Lake view new cairo compound

Lake view new cairo compound
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Lake view new cairo compound is considered a trend for those looking for psychological tranquility away from the congestion in the center of the town,

and this is in the best parts of the 5th settlement.

The establishment that owns

Lake View Resort has made sure

the 5th settlement

Until you achieve a balance between being

far from the center of

the town on the one hand

Providing all the services and facilities required

by the residents of Lake View on the other hand.

The location of Lake view new cairo compound:

Lake view new cairo compound

is located in the heart of the 5th settlement

In the Golden Square area

on the Bin Zayed axis

It is located near Sodic Compound

and useful Emaar,

as well as Layan Compound

and Palm Hills Kattameya.

In the context of talking

about the Lake View site,

it should be noted that it is located

Two minutes away from Al-Nawadi Street

on the one hand,

and the Southern 90th Street

on the opposite side.

Lake View Resort 5th settlement is

a few minutes away

from the American University

In addition, it is separated from

Cairo International Airport by a distance

that can be traveled in a quarter

of an hour at the most.

And it is 15 minutes from Nasr Town

and Heliopolis.

Lake view compound new cairo

The area of Lake view new cairo compound:

Lake view new cairo compound occupies

the area of ​​about sixty acres.

This place was divided into green spaces

and artificial lakes on the one hand

and buildings

On the other hand, construction.

The percentage of green spaces

and artificial lakes

About 83% of the total area of ​​the compound,

compared to 17% allocated for buildings.

Designs of Lake view new cairo compound:

ISV Architects has designed

Lake view new cairo compound

Therefore, in the style

that achieves the purpose of

creating the project in general,

which is (recreation).

The Foundation designed the Lake View project

so that all units overlook natural similarities

and lakes

With the use of ultra-modern glass,

which allows the people to

enjoy these natural matches.

Lake View Residence consists

of 118 properties

As for the individual property,

it consists of a ground floor,

in addition to 3 consecutive floors.

Units Space in Lake View:

Within the scope of the Corporation’s keenness

to achieve all the needs of its investors

It has diversified the spaces of

the units to serve all tastes

Units in Lake view new cairo compound start

from 142 m² up to 272 m².

stay home

Garden available


Lake view compound new cairo

Services of Lake view new cairo compound:

Lake view new cairo compound

enjoys many privileges

which achieve self-sufficiency

for the population in it

and this is as follows:

More than seventy percent of

the Lake View project area

has been allocated

To serve the landscaping,

including green spaces

and artificial lakes

This is to ensure

the residents’ psychological stillness.

Many swimming pools remain

that have been designed in more than

one shape and size.

The company that developed Lake View

In addition to keen to include a lot of

Tennis and squash courts for sports lovers.

In addition to Lake view compound in New Cairo

remains a great health team

In addition to It was furnished in a style

that ensures providing a high quality service

to the residents in the compound.

In addition to It remains in the Lake View Mall,

a serious commercial project

It was equipped with divisions

of banks and many institutions

It is next to the presence of restaurants

In addition to cafes that give their services

at the highest rate of merit.

Remains in the project Internet services.

In addition to The units are fitted with

highly crafted air conditioning.

There remain in the project a lot of garages,

which have been excellently secured

for the residents.

the prices of Lake view new cairo compound:

There are 3 installment systems left

in Lake view new cairo compound,

and this is as follows:

In addition to The investor pays 10% of

the total cost of the housing unit

In addition to This is in two equal installments.

The investor in this scheme will get

a 5-year installment period

It starts from the date of the agreement

In addition to the signing of a contract

with the commercial establishment.

The investor pays 15%

in two installments as follows:

5% down payment available

In addition to The twelfth installment remains

to be paid after three months from the first.

In addition to that framework,

the investor gets a payment period

of 6 years from the date of

In addition to contract with the institution.

The investor pays 30% of the total unit price.

Three equal definite amount.

In addition to The investor in this format gets

a payout period of 7 years

From the date of the agreement

and the signing of a contract

with the institution.

The delivery of all units

in Lake view compound new cairo

is canceled for immediate delivery,

Or even now a year or two.

Lake view compound new cairo

Features of New Cairo City:

The city of New Cairo is one of

Also The largest and finest cities

In addition to in Cairo Governorate,

Its area is estimated at

About seventy thousand acres,

And it consists of many residential gatherings,

The largest of which is the 5th Settlement.

In addition to that, Al-Rehab,

Madinaty, the Greater Settlement,

In addition to the 3rd Settlement, and others.

Also the city is located in the eastern arc

Of Cairo, to the east of the Ring Road

Also In the limited distance

Between Cairo – Suez Desert

Also Kattameya – Ain Sokhna Road.

New Cairo is distinguished by

Also it’s amazing distribution and planning

Compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods,

Also its streets are wide and quiet

The decline in the population increase

In addition to Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods are

Considered high-end neighborhoods.

It is bordered by the main roads

Linking the neighborhoods

And areas of that city to the capital

In addition to other governorates,

There is Lake view new cairo compound.

It provides them with access to

The large number of neighborhoods

In the center of the capital

As soon as possible,

Especially with the continuous development

That the road network is witnessing.

The 5th settlement is bordered

In addition to by the ring road

That surrounds the entire capital.

Through it, it is possible to reach

A lot of different parts,

And the NA road that connects

In addition to the people of New Cairo

Nasr City area by passing

Also through some of its vital

In addition to main streets

It connects it in the city of Mokattam

In addition to from it to the center of the Republic

And in view of the growing city of New Cairo,

You will enjoy a nicer atmosphere than Cairo

It is less than five degrees Celsius

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