IRIS Administrative Capital Mall

IRIS Administrative Capital Mall
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IRIS Administrative Capital Mall, was established by Inmaa Development Company, and it is pleased to

present its first projects in the Egyptian market, which is the New Administrative Capital, Iris Mall, the

great excellence that the company has achieved,

Within the State of Kuwait; To head towards the Administrative Capital with a commercial,

administrative, medical project, in the most prestigious location on the Amal axis,

Next to the Administrative Capital Gate from the Suez Road, inside a vital area in the middle of two of

the most residential neighborhoods, with an average number of units reaching fifty thousand units.

IRIS Administrative Capital Mall

Details of IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Administrative Capital:

Mall of the Administrative Capital is located within the MU 23 district on the axis of hope, which is

considered one of the main hubs in the capital.

It is next to the most prominent projects in this region, such as the Opal Mall, the New Administrative

Capital, Tiffany Business Park, the New Administrative Capital, and the Vinolit Mall, the New

Administrative Capital.

The complex will be on a total area of ​​about 6844 square meters, and it consists of

a ground floor + 7 upper floors + two floors below the ground for the garage.

The project consists of commercial, medical and administrative units.

Commercial units are available on the ground floor + first floor, upper floor.

The administrative and medical units are available in the floors, from the 2nd to the 6th.

The seventh floor, upper floor, contains hotel residential units.

The mall contains about 280 units, of which 54 are commercial units, with a loading rate of about 25%,

while the administrative and medical units load up to about 30%.

The medical and administrative units in IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris, the Administrative Capital, will be

delivered super lux finishing, including air conditioning.

All commercial units available in the ground floor + first loft duplexes, will be acquired with free outdoor


The Location of Iris Administrative Capital Mall:

iris Mall will be the new administrative capital, within the “MU 23” area located between the residential

neighborhoods R2 and R3.

Each neighborhood contains about thirty 1000 housing units, which are in the final stages of finishing,

and they will be settled in the near future.

iris commercial and administrative complex enjoys a view of the Sports City, next to the financial and

business district.

As happens as IRIS Mall New Capital – Compound Al Maqsad New Capital, Iris, the administrative capital,

next to the compound.

Mall of iris, the administrative capital, is minutes away from both the European and Canadian University,

and that is a great advantage.

IRIS Administrative Capital Mall

Features of IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Administrative Capital:

It enjoys a direct view of the main axis of hope and is near the gate of the Administrative

Capital, on the side of the Suez Road, and a clear view of 3 main roads.

Front view, thirty meters wide, on a residential area near the Sports City and in the middle

of two of the largest residential neighborhoods, containing about fifty thousand units.

Advantages of investing in Iris Mall the administrative capital:

IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Mall, the Administrative Capital, is the newest project of Inmaa Real Estate

Development, so far the huge success it has achieved in Kuwait.

iris Mall provides you with the best location in the entire Administrative Capital, on the axis of hope

immediately, next to the Sports City, within an area that contains about fifty 1000 housing units.

iris Mall provides the best division of spaces in the Administrative Capital, which is the reason that will

make it the first choice; For those wanting shoppings,

It will feature all agencies, brands, and various entertainment facilities for adults and children.

The mall provides the lowest price per meter, various payment methods with the lowest down payment,

equal installments without payments, + the first two installments 1/4 of an annual gift.

The various units inside iris Mall were designed according to international specifications, the ceiling

height is 4.5 m, and the façade width is 4.5 m.

Administrative offices, and medical clinics, fully finished with air conditioning.

Services and spaces in Mall iris, the Administrative Capital:

IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Mall, the administrative capital, enjoys a simple and dazzling design at the same time,

Which made all units enjoy an excellent view of the streets around it in a style that makes

it one of the most projects that will attract the most prominent international brands, inside.

The design gave the units distinct heights of 4.2 m; For the front units, and the first floor units

, as for the ground floor, you will find the units’ heights 4.5 m.

IRIS Administrative Capital Mall

Services of iris Administrative Capital Mall:

  • The food court area within the mall includes Kids Area + water fountain.
  • A special portal is available for both the medical and administrative units.
  • All floors that contain medical and administrative units have stairs with a crisis exit.
  • All administrative and medical units in IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Administrative Capital contain private toilets.
  • There is a public toilet in all homes.
  • Conference room is available in various floors.
  • Garage consists of two floors below the ground.
  • iris Mall, the administrative capital

Units areas within the scope of IRIS Mall New Capital :

Medical and administrative units are available in spaces

IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Mall, the administrative capital, starts from fifty square meters.

There are commercial units on the ground floor starting from 63 square meters.

The duplex commercial units are available starting from 68 m2.

There are commercial units on the first floor, starting from 47 square meters.

Prices and payment systems in iris, the administrative capital:

You will find that Enmaa Development Company has provided you with the prices of the New

Administrative Capital, iriis Mall, the ideal economic equation.

That is why it provides you with a diverse-use project, with a sophisticated design, distinguished by

creativity, in the most prestigious location in the New Administrative Capital, at amazing prices.

Price list of iris Administrative Capital Mall:

The price per square meter for the administrative and medical units in Idris Mall starts from 26,000 pounds.

The price per meter is available for commercial purposes on the first floor, the top floor, and it starts

from 55,000 EGP.

The price per square meter for duplexes starts from 65 thousand pounds.

The meter price is available for commercial purposes on the ground floor, and it starts from eighty

thousand pounds.

Installment systems in IRIS Mall New Capital – Iris Mall, the administrative capital of Inmaa:

  • The first system is available without down payment, and equal installments over 4 years.
  • There is the second system that requires a 10% downpayment, and the rest in equal installments up to 5 years.
  • The third system is available, which requires a 15% downpayment, and the rest in equal installments up to 6 years.
  • There is a fourth system that requires a 20% down payment, and the rest in equal installments up to 7


The fifth class requires a 15% downpayment, and the rest in unequal installments up to 8 years.

The owning company and previous business

The company that owns the iris Mall New Administrative Capital project is Enmaa General Contracting

and Real Estate Investment.

This pioneering company is owned by Eng. Sham Shawky Andraus Bertan, and this project is considered

the largest in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The company has a previous business in the State of Kuwait, as it also has the Golden Angel Company, in

partnership with Engineer Khalaf Nasrallah Abdullah, the contractor in the State of Kuwait.

Previous work of Al-Inma Development Company

As the company presented the implementation of many great projects in the State of Kuwait, and all the

concrete structures (the black structure) were executed for:

  • Kuwait University.
  • Kuwaiti Amiri Hospital.
  • Ministry of Interior in Kuwait.
  • Al Jahra Kuwaiti Hospital.
  • Kuwaiti Cultural Center.
  • Kuwait Peace Hospital.

Why did the company choose to start from the administrative capital?

Without a doubt, the New Administrative Capital is one of the largest and most successful national

projects in the current period.

It will be on an area of ​​170 thousand acres, and it will include a global airport, the majority

of foreign modern embassies, the presidency, key ministries, parliament, official complexes, etc.

New Cairo is located in the east of Cairo until now, and the city of the future,

as it is about sixty km away from Cairo and Suez City.

To reach the new administrative capital; Take the Suez Road. To reach Jandali Road 2 leading to the capital.

Knowing that the Jandali Road 2 is a temporary road. Until the completion of the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

The New Administrative Capital is a very creative project; It is intended to introduce an advanced and

advanced life to Egypt.

in addition to :-

The new administrative capital is characterized by luxurious urban planning, which is represented by

wide streets, green spaces, and entertainment services.

As the width of the streets reaches 124 m, and therefore the matter is the largest of

its type in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Administrative Capital consists of twenty residential neighborhoods, in addition to the Green River,

the Smart Village, Al Masa Hotel, the Opera, and the City of Justice,

And the Council of Ministers, the Presidential Palace, the Republican Guard, the Embassies District, the

Banks District, the Central Business District etc.

The Administrative Capital is equipped with a major road network of about 650 km, with roads and

pedestrian bridges, far from the course of cars.

In addition to the fact that it enjoys an integrated, new infrastructure networks that are comparable to

those available in the largest international cities.

As for the first time in the Arab Republic of Egypt, it terminates the extension of utility networks,

whether water, electricity or communications, within tunnels;

This is to facilitate repair activities without digging or disturbing.

The administrative capital will be provided with electricity, through the construction of the Siemens

power station.

It is the first station in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East, which operates with an air

cooling system, using 12 gigantic fans, with a control drug with the latest global technology.

Do not let this possibility pass you by, and hurry to book your unit inside the Mall of the New

Administrative Capital.


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