vye Compound Zayed

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vye Compound Zayed, Vye Sodic, is the largest project of Sodic, on an area of ​​500 acres and contains

1100 housing units,

The units consist of apartments, townhouses, duplexes, penthouses, and family apartments in many

shapes and designs.

The project includes many landscapes similar to the previous company’s project, the La Mer project to

give an atmosphere of charm, attractiveness and harmony between the residential units

There are landscapes side by side to give the place privacy and joy in the most beautiful part of Sheikh

Zayed City, and the vye Zayed project is a truly cultural breakthrough.

VYE New Zayed Compound planning:

vye Sheikh Zayed consists of 1100 housing units, including 400 townhouses and duplexes, and 700

apartments and families.

The spaces start from 180 square meters to 297 square meters and include all services and facilities and

are concerned with the aesthetic aspect

Providing landscaping with a total area of ​​500 acres, which is considered a third of the area allocated to

public gardens, artificial lakes and landscapes.

vye Compound Zayed location:

The Sodic vye project is located in the heart of the new Sheikh Zayed City on the 6th of October

, 150 km from Dabaa.

The project includes 50 streets 100 meters away and is surrounded by a buffer zone and a long fence

that includes the compound from the outside for more safety.

vye Compound Zayed

vye compound Zayed services:

The project provides all services to clients and fulfills their dreams where the project has:

  • 3 huge shopping mall with many international famous brands.
  • International schools for all levels are suitably equipped, educational and educational
  • Hospitals, medical centers and a large number of pharmacies to provide the utmost health care
  • More than a sophisticated gym.
  • Large, open public gardens with large areas
  • 100-meter wide streets allow running, running and practicing any sport such as cycling.
  • Many leisure facilities.
  • 24-hour security services
  • Multiple car garages.
  • Swimming pools between the different residential units with more than one area and depth.
  • The project operates with a solar energy system for a clean and renewable environment
  • Spa, gym and saduna centers.

Sodic Real Estate Development Company

Sodic was established in Egypt in 1996 and listed on the Cairo Stock Exchange, SODIC is one of the

leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

SODIC encourages innovation and challenge and SODIC is built on a history of nearly two decades of

successful operations.

SODIC’s vision is to achieve excellence and commitment to customers, shareholders, business partners

and employees who help grow SODIC.

We are positive about the future of the country and are working hard to develop attractive and relevant

projects right now.

SODIC believes in hard work and attention to detail to meet clients’ needs and aspirations and can keep

us at the forefront of the real estate sector in Egypt.

We are committed to working hard and allowing products / services to reach different sectors in the

Egyptian market,

Providing solutions and meeting all the different needs in the real estate market today and meeting

Egypt’s ever-increasing need for high quality residential and commercial housing.

The goal of Sodic is to transform the way people live and work by providing innovative, well-planned


Family spaces available in the New vye Compound:

  1. Twin House – 230 square meters to 240 square meters (land area 280 square meters)
  2. Townhouse TYPE 1- 180 SQM (Land area 210 to 280 SQM)
  3. Townhouse TYPE 2- 195 SQM (without penthouse, land area 210 SQM)

vye Compound Zayed

The payment system in Vye Compound in Sheikh Zayed:

5% downpayment with the unit value and the remaining via installments over 8 years

vye units prices in Zayed Compound:


2 rooms: it starts from 1.55 million pounds

3 rooms: Starting from 2 million EGP

* NEO apartments

2 room: starting at 2 million

3 rooms: starting at 2.6 million

* Townhouse

Without shed: starting from 3.7 million

With the shed: Starting at 4.6 million

Home Corner: Starting at 4.8 million

Twin: Starting at 5.5 million

Other spaces available in the vye compound in Sheikh Zayed:

108 square meters

120 square meters

130 square meters

169 square meters

142 square meters

158 square meters

183 square meters


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