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Badya October is one of the most important projects in Sheikh Zayed City  (Badya project space)

in all of Egypt, as it is a very distinctive and new real estate edifice that is proposed by the

Badya project area, as it combines modern modern life and ancient Egyptian civilization.

Badya October Palm Hills project location and area:

The project is characterized by a privileged location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed on Al Wahat Road,

Faisal, East of Egypt, facilitates easy access for residents to the heart of Cairo in a few minutes, and gives

you the opportunity to go to your work and fulfill interests easily,

Space of Badya Palm Hills Compound:

The area of ​​the project is three thousand acres, so the compound is divided into many residential units

of different sizes,

Where it is divided into:

  • Townhouse.
  • Twin House.
  • Villas.
  • Duplex.
  • Industrial lakes.
  • swimming pool.
  • Falls.
  • Many malls and commercial companies.
  • The green spaces that make up a large area of ​​the compound.

Units of space for the Badya October residential project:

The company hired engineers with great experience in the world of construction and real estate in the


The compound is considered one of the richest real estate projects of residential units with a disparate

area, to allow all classes of society to live in it.

The Badya October project is divided into the following residential units:

Apartments space starts from 84 square meters to 295 square meters.

The Middle Town House starts from 189 square meters as a public space, as for buildings it reaches 185

square meters.

The Corner Townhouse is about 230 square meters, and as buildings up to 190 square meters.

Twin Houses generally range in size from 300 square meters to 381 square meters.

The standalone villa starts from 254 to 610 square meters, and the external space starts from 518 to 800

square meters.

Badya project space

Badya October project area services:

There are many services in the Badya Sheikh Zayed Compound – Badya Palm Hills, as it is keen on the

comfort of its residents and providing all their needs.

Among the most important of these services:

  • There are also Olympic swimming pools which are available for all ages.
  • levels of education.
  • There are swimming pools for children, and there are swimming pools for adults and professionals.
  • spaces.
  • There are sports clubs for practicing different sports such as tennis and golf, and there is also a special
  • place for equestrian.
  • There are squash courts.
  • There are many cinemas that show exclusive movies.
  • It has all the residential properties, we used to have shops and malls, in order to facilitate easy shopping
  • There is an outdoor walking, jogging and cycling walk.
  • Inside the compound, there is an international university, and there is an International school with all
  • There are many green spaces everywhere in the compound, as well as industrial lakes.
  • There is a place designated for children’s games, and there is also an adult amusement park, and parking
  • Where many places designated for medical clinics, equipped with the latest technologies and devices.
  • There is a sauna, jacuzzi, spa and gym.
  • While dedicated office space, in the interest of the company on the role of culture in society.
  • There is a private place for yoga and meditation.
  • Each residential unit has a car garage, as well as a private entrance and exit.
  • There are many distinctive restaurants, cafes and parks.

Advantages of the Badya October project:

There are many features in Badya Sheikh Zayed compound, which we will talk about in this topic,


  • The location of Badya Compound  distinguish as it is in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City,

and it is also close to Cairo.

  • The distinctive architectural design that is considered an innovative artistic painting.
  • The compound  characterize by fresh air as the city is visible, far from the crowds of the capital, car

exhaust and factory pollutants.

  • You can play your favorite sport as sports fields are everywhere.
  • You can walk or run in the morning every day without disturbing as there is a specially equipped


  • The distinctive view of all residential units of the compound due to the presence of the picturesque


  • Feeling of safety and security as there are surveillance cameras everywhere.
  • Provides privacy as each housing unit has all its own requirements.
  • There is a private place for social events and private celebrations.
  • You can shop at any time due to the availability of malls and commercial markets within the compound.
  • All social classes and levels can live in the compound and enjoy its services through convenient payment

and payment methods.

Prices of units for the Badya October project area:

The prices of the apartments vary in the area of ​​the Badya Sheikh Zayed Compound, according to the

unit area, so the compound contains residential units of different shapes and sizes.

There are condominiums consisting of apartments, private villas, townhouses and others, so Palm Hills

offers the lowest price per meter and the longest payment period.

Prices of residential units in the Badya October project are as follows: –

Prices of apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills:

1- There are apartments (1010000/84 square meters).

2- There are penthouses available (4180000/295 square meters).

Badya project space

Prices of villas for sale in Badya Palm Hills:

1- The Middle Town House (3758000/185 square meters).

2- The Corner Town House (4200000/190 square meters).

3- Twin House (4880000/300 square meters) – (6100000/282 square meters).

4- Standalone villa (5900000/254 square meters) – (27,000,000 / 610 square meters)

Badya project space

Payment methods within the Badya October project for Palm Hills Company:

Palm Hills provides a very comfortable payment system where different classes can enjoy housing

In the compound, through:

10% of the property value shall  pay at the beginning of the contract.

Installment of the rest of the price over 8 years.

Type of finishing of residential units in the Badya October project:

Finishing varies from one residential unit to another.

It varies according to the amount paid in the unit. When the customer wants the unit finished with a

final finish, the amount is in excess of the units received on bricks.

About Palm Hills:

Palm Hills Company occupies a prominent position among the leading companies in the field of real

estate development, working hard to provide a modern modern life

Palm Hills projects in many areas such as:

  • The Fifth Settlement.
  • Sixth of October City.
  • The new administrative capital.
  • Sheikh Zayed City.

Among the most important works of Palm Hills:

  • The Crown Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Palm Hills New Cairo.
  • Capital Gardens project.
  • Palm Park Compound.

The Crown Sheikh Zayed Compound:

The compound is located in 6 October City near the 26th of July Corridor, and what distinguishes the

project is easy access to the areas in the heart of Greater Cairo.

Its marvelous architectural design, which arouses the admiration of many people, and the picturesque

landscapes such as industrial lakes and swimming pools inside the compound,

There are many health, sports, technical and educational services in the compound, such as health

clinics equipped with the highest modern medical technologies.

Palm Hills New Cairo Compound:

It considers one of the most important projects for the company that made its name filter in the

Egyptian real estate market, the compound is located in New Cairo, Fifth Settlement

And it locate near the American University, the compound  distinguish by its wonderful design,

internal services and a full-service building, and near all vital areas.

Capital Gardens Compound:

It is located in Mostakbal City on Suez Road after Madinaty, one of the mega projects of Palm Hills and

has a big name in the world of real estate development,

The compound has many basic services that the residents of the compound need, including schools,

universities, football fields, markets, malls, and others.

Take the initiative to reserve your units within the Badya October project and choose your unit with a wonderful view

To know more details about the project, call: – 01270970000


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