laverde new capital Egypt

laverde new capital Egypt
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laverde new capital Egypt, and it still has the largest share of investor concentration

from Egypt, Arabs and foreigners working in the real estate sector,

Every company and investor entity would like to contribute even with one project to meet and

accomplish a lot of earning and follow the progress of the real estate market in Egypt and the changing

aspirations of its followers,

Which is intended to reach places with characteristics and luxury features that differ from other

headquarters and therefore what La Verde New Capital Egypt realized,

It is one of the pioneering and famous institutions in the field of real estate and

investment by launching the La Verde New Capital project,

This project is considered a modern start in a modern area,

in which he has the right to invest in it, and we will take a look

at the project and its details.

laverde new capital Egypt project location:

The La Verde New Capital project – La Verde is the new administrative

capital in the area R8, which has the advantage of being in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital,

It is also distinguished by its proximity to the Embassies District, which will include all embassies, which

is one of the best places in the New Administrative Capital,

Just as the compound’s location is characterized by being in the heart of the cultural city, which is

located in an excellent location on the immediate Green River and the Green River,

It will be constructed thanks to two water lines from the Nile River and a line of

desalination plants through the Red Sea.

laverde new capital Egypt

la verde new capital egypt – la verde new capital egypt:

The area surrounding the river will be cultivated, and for that reason it was called

the Green River, and on the other side of the river is the headquarters of

the presidency and the ministries neighborhood.

Which will include all ministries within the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as

the headquarters of the meetings, and also be located next to the international airstrip.

He works immediately, except that for domestic flights only, and international outings will open after

the completion of the new administrative capital,

Thus, the La Verde New Capital project – La Verde, the New Administrative Capital,

will be in the most prestigious locations in the New Administrative Capital.

Areas of la verde new capital Egypt project:

Residential unit areas start from (130 m to 255 m)

Duplexes from (200 m to 270 m)

Penthouses from (295 to 365)

Features of la verde new capital Egypt project:

  • Shopping mall
  • Children’s swimming pool
  • Administartive building
  • Medical headquarters
  • International Nursery
  • social Club
  • Industrial lakes
  • Track Bikes
  • Track for jogging
  • Hiking areas
  • All buildings overlook green spaces.
  • Internal garages
  • swimming pool
  • Shared health club
  • 24 hour security

laverde new capital Egypt

Distinguished real estate design in La Verde New Capital Egypt:

La Verde New Capital project is designing by La Verde New Administrative Capital

by the same company, La Verde.

Which took into account in the design of the units the uniqueness of its project

without the rest in the classic form, which mixes sophistication and luxury with

a new touch, commemorating the modernity of the place and the age,

What we live in, and the compound area reaches 35 acres, and the buildings occupy

forty% of the total area of ​​the project,

The rest of the area, which is estimated at sixty%, will be green spaces, landscapes

and industrial lakes.

A breathtaking view in La Verde New Capital Egypt:

This area will contain a lot of green spaces that will spread in all areas of the compound

, and we do not forget the luxurious location of the compound,

Which will be on the Green River, which will include many green spaces,

which provide excellent weather conditions and which help you clear your mind from work pressure.

Payment systems for laverde new capital Egypt project:

There are three payment systems available:

The first method is 15% downpayment and the rest over 5 years.

There is the second method, 15% downpayment, then 5% after six months,

and the rest in installments over 6 years.

The third method is available: 15% down payment, 5% after six months,

then another 5% after one year, and the rest over 7 years in installments.

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