Midtown Condo – Administrative Capital

Midtown Condo – Administrative Capital
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Midtown Condo – Administrative Capital, implemented by Better Home, the largest real estate

development company in the Arab Republic of Egypt, is considered one of the most prominent

modern urban commercial projects with unrestricted advantages.

It is important to mention that Better Home has established several previous residential

commercial projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is those projects

MidTwon New Cairo established a compound in the 5th settlement.

High Land has also been implemented on the land of the 5th settlement.

Better Home is the first institution of investment projects and real estate development

to gain the economic advantage in the administrative capital,

The commercial establishment has implemented three major commercial projects:

  • Founded MidTown Solo.
  • MidTown Sky Compound ran out
  • Founded MidTown New Capital

Midtown Condo New Capital Area:

Midtown Condo, the administrative capital, is on an already vast area, where the entire

project area reaches sixty acres,

Luxurious and spacious apartments are implementing on that area, just as

the possibility of constructing dozens of services in the rest of the compound areas is permitted.

It is reported that only 18% of the total area is built.

The rest of the area, which is 82%, will allocate to green spaces, public parks and services.

Midtown Condo - Administrative Capital

Midtown Condo New Capital Location:

The project is located in the R7 area, which is the most prominent and vital space

in the New Administrative Capital, MidTown Condo is in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

It will be located in the third largest street in the New Administrative Capital, immediately on the central axis.

It is located next to the English University and will be best suited for everyone who

has children at the university or secondary level or any of the various educational levels,

The children may join any of the scientific edifices loyal to that well-established university.

A difference of five minutes from all of (Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the Cathedral, and also the Green River)

It is also a five-minute difference from the diplomatic quarter and the modern fairground.

Also, it is in the midtown condo, about 1/4 hour after the airfield of the Administrative Capital,

the Presidential Palace and the Al Malakia and Business District.

And if you were a resident of New Cairo or the 5th settlement, or you had

one of your relatives or friends in any of those areas,

The distance between you and Midtown Condo, the New Administrative Capital, will only be 20

minutes, and you will be next to all your loved ones.

Therefore, you are with the midtown condo new capital Egypt in the closest point to Cairo,

You will not have to travel long distances to leave your home for your workplace.

Features of Midtown Condo Administrative Capital:

Better Home Investments and Real Estate Development has created dozens of benefits in their

new project to create the most peaceful and secure means for its customers,

Midtown Condo - Administrative Capital

Among those features, we can mention:

  • There are vast areas of green lands:
  • The largest area is in the midtown condo and reaches 82% of the land is covered with

beautiful plantations and lush trees for a clean urban appearance free of pollutants.

  • Swimming pools are available at different rates, suitable for children and adults, and give

an aesthetic appearance to the compound.

  • There is a walkway and public gardens: for jogging, calf riding and hiking.
  • Available garage: The effort to allocate a general envelope for cars for the residents of

the compound will be canceled.

in addition to:-

  • There is an integrated security system: to save the highest levels of defense and security,

working with the most prominent defense institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

with a 24-hour protection system.

  • Monitoring cameras available: midtown condo Compound is fully monitored by cameras for more stairs.
  • There are a number of artificial lakes and fountains: the whole compound make into

a beautiful painting, and how beautiful is the water,

  • The Foundation chose to give a glimpse of pomp to Midtown Condo Compound by deciding

to establish a number of fountains and artificial lakes covering parts of the compound.

  • A social sports team is available: to get used to performing various kinds of sports activities

for the compound residents.

  • There is a gym and spa: with the latest international facilities.
  • Spaces available for celebrations: The Foundation worked to allocate spaces for public and

private celebrations, barbecue celebrations, and others.

  • There are commercial places for shopping: there are dozens of shops of the most famous brands,

in addition to a number of cafes and restaurants to spend the happiest moments.

  • Tens of meters are available for play and amusement safely for children and in the most

beautiful gardens.

  • The personalized and amazing character resides in the scope of that high society in which you

can form one of its children.

Prices for apartments Midtown Condo New Capital:

Better Home, a development and investment firm, has designed the building and all of

the midtown condo units to become an architectural masterpiece.

The project includes apartments with amazing sizes ranging from 120 square meters to three

hundred square meters.

The commercial establishment stressed that all apartments will  complete with a ½

completion system.

Payment is available with a contract advance of up to ten%, in addition to that,

the possibility of installments of up to seven years,

Therefore, to facilitate all of its valued investors in all headquarters.

Midtown Condo - Administrative Capital

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