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Last updated 2021-09-23
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Keeva Compound 6th October


Keeva Compound 6th October , or as it is known as Keeva Project

6th October or Keeva 6th October  , is one of Al Ahly Sabbour Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

About Keeva compound 6 October:

The Keeva 6th October project is one of the most recent residential projects.

The first phase of it was launched in Egypt inside 6th of October City,

Which the state is keen to develop in order to provide a comfortable,

good and elegant life for customers.

Which includes the balance between luxury and life at a distinguished

and upscale level, Which made it distinguished from other residential


Whether in terms of the location or the great modern design, Which was

implemented by the best and most skilled experts and engineers.

Keeva compound in 6th October succeeded in providing many services,

whether basic or entertainment, Which led to an urban development,

In the presence of privacy, safety and comfort as well as attention to

the health aspect, Keeva 6 October project is one of the environmentally

friendly projects.

Keeva compound 6th October location:

The Keeva 6 October project is located in the most prestigious areas of

the 6th of October.

Keeva compound in 6 October is distinguished by its strategic

and distinct geographical location.

Therefore, it represents a bright destination in 6th of October City,

It is located precisely on Dahshur Road between Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.

And that is near Dar Al Fouad Hospital, where it is a few minutes away from

the compound.

Keeva 6 October is a compound close to Swan Lake and Palm Parks

Compound as well.

These areas are very vital, and one of the advantages of Kiva Compound

in 6 October in terms of geographical location, The area of ​​the Keeva project,

6th October, 144 acres, Of them, 18% for the project and the rest 82%.

For the benefit of recreational services and green spaces in the project.

Keeva Compound 6th October location.

Keeva Compound 6th October units


It starts from 225 meters to 265 meters

core and shell finishing

Twin house

Starting at 265 meters

core and shell finishing

Stand alone villa

It starts from 265 meters to 360 meters

core and shell finishing

Keeva compound 6th October services:

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company, the executing company of

the project sought To the necessity to provide all services within the Keeva

A compound in 6 October to meet all customer needs, And there is no need

to go outside the area, and these services are as follows:

Health club: A health club was established on an area of ​​41 acres.

And which includes all the entertainment activities that the visitors need.

Swimming pools The Keeva compound includes many swimming pools

distributed throughout, In addition to the presence of green spaces

that cover the majority of the Keeva 6 October project, As it feels comfortable

when you look at it.

Restaurants and Cafes Keeva 6 October contains the best international

restaurants and cafes, Which provides hotel services in addition to

the best food and drinks.

Keeva project 6th October, was not without a commercial area.

It includes many shops as well as a mall for those who love to shop.

Water Bodies in Keeva compound includes many water bodies,

Which were represented in artificial lakes and swimming pools,

The project includes recreational areas.

To have places to hang out with friends and family.

And for those who love to do sports

Places are designated for walking, jogging and cycling.

Security and guarding Security is available 24 hours a day inside the compound,

To provide security and stability within the Keeva 6 October project,

As it was provided with the best and latest security devices and equipment.

Payment methods in Keeva compound 6th October:

Keeva Compound in 6th October represents the largest residential

projects in October.

It is located in a vital area and a very distinct geographical location, And

whoever wants to buy can book from now and choose the appropriate

payment method, And that is among the following methods developed

by the company:

You can pay a 5% downpayment and the remaining value of the housing unit

Repayable over 8 years without interest.

Or 8% down payment

The rest of the amount is to be paid in installments up to 9 years without interest.

Or 10% down payment

The rest of the amount will be paid over 10 years without interest.

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Features of Keeva Compound 6th October
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains