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Sheikh Zayed Zed Aura Company, in cooperation with the Egyptian government, launched the Sheikh

Zayed Zed Compound, the first real estate project with a prime location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed


The Sheikh Zayed Zed Compound provides calm and comfort, and Sheikh Zayed was characterized by its

lack of population and the most wonderful residential cities possible to stay in.

Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers are located in the middle of the largest central park, and it includes green

spaces and artificial lakes to give you stunning nature, splendor and beauty.

Sheikh Zayed zed

The location of the Zed sheikh zayedCompound:

The location of the Sheikh Zayed Towers Zed occupied the most distinguished area in Sheikh Zayed, and it

was characterized by calm and harmony with the attractive nature, and the first towers built by Sheikh


Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers are characterized by calmness and lack of crowding due to the lack of

population density in them, and all units carry a distinctive view of the largest park,

Aura Real Estate Development has taken the right to renew and manage the park for many years to

come, and the project units have a wonderful view of the Tower complex.

Park Sheikh Zayed is characterized by many parks, and water bodies of artificial lakes and swimming

pools, and large areas of green gardens.

The Aura project in 6th of October City includes all services and facilities and is very close to the most

important roads and vital areas and to Al-Ahly Club.

Sawiris Towers Compound is steps away from Hyper One and Arkan, and the compound includes

penthouses, luxury apartments, duplexes, and others.

Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed is the first real estate project for businessman Naguib Sawiris and he

succeeded in the nineties of the late last century

And designed the most luxurious towers in Egypt, such as Badia Egypt, including Nile City Towers, which

continues to pump huge profits and great investment under the successful management of Sawiris.

Services and spaces in Sheikh Zayed zed:

Naguib Sawiris Compound will be on an area of ​​165 acres, and it  consider the largest residential

compounds in Sheikh Zayed City.

About 65 acres of the total area of ​​the project have been allocated to establish the largest central park

with large green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes, and parks.

The rest of the Naguib Sawiris compound  dedicate to towers, constructions, and service projects, and

the residential units overlook the wonderful garden view.

Aura Real Estate has contracted with the largest global engineering consultancy company to lay the

Master Plan for the project, which is the global company WATG London.

Orascom Real Estate, which is well known,  implement the towers and constructions of the


The towers and their types vary within Naguib Sawiris Compound, there is a type of towers consisting of

10 floors and dedicated to luxury residential units.

There is another type consisting of 20 floors dedicated to different uses such as clubhouse, small shops,

and various units.

Compound Sheikh Zayed Zed Services:

  • There is a huge central park (zed park) on an area of ​​80 acres.
  • in addition There are large green spaces with many gardens and parks.
  • There are bodies of water made up of artificial lakes, and swimming pools.
  • Club house, gym and spa available.
  • There is a land escape for cycling and hiking.
  • There are multi-use courts such as tennis, basketball and football.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Gym.
  • There is a large street in front of the towers for pedestrians and strolls.
  • Huge fully secured underground carpets are available.
  • There is a large area dedicated to malls, cafes, and shops.
  • Elevators are available for those living in the towers.
  • There are lifts for furniture.
  • Security and guarding are available around the clock.

And other distinctive services that you will not find except in Naguib Sawiris compound when you own a

luxurious apartment in one of the luxurious towers.

Sheikh Zayed zedSheikh Zayed zed

Areas of Sheikh Zayed Ora zed compound:

Units’ spaces vary according to the type of towers, whether those towers have 10 floors, or 20 floors.

It can be clarified as follows:

  • There ground units attach to the garden, as well as penthouse apartments on the roof.
  • There are apartment areas in the first phase that vary between 2, 3 and 4 rooms, with areas starting

from 132 square meters.

  • Studio apartment spaces in the second phase of the Zed project start from 55 square meters, up to 4-

room apartments with areas of 252 square meters.

Prices and payment systems in Sheikh Zayed zed:

Aura Real Estate offers the cheapest prices in the Sheikh Zayed area in order to gain customers’


However, prices also differ according to the type of towers in them, and this can be summarized as


  • There is an apartment of 132 square meters in the first phase, starting from 4,740,000 pounds.
  • Prices for studio apartments in the second phase start from 2,160,000 pounds.
  • The delivery date for 10-story towers will be 3.5 years from the date of the contract,

and 4 years for 20-story towers.

Payment systems for units in Sheikh Zayed zed:

  • The first stage and park towers require 10% downpayment, then 5% after 6 months, and the rest are

equal installments over 6 years.

  • The units of the second phase are paid 10% in advance, then 5% after 6 months.

Then 10% receipt payment, and the rest over 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years.

The owning company and previous business

Naguib Sawiris Compound shall  own by the Ora Real Estate Company in partnership with the

Construction and Housing Authority of the Egyptian government and under the management of Eng.

Naguib Sawiris,

He owns many successful projects and companies, most notably the Orascom Telecom Company, and

Aura has carried out many successful works outside and inside Egypt.

Among the most important works of Aura company inside Egypt:

  • Pyramids Hills October
  • Nile City Towers project, Nile City Towers.
  • Z East Compound, New Cairo

Among the most prominent outside Egypt:

  • Ayia Napa Marina
  • Cyprus
  • Eighteen
  • Pakistan
  • Silversands
  • Grenada
  • Nocera Ltd
  • Great Britain

Naguib Sawiris is the most luxurious compound and is located in the heart of the magnificent Sheikh

Zayed City, and it is the first residential towers in that area.

Aura Real Estate provides zed Sheikh Zayed Towers with the cheapest prices and super lux finishes.

The secret of choosing Sheikh Zayed as a location

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the favorite places for Egyptians and foreigners, especially Arabs. It is a quiet

city with a healthy atmosphere, and its wide streets.

All services are available around it, including schools, universities, in addition to many recreational


The advantages of Sheikh Zayed City can be summarized as follows:

  • It a modern city distinguish by its wonderful architecture, and it is close in shape to homes in

Europe and the Gulf countries.

  • Foreigners and Arabs prefer to live in it because its architecture is close to that in their country, so they

do not feel alienated within it.

  • Sheikh Zayed City  divide into 20 neighborhoods, divided between medium and upper middle

neighborhoods, as well as luxury neighborhoods.

  • It has the finest compounds such as Badya Palm Hills, Bervley Hills, Casa, El Patio, and others.
  • It contains schools, universities, hospitals and places of worship such as the Police Mosque and Sheikh

Zayed Mosque.

  • There are universities and schools within the city, Cairo University, Nile University, Al-Azhar Institute,

American International School, Bervley Hills Language School, and others.

  • There are the most famous entertainment venues, Crave, Golio’s and Masion Thomas

How do I go to Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City is part of Sixth of October City, but it is mainly located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert


It is located near Hyper One, and from there you can go anywhere in the city center in

less than half an hour by car.

Sheikh Zayed can  reach in several ways, such as the Oasis Road, the Mehwar Road, the Ring Road,

and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

The city is 20 km from the Mohandessin district, and 28 km from Lebanon Square,

so it is easy to move from the city to any other place.


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