Ezdan New Administrative Capital

Ezdan New Administrative Capital
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Ezdan New Administrative Capital is one of the last and most prestigious commercial projects within

the Administrative Capital in Downtown from the establishment and establishment of the Taj Misr

Foundation for Development and Real Estate Development.

Data about Ezdan, the New Administrative Capital:

The Taj Egypt Foundation launched its newest and most prominent projects in

the modern administrative capital within the Downtown area, to become its

first commercial project.

And it will be the second project of the Taj Egypt Real Estate Corporation in the capital,

and the foundation will launch the project in a few days, and the project will be

in the most distinguished neighborhoods in the administrative capital,

Which has a large number of distinguished malls and international shops,

and it also contains many areas of administrative and medical units.

Data about the executing institution of Ezdan Mall project:

The Taj Misr Foundation for Development and Real Estate Development is one of the pioneer

institutions in the field of establishments within and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It has a lot of projects and the foundation was established in 2006, and the Egyptian Foundation also

owns a large amount of other institutions, including:

  • Landmark Tourism Corporation.
  • United Agricultural Investment Company.
  • The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services.
  • Lun Star company in the State of Qatar.

Ezdan New Administrative Capital

The Foundation acquires a large number of projects with the best international

architectural designs at significantly distinguished prices with facilities

and services that are only present in its projects and from its previous projects:

The Foundation’s projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Qatar:

  • Established a court complex in South Cairo
  • Established the social sports club for the employees of the Central Bank in Cairo
  • Founded the Diyar General Intelligence Compound in Cairo
  • Ezdan Mall has established the new administrative capital
  • Founded Badr Gardens project
  • It established the main headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo
  • It established 23 buildings belonging to the Egyptian army in the R1 region of the Administrative Capital
  • 15 residential towers in support of the Urban Communities Authority have been constructed in R3 in

the New Administrative Capital

  • It established 3 residential commercial real estate within the R5 district in

the New Administrative Capital

Just as the Egyptian Foundation has a group of residential towers in the Arab Republic

of Egypt, including: –

  • Established 2 towers in Lebanon Street, Mohandessin, Commercial, Administrative
  • It established 1 residential commercial administrative tower in Al Falah Street, Mohandessin
  • Established 1 residential commercial and administrative tower in Al-Hejaz Street, Al-Mohandessin.

As for the Foundation’s projects in the State of Qatar, they are as follows:

  • Panasonic Tower was established in the State of Qatar
  • Showroom founded Hyundai Motor Corporation
  • Established Al Markhiya Mall in the State of Qatar
  • Founded Twin Towers in the State of Qatar
  • Grant tower established
  • Founded Al Sulayyah Tower
  • The American School was established in Sheikh Zayed

The Foundation executed, canceled and furnished both of: –

  • Sheraton Dreamland
  • Movenpick Ark in Luxor
  • Sultanate of Oman tower in Zamalek
  • Villa Samih Sawiris in Zamalek with Orascom Construction.

Ezdan New Administrative Capital

Ezdan New Administrative Capital location:

The Taj Real Estate Corporation launched its huge commercial project inside the Downtown area,

and that area is one of the most distinctive neighborhoods in the new administrative capital.

Which has a large number of unique and large commercial malls, which will become

the middle of the new town (the center of the republic) and include commercial and

administrative units,

And a lot of medical and hotel units, the location of the project is distinguished by

its location from the Al-Masa Hotel in the Administrative Capital, which is considered

one of the finest hotels in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

In addition, due to the presence of Downtown, in close proximity to all of:

  • Administrative district .
  • Eastern Cultural Park.
  • Fashion District.
  • Computer institutions.
  • Western Cultural Park.
  • Gold district.
  • Institutions providing protection.
  • Entertaining parts.
  • Drug institutions.
  • Abundant quantity of public services.
  • Order information.
  • Oil institutions.
  • Over the lead.
  • Various projects for commercial use.
  • Calf methods.
  • Gas stations.

Services available in Ezdan New Administrative Capital:

Taj Misr Foundation provided all services within the mall to meet the desires and needs of

investors and with a variety of views from the rest of the commercial projects and malls

in the Administrative Capital,

Because it contains distinguished services and those services:

  • There are designated entertainment areas and children’s play areas.
  • There are international restaurants and cafes in all areas of the mall.
  • Green spaces surround the mall from every direction for more psychological peace and relaxation.
  • There are places for huge commercial services.
  • A great car garage is available.
  • There is 24-hour security and guarding with the latest police and security services.
  • Places available on the plaza.
  • There is a food court area.
  • Digital signage available.
  • There are gigantic spotlight screens for marketing your business units.
  • Internet saving is available free of charge at a high speed throughout the mall.
  • There is a ViP lounge.
  • Mosque available.
  • There are multiple entry and exit gates and emergency exits.
  • European electric elevators are available
  • There is a central wind acclimatizer throughout the mall
  • The operating and repair establishment is available to ensure mastery and originality,

and to fully operate the mall and its periodic maintenance

  • There are solar power generators.

Areas of Ezdan units in the New Administrative Capital:

Ezdan Mall has a variety of spaces on 5 floors + ground floor.

The spaces of commercial units start from 35 square meters to 140 meters.

Prices and payment systems in Ezdan, the administrative capital

The Taj Egypt Foundation provided a variety of prices in Ezdan, the new administrative capital,

to suit all tastes.

The price per meter starts from 55,000 EGP and reaches 170,000 EGP,

depending on the area of the specified unit.

And it chose the best payment system, with a 10% downpayment and installments up to 5 years.

Ten% and a repair deposit.

And receipt so far 4 years.

Other projects are also of interest (Sheikh Zayed zed – vye Compound Zaye)


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