Compound Stei8ht New Cairo

Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 220 Sqm
Last updated 2022-06-07
Compound Stei8ht New CairoCompound Stei8ht New CairoCompound Stei8ht New CairoCompound Stei8ht New Cairo
Compound Stei8ht New CairoCompound Stei8ht New CairoCompound Stei8ht New CairoCompound Stei8ht New Cairo
Details Compound Stei8ht New Cairo
project nameCompound Stei8ht New Cairo
project LocationNew Cairo
project unitsTownhouse - Twin House - Standalone Villas
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems5% down payment and installments up to 8 years.
Finishing typeFully Finished
Spaces starting from220 Sqm
Prices starting from9,000,000
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plan of Compound Stei8ht New Cairo
Compound Stei8ht New Cairo
map of Compound Stei8ht New Cairo
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Stei8ht Compound New Cairo – Landmark Sabbour Real EStei8ht Development Company announced its latest project in New Cairo,

which is the Compound Stei8ht Hut New Cairo, and announced its privileged location directly on the Youssef El Sebaei axis,

which makes its location vital and close to you, it has reached the most important place possible…

National Compound New Cairo, Landmark Sabbour, one of the largest compounds in New Cairo,

provides integrated services to all residents as the development company focuses on making it a unique compound that meets

the needs of the residents.

Stei8ht Landmark Compound contains wide green spaces that make the compound’s atmosphere calm and luxurious,

as well as gardens and parks that provide residents with a lot of privacy.

Don’t worry about the unit prices in Stei8ht New Cairo because it suits the compound’s unlimited possibilities,

Landmark Sabbour provides a simple payment system for unit payment, where you can pay the unit price over a period of up to 8 years.

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Masharf Real Estate.

Information about the Stei8ht Compound New Cairo

Landmark Sabbour, New Cairo, announces the launch of its latest residential project, Stei8ht New Cairo – STEI8HT – Stei8ht New Cairo,

a unique villa complex that covers more than 550 acres in the most prestigious location in East Cairo,

and is considered one of the most important projects in New Cairo in 2022 The Stei8ht Compound

is located in the New Cairo – Stei8ht New Cairo in a strategic location in New Cairo in front of the gate of the first assembly in Rehab,

a wall with Swan Lake Hassan Allam, a villa with areas ranging from 220 square meters to 576 square meters,

with prices starting from 9,000,000 EGP, Landmark announced About the payment plan of the government assembly

in New Cairo with 5% down payment, 5% contract, and installments over 8 years.

Stei8ht Compound designs luxury villas

Stei8ht Hut Compound in New Cairo is characterized by a modern design that suits the tastes of discerning customers.

The project was designed by a team of skilled engineers and engineering consultants.

The design of the New Cairo National Compound is characterized by an abundance of green spaces,

in addition to an elegantly designed artificial lake and swimming pool,

and the units of the New Cairo in the National Assembly were designed by engineer Yasser El-Beltagy in the latest style.

European designs.

The location of the Stei8ht New Cairo LMD

The New Cairo National Compound is located in the First Settlement, as it is located in front of Al Rehab Gate 19,

which is directly on the Youssef El Sebaei axis branching from the Mohamed Naguib axis.

The National Compound is located in New Cairo, next to the residential project of Swan Lake Compound,

directly in front of Al Rehab City, and extends from Gate 16 to Gate 20.

Places near Stei8ht Compound New Cairo

The New Cairo of the Compound is located near several important places and main roads, which makes life in the Compound easier,

and it does not take much time to reach these places,

and the most important places near the Compound are:

  • Starting from the Fifth Compound, New Cairo, Landmark Sabbour.
  • The American University is only 10 minutes away from New Cairo.
  •  Swan Lake Compound is located next to Al Rehab Stei8ht Compound.
  • Al-Rehab City is located near the Compound STEI8HT New Cairo.
  • Nasr City and Heliopolis are within walking distance of the STEI8HT compound in New Cairo.
  • The Middle Ring Road is located near the National Assembly in New Cairo.

Services of the Compound Stei8ht New Cairo

compound contains the best package of diverse and integrated services to allow customers to live better without forcing them to leave

the compound to meet their needs,and the most important services are:

  • Providing delicious food and drinks in restaurants and cafes.
  • A garage that maintains calm and orders within the compound in the Stei8ht of the New Cairo, Landmark  Sabbour, and helps ease movement and movement within the compound.
  • The expansive green spaces provide the residents a place to picnic and relax, accommodating the residents as well as the unique views of the unit.
  • High-level security and security services inside Stei8ht Complex, New Cairo, Landmark Sabbour.
  • Jacuzzi, spa, sauna, gym, and other health services and basic exercise for the residents of the New Cairo Compound.
  • A large sports club that includes football, tennis, and basketball courts.
  • Off the motorway walking, running and cycling trails provide added safety and tranquility within the Stei8ht complex.
  • The commercial area at the highest level includes stores displaying the most famous international brands as well as all the products that customers are looking for. Places designated for children’s play and equipped with the best means of protection and safety for children. A mosque performs Islamic religious duties.
  • A place for barbecues, family gatherings, and friends’ gatherings, as well as a venue for various events.
  • Comprehensive Medical Services Stei8ht Compound is committed to providing residents with a full range of medical services, 24 hour medical services are provided at STEI8HT Compound in New Cairo. Equipment maintenance and technical support services are available around the clock in the compound.

The area of ​​the Compound Stei8ht New Cairo

Landmark Sabbour Real EStei8ht Development Company chose a large area to build a compound on it when executing

the five-gathering Stei8ht compound project, so the company specified 550 acres to build a compound on it,

which is a large area that the company can fully utilize to implement its plan in the best possible way.

The company allocates the largest area for green spaces, landscaping, facilities, and recreational services,

as it represents 80% of the project area, and thus provides a very private

and entertaining atmosphere while leaving only 20% of the space for buildings and construction,

which reduced the population density of Cairo Governorate Compound.

Units of the Compound Stei8ht Landmark  Sabbour Cairo

The Stei8ht compound project in New Cairo consists only of luxury villa units,

and the area and design of the villa complex vary according to the customer’s taste, needs, and desires,

and the following are the most important types of villas and their spaces:

  • Townhouse: spaces start from 220 m 2 except for 60 m 2 roof area.
  • Twin House: the starting area is 260 square meters and the surface is 60 square meters.
  • Standalone Villas: small, medium, and large, with an area starting from 280 square meters.

Prices of the Compound Stei8ht New Cairo

The prices of the Stei8ht-owned compound units in New Cairo are considered one of the most important features of the project,

as they are reasonable and commensurate with the number of services and facilities enjoyed by the residents of the compound.

Payment methods in the Stei8ht New Cairo

The developer of the compound, Landmark Sabbour, makes payments to the client and provides a flexible payment system as follows:

  • For the first system: you can get the unit you want by paying 5% down payment on the reservation, then 5% after 3 months, and you can pay the rest of the unit price over 8 years.
  • The second system: This system is more suitable for people who do not want to waste a lot of time, as you can pay the price of your unit in installments over 4 years, and book in advance after paying 10% of the unit value, and pay 10% after 3 months.

The company that owns the Stei8ht Landmark Sabbour

Landmark  Sabbour, the executive company of the Fifth National Assembly project, is one of the leading companies in the field of construction and real eStei8ht development in the Egyptian market, offering a large number of fully completed projects.

Landmark Sabbour was established in 2005 by Eng. Ahmed Hussein Sabbour, which was established by Eng. Sabbour in partnership with the National Bank for Real EStei8ht Development.

The company has a clear goal of meeting the needs of the real eStei8ht market with luxury real eStei8ht projects inside and outside Egypt.

Among the previous works of Landmark Sabbour:

  • Layan New Cairo project.
  • Aria Sabbour Landmark Project.
  • Zoya North Coast Resort.

Special projects also in New Cairo

  • The Fifth Avenue Lazar project.
  • Sarai Compound
  • Taj City Project
  • Fifth Square assembly.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2020 and are therefore subject to change, and we are on the cusp of updating them constantly to keep clients informed of the changing real eStei8ht market.

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Features of Compound Stei8ht New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Stei8ht New Cairo Located?
New Cairo
Who is the Developer of the Stei8ht New Cairo?
Landmark Sabbour Real Estate Development Company
What is the finishing type of The Stei8ht New Cairo?
Fully Finished
What is the Type of Units in The Stei8ht New Cairo?
Townhouse - Twin House - Standalone Villas
What are the Payment Systems in The Stei8ht New Cairo?
5% down payment and installments up to 8 years.
What is the project area?
550 acres
What is the sales number?