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Midtown Condo Compound location was launched by Better Home, and is considered the last

compound in the New Administrative Capital, following the success of the past compounds.

The compound consists of only residential units and duplexes and is one of the first compounds

in the Administrative Capital after all the units in it have been reserved.

Midtown Solo was established in the New Administrative Capital, and it is a compound of villas for sale.

So far, the villas and all units in it have been reserved.

And Midtown Sky, the new administrative capital.

About Betterhome for Real Estate Development and Investment:

The residential units project is considered one of the commercial projects and achievements of

Better Home Foundation in the New Administrative Capital so far,

The Foundation has implemented many commercial projects in the field of establishments and

has also implemented commercial projects for Betterhome Real Estate, the most prominent of

which are:

  • Founded Midtown opposite the American University in New Cairo, Midtown The Fifth Settlement.
  • Cairo Business Park The Fifth Settlement has been established in Cairo Business Park.
  • Founded High Land Park Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • High Land Park Compound was built on the 6th of October.
  • Founded the Midtown Condo Compound location.
  • I built CityScape Mall 6th Of October City.
  • She founded Cityscape Mall Minia.
  • Mega Mall established on the 6th of October Mega Mall 6th Of October City.
  • Founded Cairo Medical Center 6th Of October City.

Near a large number of administrative and commercial buildings: –

  • It is near Cairo Business Plaza in the 5th settlement, Cairo Business Plaza, The Fifth Settlement.
  • It is located next to Cairo Business Gate in the 5th settlement, Cairo Business Gate The Fifth Settlement.

Near the administrative capital projects: –

  • It is near the Midtown New Capital project.
  • in addition, It is located next to the Midtown SOLO project.
  • It is near the midtown Sky new capital

Midtown Condo Compound Location:

The Midtown Condo project is in a very strategic location, a very special location in

the R7 residential neighborhood.

It is considered the most important neighborhood in the Administrative Capital because it

is located next to the important and strategic locations within the capital, such as:

  • Al Sefarat Neighborhood
  • Exhibition city and medical city
  • Presidential Palace
  • The English University
  • Next to the important and main roads in the capital, such as:
  • Regional Ring Road
  • The southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed
  • It is in the face of the Bosco compound, the administrative capital.

Area of ​​the Midtown Condo compound location:

It will be on an area of ​​sixty acres, equivalent to 252 square kilometers, and

that area was distributed in a very distinctive way.

The area of ​​construction, buildings and constructions is 22.5% of the total area and the rest of

the area of ​​the Midtown Condo Compound location is represented in:

  • green areas
  • natural views

Commercial and entertainment services

To provide peace and psychological comfort for all investors in the compound, and Better

Home Foundation for Investment and Development provides you with the opening of many

different spaces.

Starting from 170 meters to 210 meters and up to 250 meters

To meet all the needs and basics of investors, depending on the number of family members,

large or small.

The Midtown Condo compound location contains the ground floor and 7 floors, each floor

has 6 residential units.

The project was established with the best engineering designs, and the establishment sought help

from the best architects to design that project.

To give you the best sophisticated, modern and luxurious architectural design to suit all unique

high-end tastes, Midtown Condo, and New Administrative Capital residential units.

Midtown Condo - New Capital

Prices, spaces and location of Midtown Condo compound:

The residential units space starts from ninety meters to 250 meters to suit all investors.

The residential units are similar in the prime location and differ in spaces only.

Super Lux finishing is available and there are many methods of payment and the longest payment

period, as we know that the prices of the compound are expensive to save a lot of services,

including entertainment,

Including services and facilities such as:

  • There are hospitals
  • Health clubs available
  • The price of the residential units starts at 990,000 EGP
  • The area of ​​the villas starts from 350 meters and the spaces increase many times to suit all

investors. The villas are more private than the residential units.

  • Large spaces are available to give investors peace and relaxation and not to stress, and there

is a private swimming pool for nothing.

  • There are green spaces
  • Children’s playgrounds are available
  • There is 24-hour security and guarding
  • Our villa prices start at 3,990,000 EGP.

Midtown Condo compound services and location:

  • Available in all available apartments the highest percentage of stairs 24 hours.
  • There are services for the privacy of our valued customers, even for him he owned a house

in a building, and the advantage is not for those who buy villas.

  • The project is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.
  • in addition, There are well-known restaurants and cafes that are loved and influenced by all people.
  • There are entertainment clubs for people to enjoy in order to gather among the compound residents.
  • There is a specialist gym available, and it is divided into men’s and women’s gyms.
  • in addition, There are non-children and sitting places for children to wait.
  • There is a huge shopping mall that combines all the famous international and local bonds

that suit different high-end tastes.

  • There is the largest central park in the world for hiking and entertainment
  • Security and guarding in Midtown Condo compound are available throughout the day and

surveillance cameras

Midtown Condo Compound location

Features of housing in the New Administrative Capital:

  • There are schools and universities in the administrative capital of varying basic sizes
  • There is a central park called the Green River
  • It is the largest and most famous park on the planet, with an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters
  • The largest power plant is available in the administrative capital. It is being built at 4800 megawatts,

in order to ensure the continuity of electricity in the entire area of ​​the capital.

  • There are services and facilities in the Administrative Capital to provide all means of dormancy

for the investor and for everyone who lives within the scope of that great investment city,

  • A great investment boom and shift will work not only for Egypt, but for the whole world,

and we have the various services available in residential projects in the capital.

  • The capital has an abundant amount of modern and advanced technological means,
  • Establishing the great project and innovation will move the world to a huge future boom

and the construction of 660 hospitals and medical clinics within the capital, providing the

best medical services,

  • They have the latest medical equipment at the highest rate in the world to provide

comfort to all who reside within the capital.

  • The new administrative capital  characterize by privacy, complete silence,

and a picturesque natural view that you will find as soon as you open your window or

when you go outside for entertainment or shopping,

  • You will find natural views surrounding you from every direction, and this is what the city cared

about, providing green spaces to give you psychological comfort and relaxation in general.

Midtown Condo Compound location

Features of the new administrative capital units:

In the Administrative Capital, there are many commercial projects to provide a variety of

different hotel apartments, such as:

  • There are residential units
  • Standalone villas are available
  • There are duplexes
  • Penthouse Available
  • There are twin houses in a variety of different spaces to suit everyone, this is definitely

not the engineering designs and professional decorations to suit all tastes.

You can also buy your commercial and investment unit in the Administrative Capital, and the units

also vary between:

  • Commercial stores
  • Medical Clinics
  • administrative Offices

The spaces and prices vary according to each project and also with regard to the location of

the mall assigned to your commercial unit.

Own your unit in that enormous edifice distinctive of its style, which not preceded by its

equivalent in the capital, owning this moment the location of the Midtown Condo Compound,

Make a reservation with a 10% down payment and 7 years installments without interest.

Own now and take the initiative to reserve your place within the most prestigious compounds

in the New Administrative Capital

With a privileged location and owning your unit from Better Home investment and

real estate development projects

Other projects are also of interest (Prices and spaces of iris Mall the new administrative capital

Badya October)

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