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Bo Islands North Coast Village


Bo Islands North Coast Village , or as it is known as  Project

Bo Islands North Coast or Bo Islands North Coast  , is one of  Maxim Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Bo Islands Einglish

Bo Islands North Coast :

The Maxim Real Estate Development Corporation announced the launch of its resort in Bo lslands, North Coast, and the Bo Island village was applied on the beach of Sidi Abdel Rahman, as the surrounding atmosphere is beautiful and scenic, and you can enjoy spending the most beautiful periods in that resort with your family and get the various services that you require during Time, plus due to the availability of reasonable price and easy payment systems.

Bo lslands North Coast is one of the best villages in the North Coast, and it was designed on a place of 180 acres, and the buildings were designed on a place of 12% and the rest of the project area was allocated for green spaces and services, as the village is distinguished by a beach of 800 meters and the bottom is 1200 meters.

Bo Island North Coast project

Village Bo Islands North Coast

units Bo Islands North Coast Village


Project area: 180 acres.

Starting from 260 square meters.

Red brick finishing


Project area: 180 acres.

Starting from 230 square meters.

Red brick finishing


Project area: 180 acres.

Its area starts from 133 square meters to 584 square meters.

Red brick finishing

Location Bo Island North Coast :

Maxim Real Estate stood on its feet by choosing a site for the Bo Island North Coast project, as the village’s strategy was located in the heart of the northern coast, specifically at km 120 Alexandria Matrouh, and one of the most important features of the site is that the road is free of stones as you can travel and move in and out of the village with great simplicity , Just as the resort is

located in the vicinity of :

The city of Cairo, as the distance between the resort and Cairo does not exceed the limit of two hours.

It is also located near the village of Marassi and the village of Bo lsland.

Hacienda Bay North Coast.

Thus Bo islands, Sidi Abdel Rahman, is suitable for living in a luxury of a special category during the ages.

The place of Sidi Abdel Rahman is one of the picturesque natural areas, and it is possible to reach it via the new Fouka road, which shortened the distance between Cairo and the northern coast from 240 km to 140 km, so it can be reached from Cairo within two hours, only.

Bo Island North Coast project

location Bo Islands North Coast Village

Features of Bo Islands North Coast :

Abundant features remain in the Bo Islands North Coast:

The strategic location of the village within the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Embodies the first village in North Africa to do Crystal Lagoons.

Landscape covers 88% of the village area.

The multiplicity of services in the range of Bo Island, the coast.

The project is characterized by the use of an environmentally friendly pattern, such as recovering recycling water for use in irrigation and solar energy.

Units overlooking the sea immediately.

The most prominent services of Bo Islands North Coast :

Bo Island Resort includes a tremendous range of services that make it an integrated project, and among the most prominent services available within the scope of the project are the following:

The landscape remains on large areas that help to provide fresh air and an amazing view of the apartments within the scope of the project.

There are still a number of swimming pools that were distributed throughout the project, which are suitable for adults and children, as a swimming pool has been provided in front of each chalet in the resort.

There are a number of international hotels within the Bo Islands

, which have been equipped at the highest rate and receive visitors.

It remains a great commercial space, with a group of supermarkets and a number of huge stores next to the presence of luxurious shops, as this place is very suitable for shopping enthusiasts.

Choose your dream home simply, a Twin House for sale in the North Coast

Wide headquarters for wagons remain.

There is a group of restaurants and cafes prepared at the highest rate that give away the most luxurious and different foodstuffs.

Attention was paid to the security level in the bo island, the northern coast, due to the presence of insurance throughout the day.

Artificial lakes are spread in different colors within the project, adding an artistic touch to the village.

Club House.

And he took over a service job, the first of his kind in the northern coast, which is a benefit to transport his residents using the electric tram to and from the seashore.

The presence of an energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar energy system.

Layouts of Bo Islands village, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Bo Islands North Coast project.

Bo Islands North Coast Village

Units spaces and classes :

There remains an abundance of variable apartments, there are villas, townhouses, chalets, and the areas of these units are:

The space of Villa 2 starts from 548 square meters.

The area of ​​Villa 3 starts from 408 square meters.

The space of Villa 4 starts from 260 square meters.

Townhouses start from 230 square meters.

Chalets start from 133 square meters to 584 square meters.

Prices of apartments in Bo Islands :

The real estate developer Maxim Real Estate provides the unique costs within the village, and the prices are:

The price of a two-bedroom chalet starts from 3,187,753 EGP up to 4,215,867 EGP.

The price for a chalet consisting of 3 rooms starts from 3,049,948 EGP up to 4,768,980 EGP.

And the cost of a 4-room combined chalet starts from 2,971,965 EGP up to 7,567,565 EGP.

The value of the townhouse starts from 4,4343469 EGP up to 7,567.565 EGP.

And the price for Villa 2 starts from 14,077,744 EGP up to 21,422,348 EGP.

Villa 3 price starts from 9,321,002 EGP up to 11,962,066 EGP.

The cost of villa 4 starts from 7,315,910 EGP to 15,902,539 EGP.

Payment Systems :

A number of payment systems have been provided by scheduling payment in Bo Island Resort, represented by:

You can spend 5% back with installments of the rest of the unit value over a period of 7 years, without any privileges, in addition to paying equal scheduled payments.

Spending ten% on the post of a reservation with installments over eight years and without any benefits.

Spending 15% on the back of a reservation with installments over a full seven years and without any privileges.

Taking into account that the units will be delivered within three years from the date of the agreement and the signing of a contract with the commercial establishment.

The commercial establishment executing the project and its most important works:

The Maxim Real Estate Development Corporation has designed the Bo Islands North Coast project, and it is one of the pioneers in the field of installations, and the Foundation has more than 1,700 acres within the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

The most important businesses of Maxim Real Estate :

The Canyon Compound in nearby Cairo.

Bo Islands village on the coast to the north.

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski in Cairo, a 5-star hotel characterized by its attractive design and the presence of an outdoor swimming pool open during the year, just as it is 6 km away from the helipad of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Maxim Residence El Shorouk Compound

Maxim Mall.

Royal Maxim, which is represented in forty palaces in the 5th settlement.

Maxim Compound in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Bo Islands North Coast

Bo Islands North Coast project

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Features of Bo Islands North Coast Village
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains