Jedar Compound 6th October

Prices start from 3,219,000 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 95 sqm
Last updated 2023-11-25
project developerIwan Developments
Jedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th October
Jedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th OctoberJedar Compound 6th October
Details Jedar Compound 6th October
project nameJedar Compound 6th October
project Location6th October
project unitsVillas and twin houses apartments
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 8 years
Finishing typesemi finished
Spaces starting from95 sqm
Prices starting from3,219,000
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plan of Jedar Compound 6th October
Jedar Compound 6th October
map of Jedar Compound 6th October
Project details

Jedar Compound 6th October by Iwan Real Estate Development Company was established on a high level of luxury, as its location was chosen very carefully, as it is located specifically in the 6th of October City near Mall of Arabia, Madian Juhayna, Media Production City, and many important areas. Jedar Compound was built on an area It is very large, which made it very distinct from other projects, as it covers an area of 48 acres.

Jedar Compound 6th October

One of the most important residential projects established in the 6th of October City, which was implemented by Iwan Real Estate Development Company, which is famous for its wonderful work. The company also sought the help of the best designers and architects to work on the implementation of the October Jedar project with the best and best architectural quality, and the latest engineering designs that It denotes distinction and good taste.

A large space has been allocated for the implementation of the October Jedar  project, in order to work with maximum efficiency required to provide all means of comfort and the needs of customers in the October Jedar , to ensure that they enjoy a residential residence with all the means of life and entertainment.

Jedar Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Jedar Compound 6th October is a new residential compound by Iwan Company, located in the center of 6th of October City, and the main factor in attracting 6th of October City to real estate developers is the huge expansion of its land areas, in addition to being free from the crowds of the capital, and at the same time it is not completely isolated from Its vital areas. The owner company, Ewan Real Estate Development and Investment, has taken care to choose the appropriate location that is easily accessible from several different vital roads, in order to serve all its residents.

Jedar Compound 6th October

You will find that Jedar Compound 6th October is one of the most luxurious residential compounds that is unique to the best locations in Cairo. A better life for you and your family…because in this compound you will live a life of luxury and tranquility away from the noise of cities.

Ewan was keen to make the compound complete with all services, facilities, and recreational activities. On the other hand, green spaces spread around the compounds and give a wonderful, distinctive and attractive view. The developer offered a variety of prices and flexible and easy payment systems in order to make it easier for customers to own their unit without getting tired over the longest period.

Pay within the most luxurious compound on the 6th of October, and fulfill your dream of enjoying the features, services, and facilities in a quiet atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of cities, crowds, and pollution, and own your unit in an environment full of flowers, trees, and distinctive birdsong.

Jedar Compound 6th October

Jedar Compound 6th October

Jedar Compound 6th October location

As usual, Iwan Company chooses the locations of its projects in the most distinguished place in Cairo, specifically on the 6th of October, and it is considered one of the most luxurious projects in October City, designed by Iwan Real Estate Investment and Development Company. And special.

The most important places near the compound

  • Overlooking Nile University.
  • Its proximity to the largest squares, including Juhayna Square.
  • Minutes away from Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.
  • It is minutes away from Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • Jedar Compound 6th October is located near several other residential projects such as the Jubail 6th of October Compound.

Types of units and spaces in Jedar October Compound

The units within Jedar Compound 6th October are characterized by luxury and luxurious architectural designs that look like a masterpiece designed in a luxurious style with modern touches. The buildings do not exceed 20%, and the percentage of green spaces, public utilities, landscapes, and other recreational activities is 80%. The real estate developer was able to diversify the spaces within the units to suit customers and provide them with a variety of spaces suitable for small families and large families. The project includes 240 housing units of a variety of sizes. Villas and Twin Houses, where:

Jedar Compound 6th October services

The advantages of living inside the October Jedar Compound 6th October There are many advantages available to spend the best times inside the compound and enjoy it, as the services came as follows:

  • An entertainment area for children that includes many distinguished games and recreational activities, and they can run and play in gardens and parks.
  • High speed internet services.
  • A gym is equipped with the latest modern devices and equipment, in addition to a team of trainers specialized in the field of fitness and bodybuilding.
  • The green spaces vary from fragrant flowers and tall and large trees to purify the air, along with landscapes and water bodies, giving all this a wonderful view amidst the charming nature Jedar Compound 6th October.
  • A mosque for religious rites and prayer.
  • For more relaxation, comfort and pleasure, a spa, jacuzzi and sauna are provided to enjoy the time.
  • A large parking garage equipped with security cameras for securing and protecting cars in Jedar Compound 6th October.
  • Gardens and parks to sit in and enjoy the air amidst the charming nature, and children can run and play in them.
  • A pharmacy that provides all local and imported medicines so that they do not leave the compound, and next to a
  • medical team for emergencies.
  • Halls for events, parties, meetings and birthdays.
  • Automated teller machines so that you can easily withdraw and deposit without resorting to banks.
  • Wide sports fields to include many different sports, including football, basketball, volleyball and other games that young people love.
  • For lovers of dyes and attractive hair colors, a beauty center has been provided, inside which you will find everything you need.
  • Various swimming pools to suit adults and children, and for women there is a covered one for more privacy and enjoyment.
  • Waterfalls spread beside landscapes, water bodies, and fountains in order to complete the unique and attractive
  • landscape. When you sit in the charming nature, you feel that you have owned the world and in the happiest moments of your life.
  • There are places for jogging, cycling and walking in designated places that are secured away from cars.
  • It provides electric elevators for easy movement between floors and some of them with ease and time saving
Jedar Compound 6th October

Jedar Compound 6th October

Compound features

The owner company provided a variety of services to provide comfort to the customer and enjoy the most beautiful times:

  • World-class restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines, where you can choose what you will eat.
  • With the sounds of quiet music, you can have your favorite coffee, sit with friends, and enjoy the cafes and cafes inside the compound.
  • A huge commercial area that includes many shops and stores that offer the most famous international brands.
  • with a selection of the best teachers trained on how to deal with young children.
  • in Jedar Compound 6th October Club House includes many recreational activities.
  • For more reassurance and security, a security team has been provided that works all day to guard and secure the
  • compound from any intruders.
  • Surveillance cameras that monitor sound and image and record all events, to be used in emergency situations.
  • Periodic maintenance services that operate throughout the day and for 24 hours to serve the residents of the compound.
  • Attention has been paid to establishing a strong infrastructure that includes many services such as natural gas and electricity.
  • A huge hypermarket that includes many supplies that you need on a daily basis in your home.
  • Inside the compound, cleaning services make the compound always clean and tidy, and it also provides places for washing and ironing.

Jedar compound prices, 6th of October

The prices of the residential units are among the best prices, when compared to all the various services and features that you will only find inside the compound, where you will find upscale housing in the midst of the charming nature, with its green space, distinguished location, and close to all roads.

Jedar Compound 6th October

Jedar Compound 6th October

Payment and installment systems

Prices and payment systems within Jedar Compound 6th October The payment systems are very flexible and easy to suit many customers looking for the longest repayment period, as:

  • You can pay a reservation down payment of 15% of the unit price, then 5% after one year, then 10% after two years, and
  • the rest is paid in equal installments over 8 years from the date of the contract.
  • All units will be delivered semi-finished, so that each customer can finish them on their own Zoukah.
  • The unit delivery date is two years after the date of the contract.

The company that owns the project

Iwan Real Estate Development is the owner of Jedar Compound 6th October , and it is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, and the company seeks to satisfy all customers by delivering projects on time and providing them with all the facilities and recreational activities that they need. In the Egyptian market, during that period, it established many projects, including seven residential projects, and ten administrative and commercial projects, in high-end areas in Cairo, Sheikh Zayed and the Smart Village.

Iwan Company was distinguished by the implementation of its projects on large areas and it was able to choose distinct locations for the success of the project, and in order to provide its clients with the life they dream of in ideal housing, and credibility in dealing with them.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2022, so they are subject to change, we at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Inform clients about the real estate market.

You can contact us at the sales number 01270970000

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Features of Jedar Compound 6th October
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jedar Compound located?
6 October
Who is the real estate developer in Jedar Compound?
Iwan Real Estate Development
What is the type of finishing in a Jedar compound?
Villas and twin houses apartments
What are the payment systems in Jedar Compound?
Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years
What is the sales number?