast.
  • Wonderful view of the sea at once.
  • Various units and different spaces.
  • Enjoy the services available in the new city of Alamein.
  • It occurs near the seawater desalination plant.
  • The town has the advantage of having an international corniche along the beach.
  • Close to it remains a seawater desalination plant,
  • the highest record of which is located near the Hamra port.
  • Close to it is the largest industrial place on a huge place of 8 thousand acres with a large number of industries,
  • and the most prominent of these industries are extraction and manufacture of salt,
  • petrochemicals and complementary industries for construction,
  • and an industrial zone for the Petrojet Corporation on an area of eighty acres.
  • The towers are easily accessible in all respects due to their location on the main roads
  • Next to the new North Edge Towers project, there are many full-service tourist hotels built on a place of 296 acres.

Services within the North Edge project:

There is no doubt that the town of El Alamein is one of the most beautiful and

worthy cities in which everyone affects housing, as silence and attractiveness are in the beauty of nature

and the distinctive beach,

as the soft white sands and turquoise waters are more than luxurious,

the North Edge Towers project of New Alamein is located in

the heart of El Alamein on the most beautiful beach.

Among the most important services included in the project:

  • A huge green area designated for rest and recreation for the resort’s residents.
  • Various and varied spaces for swimming pools for children and others for women.
  • A huge area that has designated and equipped for sports and
  • contains the latest international equipment and devices.
  • place designated for freecycling and jogging for all ages.
  • An area designated for a seminar center equipped to receive any group of loudspeakers.
  • A great place of up to 44 acres to set the largest medical arrangement at that time.
  • place dedicated to children’s games.
  • A special case of vehicles for the residents of the project.
  • A commercial space that contains abundant quantities of stores that offer all international brands.
  • Super Market.
  • laundry.
  • Universities.
  • Schools.
  • Nurseries.
  • Hotels of the highest standard and standard, a hotel neighborhood.
  • Places of worship (mosque + church).
  • A massive central library is equivalent in size to the Library of Alexandria.
  • Museums.
  • Opera.
  • Cinema.
  • Cultural arrangement.
  • A tourist walkway with a length of 14 km.
  • The famous El Alamein lake.
  • Sales portals and massive galleries.
  • A huge amusement park that contains all the games that are loved by adults and children.
  • Historic areas for fans of historical sites such as the Cemetery of the Second International Battle.
  • Sports club.
  • Crystal Lagoon.
  • Central Park and park.
  • Resturant.
  • Cafe.

Units spaces within North Edge Towers:

Each tower includes 230 housing units, a variety of apartments and chalets,

with varying sizes, and the units consist of a sleep room to four bedrooms, and these spaces are:

The spaces start from ninety square meters and reach 351 square meters.

The towers are easily accessible in all respects due to their location on the main roads.

Prices and areas of the project:

Various prices remain according to the units’ area, as in the first stage, which per square meter value starts from 40,000 EGP,

and this is in the higher floors.

Units prices start from 3,700,000 EGP.

An area of 182 square meters with a value of 5,900,000 EGP.

The Foundation offers a facilitated exchange system by disbursing 10% on back

and the rest of the amount in installments up to 7 years and receiving units with super lux finishing.

The towers are easily accessible in all respects due to their location on the main roads.

The most prominent information about the real estate developer of the New Alamein  Towers project:

It is the City Edge Real Estate Development Corporation,

which was established in 2007 and is considered one of

the important institutions in the field of real estate modernization.

60% for the New Urban Communities Authority.

38% of the Housing and Development Bank.

2% of the Holding Company for Investment and Development.

Most important missed actions for a City Edge commercial facility:

  • Zahia Towers in the new city of Mansoura.
  • Downtown New Alamein.
  • Etapa compound in the 5th settlement.
  • Baroque compound in the new administrative capital.
  • Al Maqsad Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • New Alamein Gate towers, North Coast.
  • The new village of Mazarin El Alamein.
  • Al Maqsad Residence New Capital Compound.
  • Etapa Square compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Etapa compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • North Edge New Alamein project.

The most important features of the North Coast?

As that place is divided into two parts,

namely the coast in the far north and

the new one. The archaeological site extends from kilo 21 to kilo 105,

and this is on the Alexandria-Matrouh road.

As for the new one, it starts from 120 km until Marsa Matrouh.

And in the ancient coast was the work of the first tourist village,

which is divided into two areas, Marina and Marakia.

Its location is distinguished as it is near the Egyptian capital,

Cairo and Alexandria, as well as the Burj Al Arab.

And many unique headquarters with the availability of its services.

However, there remains a flaw and shortcomings,

which is that the various villages that have established in it are classic.

Not all services remain in it, just as its beaches are neither paved nor safe.

And that is in contrast to the beaches of the new coast,

which are safe and clear waters.

North Edge New Alamein Towers

Take advantage of this moment and own your unit in the heart of the North Coast,

in a location with highly distinguished specifications and on international layouts,

charming. Hurry up to book this moment with us in the most distinguished and

best villages of the coast, June  Village for SODIC Real Estate,

as it provides you with a different package of spaces and

costs that make you Choose what suits you and your family.

The project enjoys many advantages, services and infrastructure,

designed specifically for you and your family.

Enjoy the life offered to you by SODIC Foundation at the highest level.

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Features of North Edge New Alamein Towers
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is North Edge New Alamein Towers Located?
Located at New Alamein in Matrouh Governorate on Alex-Matrouh Road directly on the sea.
Who is the Developer of the North Edge New Alamein Towers?
City Edge Developments.
What is the finishing type of North Edge New Alamein Towers?
Super Lux Finishing
What is the Type of Units in North Edge New Alamein Towers?
Apartments - Chalets
What are the Payment Systems in North Edge New Alamein Towers?
10% Down Payment and installments Over 7 Years