De Goia Compound
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De Goia Compound follows the Arab Crown Corporation in the new administrative

capital, with the lowest cost per meter.

The longest repayment period is the establishment of the De Goia Compound,

the largest engineering consulting firm, the Space Corporation, and the largest real estate

institution, Eicc.

De Goia Compound

It is considered the last of the new administrative capital projects for Taj Egypt and

the lowest price per meter within the capital,

With payment systems of up to ten years, the compound is distinguished by its location

in a very distinctive location, and the project is characterized by international

designs and various spaces.

De Goia compound location:

The compound is in the best places in the Administrative Capital with a view of

the embassy neighborhood and the tourist walkway.

It is located within the R8 area, and the project is characterized by its location

near the abundant amount of services in the area of ​​the capital and important places.

De Goia Compound

The real estate developer of the compound:

The Taj Misr Corporation is one of the internationally established Egyptian institutions,

and the commercial facility was established in 2006.

It is a huge and pioneering institution in the field of real estate development and

it has a number of distinctive businesses within the Arab Republic of Egypt,

Among the most important of these projects:

  • Courts complex in the south of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  • The social club for the employees of the Central Bank in Cairo, the soon-to-be capital of Egypt.
  • The Diyar General Intelligence compound in Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt.
  • The American School of Sheikh Zayed.
  • Badr Gardens Project.

De Goia compound services:

  • De Goia has a huge sports and social club.
  • Security and guarding available throughout the day.
  • There is a special place for children in De Goya.
  • A private walking space is available.
  • In De Goia compound, there is a huge commercial space with all international brands.
  • A private garage is available under the ground.
  • There are swimming pools and lakes.
  • All housing units have 2 modern elevators.
  • There are 2 clubhouse area of ​​5 acres.

Compound features:

The De Goya project has the advantage of being the cheapest price per square meter within

the Administrative Capital,

Available in the compound with privacy, safety, green spaces and artificial lakes,

and the project characteriz by a variety of units and spaces.

The compound has the advantage of the unique location as it occurs next to

a huge central garden, and there is also a terrace garden above each building.

One of the things that makes the Compound D in the Air unique is the surrounding fence

in the project, as it  represent by a huge aquarium extending over an area o

​​nine hundred meters.

De Goia Compound

Types of units within the compound:

The units vary within the scope of the project, as the project consists of studios,

residential units, villas, townhouses and twin houses.

The units  characteriz by the diversity of spaces, the division of distinctive housing units,

and international designs.

The space of the De Goia compound:

The studio space starts from seventy meters and reaches eighty meters.

The space of the residential units starts from 85 meters and reaches to two hundred meters.

Villas space starts from 310 meters to 410 meters in De Goia compound.

Project prices and payment systems:

The project has unique prices, as it is the cheapest cost per square meter in

the administrative capital.

Taj Misr Corporation has provided a large number of various payment systems to

suit all investors.

The price per meter within the project starts from 9250 pounds per square meter,

and the payment systems vary, including:

0% downpayment and installment over 7 years, with no benefits.

5% downpayment and installments over 8 years without advantages.

7% downpayment and installments over 9 years without benefits.

Sale from the Taj Foundation of the Arab Republic of Egypt for a limited period,

paying ten% in advance,

Installments amounting to ten years without interest

Note all units delivered 1/2 finished

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