El patio 1 compound new cairo

El patio 1 compound new cairo
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El patio 1 compound new cairo is the finest residential project in new cairo and designed at the highest rate and many services are availableEl patio 1 compound new cairo

The location of El patio 1 compound new cairo:

All the ingredients met

at El patio 1 compound new cairo

in order for the project to succeed,

As the area of ​​Golden Square is

one of the most vital areas

Within the 5th settlement

in the heart of New Cairo,

As it overlooks both the North 90th Street

and the South 90th Street,

Privacy about the following site features:

Very close to new administrative capital.

Surrounded by the largest residential projects

in Greater Cairo.

It is located next to the “Mivida” project,

“City Gate”, “Hyde Park” and “Mountain View”.

Minutes away from Villette Sodic Compound.

El Patio New Cairo overlooks the Ring Road.

Ten minutes near the “Suez” road,

no less than nineteen kilometers.

Less than 10 km separates it

from the entrance to Ain Sokhna.

Patio ora Compound is less than

seven kilometers from American University.

It is located next to Al-Mostakbal University.

Surrounded by entertainment services

such as “Concorde Plaza”,

“Point Ninety” and “The point”.

The area of El patio 1 compound new cairo:

La Vista Real Estate searched for

a place very large enough

to divide El patio 1 compound new cairo

With all its buildings

and green spaces above it,

it chose a vast area estimated at one percent

And seventy-five acres

in the most wonderful places

in the 5th settlement,

And they allocate only 18% of them

For buildings, including hospitals,

schools and malls within the compound,

As for the rest, it built lakes,

playgrounds, waterfalls,

and swimming pools.

One of the most prominent

and largest residential projects

Recently launched by

La Vista Real Estate Development,

After the investment projects

branched out and expanded in this area

She became the focus of the eyes

of major real estate institutions

to conquer the arena

with a competition intent in perfection,

Each of them has published

the most powerful

and luxurious of its services,

models and features

To produce a new life full of

luxury and integration that preserves

for them all other ways of stillness

and unparalleled happiness.

The area of the units of

El patio 1 compound new cairo:

The area of the residential units

in Patio Oro compound varied and varied.

In order to suit the market needs

of Egyptian real estate, and thus

The Foundation has launched

residential buildings consisting

of only four floors added

to the ground floor,

This is in the following areas:

The units on the ground floor

start from one hundred

and twenty square meters,

In addition to a garden

of fifteen square meters.

Residential units of the largest floor

to the 4th floor start from one hundred

and twenty-eight square meters.

Penthouse spaces start from 100

and twenty-eight square meters,

It is attached to a supplementary

external space of twenty-four square meters.

The investor has the opportunity

to choose to divide the unit personally.

And its comprehensive application

for luxury finishes.

Available in El Patio Oro Compound,

“Twin House” units

And other duplexes and “Town House”

with areas of one hundred

in addition to twenty square meters,

And it reaches three hundred

in addition to forty-three meters 2.

El patio 1 compound new cairo

Services of El Patio Oro Compound, 5th Settlement:

La Vista Real Estate Development

provided the most important services

and features in El Patio New Cairo.

Which the residents of the 5th assembly

and all those who are looking

for brightness and ingenuity may need

Providing an air-conditioned mosque

for religious rituals.

Allocating more than sixty percent

of El patio 1 compound new cairo area.

Providing the compound with waterfalls

and crystal lagoon to add splendor

and luxury to the view of the units.

Each unit is surrounded by

botanical compositions

Equal dimensions between units

with various depths suitable

and allocating equipped places

for family meetings and special occasions.

The last healthy sports group

in the 5th settlement

that includes a gym,

spa and international jacuzzi

The finest equipment and acumen labour.

Allocating huge areas as a garage

and a car accident for the residents

of the headquarters and their visitors.

Monitoring the various parts

of the project throughout

the twenty-four hours

By optimization of surveillance cameras

with high resolution technology

To ensure the clarity of the image

and to identify the characters

on her hand and for greater safety.

and provides the finest medical benefit

with distinguished cadres

and new devices.

A full movie theater is available

that shows the latest Arab

and international cinematic works.

Cultural exhibitions are available

for those who love to read.

The compound has been divided

so that there are paths

between the buildings for lovers

of running and cycling.

The Club House remains

a picturesque view

for lovers of relaxation and tranquility.

Providing public gardens

with toys for children,

Especially about the availability

of Kids Area with the latest safe games

and monitoring systems to protect children.

Private and integrated premises

in addition to everything you need

for barbecue festivities.

Hiring the best trained manpower

for the security and protection

in addition to the compound.

It remains children’s nurseries

and accredited international schools

in the heart of El Patio Oro.

The Prices of El patio 1 compound new cairo:

La Vista Developments adopts

the principle of offering out-of-

in addition to competition rates.

This ensures that investors have

the right to own the most luxurious units

at the best prices

In the heart of New Cairo,

in the most beautiful parts

of the 5th Settlement,

the value of which starts from two million

in addition to one hundred

and sixty thousand Egyptian pounds.

As for the price of housing units

on the upper floors,

it starts from two million two hundred

and ninety thousand Egyptian pounds.

also Units are available on

in addition to the “penthouse” association,

with costs starting from three million

and sixty thousand Egyptian pounds.

The greatest and largest cost

of units in El patio 1 compound new cairo

Four million five hundred thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in El patio 1 compound new cairo:

The Corporation has made available

a lot of payment systems to facilitate

for investors and investors

in addition to own residential units

and units within El Patio Compound,

An advantage for its commitment

to deliver the latest Super Lux finishes,

The smallest deposit is 10%

in addition to the total unit value.

Agreement to pay the remaining amount

in equal installments over eight years.

The contract is available

for the unit delivery clause so far,

three years from the date of the contract.

All other payments are

completely free of any interest.

Owning Corporation and Past Projects:

The boom in the world of

Egyptian facilities began in 1991

through the developer,

in addition to La Vista Developments,

Which taught the whole world

the highest standards of construction

in addition to architecture,

It adopted the latest European models

and adopted them as a feature of the era.

The streets, buildings

in addition to innovative designs are

inspired by Spain and Italy

However, it adds new touches mixed

with originality and tradition.

in addition to Many commercial,

residential and tourism projects have settled

In the most wonderful and best headquarters

from the east of the Egyptian country to the west,

I was very careful and scrutinized

Also to harness planning sites

to consolidate the meaning of sublime,

El Patio 5 East El Shorouk Compound.

El Patio Prime El Shorouk project.

Also La Vista Marsa Allam Village.

in addition to La Vista Bay East North Coast.

Also La Vista Topaz Resort, Ain Sokhna.

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna project.

Also La Vista Ray Sokhna.

La Vista Ain Sokhna project.

in addition to La Vista City New Capital.

La Vista North Coast project in Ras El Hekma.

Also El Patio 6 October Compound.

El Patio 7 project, New Cairo.

Also El Patio El Shorouk Compound

El patio 1 compound new cairo

Features of New Cairo City:

The city of New Cairo is one of

Also The largest and finest cities

In addition to in Cairo Governorate,

Its area is estimated at

About seventy thousand acres,

And it consists of many residential gatherings,

The largest of which is the 5th Settlement.

In addition to that, Al-Rehab,

Madinaty, the Greater Settlement,

In addition to the 3rd Settlement, and others.

Also the city is located in the eastern arc

Of Cairo, to the east of the Ring Road

Also In the limited distance

Between Cairo – Suez Desert

Also Kattameya – Ain Sokhna Road.

New Cairo is distinguished by

Also it’s amazing distribution and planning

Compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods,

Also its streets are wide and quiet

The decline in the population increase

In addition to Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods are

Considered high-end neighborhoods.

It is bordered by the main roads

Linking the neighborhoods

And areas of that city to the capital

In addition to other governorates,

There is El patio 1 compound new cairo.

It provides them with access to

The large number of neighborhoods

In the center of the capital

As soon as possible,

Especially with the continuous development

That the road network is witnessing.

The 5th settlement is bordered

In addition to by the ring road

That surrounds the entire capital.

Through it, it is possible to reach

A lot of different parts,

And the NA road that connects

In addition to the people of New Cairo

Nasr City area by passing

Also through some of its vital

In addition to main streets

It connects it in the city of Mokattam

In addition to from it to the center of the Republic

And in view of the growing city of New Cairo,

You will enjoy a nicer atmosphere than Cairo

It is less than five degrees Celsius

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