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Gaia Village North Coast


Gaia Village North Coast , or as it is known as  Project

Gaia North Coast or Gaia North Coast  , is one of  Al-Ahly Sabbour  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Gaia English

Gaia Village North Coast:

After Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company,

under the supervision of its board of directors,

Engineer Hassan Sabbour,

succeeded in the Amwaj Village North Coast project,

the Foundation inaugurated the Gaia Sabbour project in the northern coast in Ras Al-Hikma district,

55 kilometers from Amwaj village,

in order to end its successful real estate career,

and therefore it gives you the possibility Amazing to enjoy and

spend fun times with your family to realize

the vision of luxury and luxury for you.

Features of Gaia Resort North Coast:

The village of Gaya Sabbour is unique in that it contains an abundance of privileges and

services that are indispensable,

and these benefits have had a huge role in increasing

the demand for apartment reservation requests for the project,

which are as follows:

Sabbour has allocated a wide area for the councils and

rest areas within the green spaces,

so that the residents within the scope of that project can enjoy

the beauty of the enchanting nature around them,

and large quantities of families are counted as

the finest private entertainment services for families in the compound.

International schools for all primary,

preparatory and secondary educational levels.

Hospitals and medical centers equipped at the highest rate to receive critical cases and

emergencies, as they contain the intensive care unit,

a team of doctors, all branches of specialization,

to support the residents of the compound at any time, 24 hours.

The corporation uses a technical manager’s staff from among

the clients to ensure the best degree and standard of support.

An insurance crew,

a sports director at the highest rate,

a security club to guard the compound outlet for 24 hours.

The Sabbour Foundation worked to save hypermarkets and

libraries and distribute them within the compound,

and these markets are available for 24 hours.

A special area for barbecues within the green spaces,

absolutely empty parts of the filth,

avoiding the exhaust of vehicles.

Gaia Village North Coast

Gaia Village North Coast

units Gaia Village North Coast


Project Space: 280 acres
Chalets start from 130 square meters
Super Lux finishing


Duplex space starts from 170 m2
Super Lux finishing

Connected homes
Connecting homes space starts from 180 m2
Super Lux finishing


Villas space starts from 350 m2
Super Lux finishing

Where is the Gaya Resort of Al-Ahly Sabour?

It is located within the borders of the northern coast region,

specifically within the borders of the Ras Al-Hikma region,

as it divides the northern coast into two parts: Ras Al-Hikma and Sidi Abdel Rahman.

The Gaia North Coast project has an attractive beach equipped for the decline,

just as it is characterized by soft white sand,

just as the village is located inside a very famous area as

the large number of monuments remain in that place and

an area is calculated to bring tourists from all over the world as it has a group of Hellenistic cemeteries.

These embody monumental temples,

as well as massive lower shrines carved into the brick,

which are considered to be from the Hellenistic period.

Gaia North Coast is characterized by many places, including the following:

At Kilo 192, next to City Stars, the coast in the north,

and next to Fouka Bay, the northern coast.

Ten minutes away from Sabil El Fouka,

and only an hour and a half away from the town of Cairo by the new Sabil El Fouka,

which was performed by the Egyptian army battalions,

and the road is very loose,

which allows a lot of time for commuters between the new northern coast and

the town of Cairo, especially The place of wisdom,

as it connects the place of 6 October with the northern coast.

Gaia Village North Coast

Location Gaia Village North Coast

The most prominent services in Gaya Sabbour North Coast:

Sabbour works through Gaya Resort to meet

the needs of customers based on the requirements of modern life for high-end societies,

and here it provides its customers

with unique services that are not available in neighboring businesses,

and these entertainment services are represented in the following lines:

The owner of the project provides periodic repair services for all apartments.

These services are paid by the Sabbour Corporation.

The internet service function,

and that service function is available to all residents within the apartments,

and the high-speed internet service function.

Generators are the most important services available for all apartments,

which operate automatically when the electric current service is interrupted.

All apartments in Gaya are equipped with internal intercom service,

connected immediately to the secondary and main entrances.

The waterfalls service specialized in garbage,

this benefit is more than amazing,

as it helps to eliminate residues to ensure the cleanliness of the property in a sustainable manner,

just as customers do not have to go out of the property to get rid of the rubbish.

Security and guard services at the gates and gates of the Jaya Sabbour project, and they work in a sustainable and continuous manner for 24 hours.

The executing organization of the project works to save the highest amount of peace and

privacy for the residents of the compound,

and that is evident in the function of the service of the muffler steel outlets,

those outlets are forces that are opposed to rust.

Details about the units in Gaia Ras El Hikma :

The Sabbour Foundation entrusted the task of

the project strategy to the major Spanish institutions for engineering design,

and that institution has tried to create an amazing modern strategy that catches the eye,

and it works in this after it happened that it was chosen on

the strategy of the six continents of the world,

this great project was built on a place of 280 acres.

An area of ​​15% has been allocated for construction buildings and

apartments, while the rest of the place has been allocated for

the establishment of landscapes and green spaces in addition to blue water bodies.

And those surfaces symbolize the oceans, seas and rivers,

and as for the apartments for the Sabour Al Marid Gaia project,

the northern coast lost,

differently to satisfy the largest group of customers just as its commoners overlook the water bodies,

which are as follows:

Chalets with an area of ​​130 square meters.

Duplexes of 170 square meters.

Connecting houses with an area of ​​180 square meters.

Villas with an area of ​​350 square meters.

Prices and payment methods in the Gaia North Coast project:

The project prices start from 1,600,000 EGP.

As for the payment methods,

the village provides a payment method in advance of 10% of the unit price,

and installments up to 6 years.

Date of delivery of units:

The units will be delivered with super lux finishing during 2022.

Gaia Village North Coast

About The Developer And Its Previous Projects :

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development promoted by the performance of the village of Gaia Sabbour,

which owned by the famous engineer Hassan Sabbour,

as it is one of the largest institutions in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

About 24 years of successes,

developments and achievements.

It has developed more than 55 housing and

tourism projects in less than 25 years,

and the Foundation includes with it a large number of important procedures and

projects within the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad, and from

The most prominent of these works are the following:

The City of Odyssia compound.

Aria Sabbour Compound.

Keeva 6 October.

L’avenire Future City.

Amwaj North Coast.

Zoya North Coast.

Platinum Club, New Cairo.

Green Square Mostakbal City.

The Square New Cairo.

Grand Residence New Cairo.

Katameya Hills, New Cairo.

Gaia North Coast Project

Gaia Village North Coast

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Features of Gaia Village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains