Maxim developments

Maxim developments one of the most established institutions that stood on its feet in many real estate businesses, which caused a huge and unique sensation

in the field of the real estate economy.

Among Maxim developments:

It is the Bosands Sidi Abdel Rahman project and the Bo Island project,

which is in the north, and the institution has gained an increase in the distinguishing features of creativity

in addition to individuality with customized design.

Which ends presented on a plate of gold for lovers of real estate excellence.

Maxim developments represent one of the most solid real estate institutions

that has proven its presence on the ground and imposed a good and good reputation in the field of real estate economy,

despite the recent name, but the giant projects that the institution has undertaken have been distinguished

at the international level by the distinction of capabilities,

mastery and originality of planning, simplicity, quality, and exclusivity At the smallest price,

and the most prominent of these businesses that Maxim has launched is the “Bosands Village” project in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area,

whose name placed within the framework of the largest commercial and tourist business

that was established in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Maxim developments have also succeeded in carrying out its most prominent mega projects,

“Bo Island Village” in the coastal region in the north,

which proved an overwhelming success, which led to the promotion of the institution’s rank and name high.

Just as the Maxim Real Estate Corporation stood on its feet by owning a large place of land

that allocated for real estate development in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area,

in addition to :

which estimated at more than 1,700 acres on the coast in the north.

Maxim developments have worked to save the most prominent international designs

that my friend searches for excellence and real estate investment by quoting them

from the latest international designs that are characterized by simplicity,

punctuated by distinguished real estate progress,

in addition to the attention of Maxim Corporation by choosing with distinguished specifications

for the location on which the real estate works assigned to the Corporation are built.

Maxim developments have lost a lot of projects that have met

with tremendous success and distinction in the real estate shops.

Among the most important are the following:

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

Maxim developments Residence compound shrouk city

In addition to the livelihood of Maxim developments, it will perform the Bo Sands Compound project in the north,

which has been included in the framework of the highest climate-friendly tourism projects

as a result of the use of solar energy and the recovery of Al-Ruwi water recycling within the compound.

The Bosands project on the north coast

Sands Village Compound.

The coast in the north is in the unique locations in the middle of the village of

Sidi Abdel Rahman on the 120 km Sabil Alexandria Matrouh,

as the project takes place at a distance of no more than 15 square kilometers

from the village of Marina, the coast in the north.

Brands, in the north, distinguished by its uniqueness with the latest international designs

that are recent and saving a lot.

Among the different and distinct services surrounded by many technical

and recreational methods that facilitate life for the customers of the village in weather of calmness

and psychological comfort that harmonizes with the blue sea water and attractive white sand.

Maxim developments, services, and spaces:

The village has been performed as one of the most residential cities with all services and facilities available at all rates and classes,

which highlights the village as one of the most distinguished villages in the coastal area in the north.

The services highlight the front side within the village and in the following lines:

A lot of large areas of crystal lagoons have been saved,

which adds to the charming living and comfort area within the island of dreams.

Bosands located in the most beautiful spots in the charming area of ​​Sidi Abdel Rahman,

the beautiful turquoise waters with the refreshing smell of iodine.

Maxim developments have managed to save international ideas in preparing the commercial establishment

on a terraced terrace association to save direct water supply for all apartments within the village.

Providing a distinguished educational level within the village,

in addition to the presence of an international university attached to the

fellowship of the most important universities in Singapore.

Providing a group of indoor swimming pools to ensure the highest rate of women’s advantage, comfort, and quality.

Saving many restaurants and cafes with the latest international brands

that provide the most delicious international food and drinks.

Just as Maxim Real Estate Development Corporation has provided many entertainment services for children,

unique beaches, family gathering areas, and safe areas equipped with the latest international high-definition cameras.

Maxim developments, costs, and payment systems:

The prices of chalets in the village of Bosands Sidi Abdel Rahman start from 1,000,000

and five hundred thousand pounds, with a variety of spaces and special prices

that satisfy all tastes and the provision and availability of easy and affordable payment systems

that allow you to choose what suits the customer’s demands.

Bo Island project, which is on the north coast

The village characterized as one of the most important works of Maxim developments,

which is located in the Gulf of Sidi Abdel Rahman, the most beautiful parts of the coast in the north,

and is characterized by the purity of its water and white sand.

A distance of 15 km from the village of Marina, the coast in the north, following steps from the village of Hacienda,

in addition to being located close to the modern town of El Alamein,

which considered one of the most prominent residential cities nearby sustainable life in the coastal region in the north,

which embodies a place to attract investment in which customers live throughout the year,

It is the first international millionaire town in the coastal region in the north,

which built on international designs,

in addition to the ingenuity of its Mediterranean climate in summer and winter.