Prices and spaces of iris Mall the new administrative capital

Prices and spaces of iris Mall the new administrative capital
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prices and spaces of  iris Mall the new administrative capital, that mall will be in the most

distinguished locations of the Administrative Capital, and it contains a medical, administrative and

commercial complex, as investment opportunities and employment can be created in it,

It provides different spaces to suit all the needs of investors, the location of the Administrative Capital

Mall is an important strategic location,

This is because it is bordered on the northern side by the cities of Badr and Mostakbal City,

as it is in the B6 plot on the axis of hope and also next to the Olympic Village.

Prices and spaces of iris Mall, the new administrative capital

The newest offers and offers for IRIS Mall  the New

Administrative Capital:

Buy any administrative office, medical clinic or shop, and the company will pay you:

The first two plots 1/4 annually, on the payment system, 20% downpayment, 5% after a year, and the

rest over 7 years (equal installments)

Features of the location, prices and spaces of the IRIS Mall New

Administrative Capital:

This mall may characterizeby a set of features that made it a very great opportunity for investment,

and among the features of the location of the Administrative Capital Mall:

This mall is distinguished by its important strategic location in the nearby administrative capital.

There are prices and spaces available in Ares Mall to suit all types of investors.

There is an enormous range of important and vital services and facilities.

The company that owns that mall has offered various payment systems.

Part of the amount is paid, and then the amount is paid in interest-free annual installments.

Complete finishes will be delivered to the administrative and medical units.

This mall is a very important investment opportunity.

The location of that mall is one of the vital and distinctive sites in the New Administrative Capital.

If you have any inquiries about iris Administrative Capital Mall, please write to us in the comments and

we will answer it as soon as possible.

Prices and spaces of iris New Administrative Capital: IRIS Mall:

That mall built on an area of ​​6844 meters, as the units were allocated to 3 commercial floors

and a garage,

5 administrative and medical roles, the role of hotel rooms,

To be the prices and spaces of the Aris Mall, the new administrative capital, IRIS Mall:

The administrative and medical units space starts from sixty meters.

The area of ​​commercial units starts from 62.5 meters.

Administrative and medical units shall deliver fully finished.

Commercial units will  deliver without finishing.

IRIS Mall New Capital services:

That mall includes a distinctive set of services, prices and spaces of the IRIS Mall, the new administrative capital,

Among the most prominent services of the iris Administrative Capital Mall:

  • There are Kids Area.
  • Central air conditioning is available.
  • There are monitoring cameras.
  • Security and guarding available throughout the day.
  • There are elevators for all units.
  • Escalators are available.
  • There are schools and universities.
  • Mosques and churches are available.
  • There is a full maintenance service.
  • It contains a conference room.
  • There is a private garage for cars that may accommodate four hundred vehicles.
  • Contains electronic portals.
  • There is ٱ fire alarm equipment.
  • Contains internal and external finishes with distinct specifications.
  • There  a company specialize in managing the largest malls.
  • It contains a reception service and services for investors.

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