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Last updated 2021-09-23
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Jedar Compound 6th October


Jedar Compound 6th October , or as it is known as Jedar Project

6th October or Jedar 6th October  , is one of iwan Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

The company that owns Jedar Compound 6th October:

Jedar Compound in 6 October is one of the pioneering projects of the “Ewan

Real Estate” company the field of real estate development and investment for

a long time; The company presented a lot of projects In many different places,

including the 6 October Wall Compound, which made it occupy a world-class

place on the square of the real estate market.

The company enjoys a great reputation in this field through doubling

the percentage of its sales for many competing companies, as customers

flock to them for what they offer Distinctive architecture and designs

that carry creativity and innovation.

Of the previous work carried out by the company before:

Jeera Sheikh Zayed Compound.

And the neighborhood of Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Alma October Compound.

Jedar Compound 6th October location:

The company that owns the Jedar compound 6th October has been interested in

choosing the appropriate location that is easily accessible from many different

dynamic ways in order to be a server for all its residents Where the location

occupies a special place within the city of October 6.

The location of the Jedar 6 October Compound on the 26th of July Corridor,

which is close to many areas Active vitality; It is also adjacent to many services

and important areas, including:

Mall of Egypt, which is close to the Media Production City.

Mall of Arabia, which is located in Juhayna Square.

Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

Facing the Nile State University, which is located in Juhayna Square.

Swan Lake 6 October.

Jedar Compound 6th October location

Jedar Compound 6th October units


Starting from 312 meters up to 400 meters.

core and shell finishing

twin house

Starting from 298 meters up to 359 meters.

core and shell finishing

twin house

Starting from 298 meters up to 359 meters.

core and shell finishing

Jedar Compound 6th October services:

The services within Jedar Project 6th October occupy an area of ​​80%

of the compound space, Wall of October 6th College; The company provided

that space to build all that customers dream

As well as everything that provides luxury, comfort and a happy life;

All services are inside The 6th October wall project is inspired by

the company’s previous experiences, including:

Ample green spaces that surround all units.

swimming pool.

The huge space that Jedar 6 October enjoys and the elegant engineering designs.

The largest security and guard companies were contracted for complete safety.

Waterfalls and artificial lakes.

Restaurants and cafes.

Commercial area.

A healthy gym that witnesses most sports.

Party areas as well as barbecues.

Prices of Jedar Compound 6th October:

The company announced the prices of the 6th of October Wall compound,

which carries the latest architectural icons

Luxurious designs with attractive modern designs to compete with

the market and strive through them

Elevates herself to the highest position; The prices offered by the company

and dazzled everyone are:

Standalone villas start from 10,586,100.

Twin House starts from 7,200,000.

One of the features that the company always releases is its use of

the installment system To facilitate payment, as it provided many

different payment systems, including:

Pay 10% downpayment and the remaining installment over 84 months.

Pay 15% downpayment and the rest over 9 years.

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Features of Jedar Compound 6th October
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains