Marquee mall new capital

Marquee mall new capital
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Marquee Mall new capital is designed as environmentally friendly commercial facilities that comply with the latest international standards.

You will find that Marquee Mall new capital is one

Of the best commercial malls.

This is because it contains all the services

Also that combine commercial, administrative

And medical activities.

Marco Mall is located in the best location

In the financial district as for direct access

To the Ministry of Finance

It is close to the presidential residence,

Also the Green River and the Parliament Building

It is next to many important places

That increase the importance of the project.

Marquee Mall new capital

Marquee Mall new capital website:

It is located in the financial and commercial district

And in front of the ministries complex, especially

In front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance.

Close to the banks district, cinemas and evenings.

Market Mall is located on the corner of

A square on two main axes in the first financial district

It is the link between the Prime Minister’s Offices

And the Central Bank.

Then there is the second axis,

Which is the link from the city to government headquarters,

Also except for the Marquee project

The Marquee new capital is the first shopping center

It is located directly in front of the various ministries

And neighborhoods.

It is also located near the headquarters of

Also major banks such as EBE-QNB-AAIB-CIB

The National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr and Audi Bank.

In addition to it is only two minutes away

From the headquarters of the Central Bank

Of Egypt and the Stock Exchange.

The importance of the location

Of the Marquette New Capital Mall:

The importance of the location of

Also the Marquee new capital in terms of

The number of landmarks

In addition to the main places in front of and around it are:

The largest library in the Middle East.

You can also find the largest cinema in the capital.

Except for a huge national museum.

In addition to the largest transportation network

In the financial district consists of one

(Metro – monorail – internal tram to the financial district

And ministerial district)

They all intersect at the central railway station

In the Administrative Capital.

The mall also overlooks the largest landscape

With an area of ​​about 18,000 square meters

And internal corridors.

Governmental regions (ministries, prime ministers,

National institutions such as Parliament

And the Administrative Oversight Office)

Capital International Airport 5 star hotels

Including Al Massa Hotel plaza for grand celebrations

Like Red Square in Russia.

Also The second largest tower in the capital, the towers,

It is second only to the iconic tallest tower in Africa.

Regional episode.

Marquee Mall new capital

The area of Marquee Mall in the new capital:

Marquee Mall new capital is one of

The most luxurious shopping malls

Also there are shops for sale in Marquee Mall new capital

The administrative and medical unit in the new capital.

Adopting the latest world-class design

So that 90% of the architectural styles

Have the most beautiful views.

Also Marquee Mall new capital is a complex consisting

Of a ground floor and 7 floors.

On the first floor, the first floor is for business

And the rest for administration and medical care.

The diversity of activities within the project makes

It very successful and attracts the largest number of clients

In addition to it also provides a variety of services

To provide customers with a variety of

Luxurious and comfortable experiences.

The space of the Marquis Mall unit

Starts from 23 square meters.

The project area is 8850 square meters.

Then trading units you will find 30 units.

In addition to Administrative unit 300 units.

Marquee Mall new capital services:

The vast green area of ​​2,700 square meters

Allows you to enjoy the wonderful views in the office.

In addition to there are luxurious conference rooms on

The upper floor that can accommodate up to 15 people

Conference rooms and training rooms for up to 30 people.

In addition to providing housekeeping services

In the Marquee Mall project in new administrative capital .

Best use of all spaces

to meet all customer requirements,

The unit ceiling height is up to 3.9m.

In addition to the external light source

There is also a UPS system,

Also a backup generator that works in the event

Of a power outage.

One of the most important features of

In addition to Marquis Mall is the provision

Of Internet services

Through high-speed fiber-optic lines

To ensure that all work

tasks are completed completely.

There are also automated

transportation systems (ATS)

And cafes concentrated in the mall.

In addition to there is an open lounge

On the roof of the mall

Shared toilets are available

on each floor of the building.

In addition to there are lounges

and waiting areas

On each floor of the mall.

Available Building Management System (BMS)

With Energy Management (EDM)

There is ventilation and air conditioning

(Cooling systems)

(HVAC) inside the building.

In addition to the waste

collection system is insulated

24/7 security service, fire alarm

In the Marquee new capital,

there is a customer reception.

It offers a mix of retail and restaurants.

Connect all retail units to the yard.

In addition to there are also outdoor areas

With a ceiling height of 4.5 meters.

CCTV systems are also available.

(HVAC) ventilation

and air conditioning (cooling system).

In addition to there are backup generators.

Fire alarm and fire

extinguishing system available.

the Prices of Marquee New Capital Mall:

In addition to the price per

square meter for the clinic

Starts from 36 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Then the price per square meter for

In addition to the administrative unit starts

From 38 thousand pounds.

As for the price per square meter of the shops

In Marquee Mall new capital

Its price starts from

90 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment in installments with

A suitable down payment of up to 9 years

In addition to it can only

be delivered after 2.5 years

From the date of signing the contract

Knowing that these units will be delivered

Completely without air conditioning.

In addition to the prices of commercial,

Administrative and medical units

In Market Capital Mall are among the best.

Compare that to the unique location

Close to the most

important government buildings

And residential communities

And the wonderful design of all units,

In addition to then there are the most beautiful views

You can buy your own unit

And start your successful project in the new capital.

Developed company and previous projects:

The company that owns

Marquee Mall new capital

Is Warren Development Company

In addition to The Chairman

of the Board of Directors is:

Eng. Hani Hassan Khaled is a well-known person.

In addition to During 25 years,

he implemented more than

350 projects in Cairo, New,

El Shorouk, 6th of October,

And El Obour.

In 2020, the company decided to complete

5 projects bearing the name of Marquette,

In addition to 3 of them are

in the New Administrative Capital,

And one is in New Cairo,

also one at sunrise.

In addition to its latest project is Solider Mall

In the new administrative capital

by Warren Development

Executing the first project

in the new administrative capital,

Also using its most important capabilities

And a large number of cadres.

In addition to The Market Mall

project has been entrusted

To the consultant OKOPLAN owned

By Eng. Mohammed Kamel Al-Chordate.

He is considered one of the five most

Influential consultants in this field.

Also he implemented the project

In accordance with international standards

For commercial organizations.

Marquee Mall new capital

The most prominent services

Of the new administrative capital:

In addition to there is the government district

That combines among the most prominent services,

Like many important official properties,

And nearly 18 ministerial properties,

In addition to the presence

of the Presidential Center

And other presidential buildings in it

Also parliamentary buildings

and cabinet buildings,

All of them enjoy the latest architectural styles

Also are equipped with

the latest advanced equipment

The government district is the most prominent

Among the other districts in the new capital.

There are Marquee mall new capital in new capital.

Universities are available in the new capital,

In addition to there are divisions of a group

Of international universities,

At its top is the Canadian University,

Which spreads over an area of ​​thirty acres.

In addition to Designed on the latest models

That mimics international layouts

It not only provides educational

services to its students,

 But also provides various activities, such as:

Sports fields, tennis courts, basketball.

The level of Africa is completely

in the new capital,

As it reaches a height of about 345 meters.

There are a lot of residential units and villas

In addition to there are many projects

that include villas

For sale in the new administrative capital.

There are houses of

worship The Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque

Built on an area of ​​106 acres

It is considered as one of

In addition to the largest mosques

in the entire world

It has 4 minarets and 21 domes.

In addition to the mosque can accommodate

Approximately 17,000 worshipers.

It will be in a similar direction,

With the new administrative capital containing

In addition to the Cathedral

of the Nativity of Christ

Which is considered one of the largest cathedrals

In North Africa and the Gulf

It was built on 15 acres (7,500 square meters)

To accommodate 1,000 people

The power station is available

In the new administrative capital,

Also equipped with all necessary services

Of the sewage network, water, electricity,

There are Marquee mall new capital in new capital.

In addition to the power station is one of

The most necessary services in it.

It occupies 175 acres at a price of

Also approximately 2 billion euros

In addition to it was launched

under an agreement

Between the Egyptian Authority

And the German company “Siemens”.

In addition to it is located on the Ain Sokhna road

And has a capacity of about 4800 megawatts.

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