Discovery mall new capital

Discovery mall new capital
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Discovery mall new capital presented by Misr Alhurra Real Estate Investment Company, the first mixed-use complex in Mo 23,

Discovery Shopping Center,

a new administrative capital with

a modern U-shaped architectural design,

which ensures a unique interface for all modules,

Especially as it provides commercial,

administrative and medical units

In addition to their surroundings

Provides the best entertainment

In addition to marketing services,

And now let’s get to know more

about the details of the capital

to explore the shopping centers.

Discovery mall new capital

Discovery mall new capital website:

Discovery mall new capital is characterized

by a very privileged location

In the central service area mu23.

Discovery mall new capital

In addition to overlook the Axis of Hope

which is 120 meters wide,

It is one of the main arteries of

the administrative capital,

In addition to It connects Suez Road

and Ain Sokhna Road.

On the other hand, the project faces

the direction of the residential area R2

It overlooks the entrance to the R3 residential area.

In addition to It is also only 150 meters from

the Mohammed bin Zayed axis

In addition to the Green River

The financial and commercial district,

also the skyscrapers

In addition to the tallest tower in Africa.

It is also close to Central Park,

Sports City and Canadian University

In addition to The European University,

the city of knowledge and the smart city.

It is about 120-180 meters from

In addition to the monorail station

and the main axis of Al-Amal Square.

It is located near the most important projects

In addition to in the region,

especially the new administrative capital EPIC Mall,

It is also close to the administrative capital, Avalon Mall.

Serving approximately 350,000 people

who will live in approximately 50,000 housing units

In addition to In complexes R2 and R3.

Especially since these gatherings are

among the first to settle in the capital,

The mall is located on the axis of hope.

This is the lifeblood of the administrative capital

In addition to coming from Badr cities.

Al-Shorouk, Obour, Mostakbal City,

Medina and Cairo.

The area of Discovery mall new capital:

Discovery shopping center

in the administrative capital occupies

the area of ​​approximately 4,415 square meters,

That is only 30% of the area.

In addition to The rest is used for services,

Discovery mall new capital is

In addition to characterize by a unique design

U-shaped with exterior glass curtain wall

In addition to (panoramic view)

and day and night lighting.

In addition to This modern design provides

a unique landscape for all units,

Surrounded by all the operations

In addition to entertainment services

of the shopping center.

Discovery mall new capital

The area of Discovery mall new capital:

The mall consists of

3 floors + ground floor + 8 floors.

There are commercial units

on the floor (ground + first + second).

Medical units

(private clinics and medical centers)

are available on the third to sixth floors.

Administrative units (administrative offices,

corporate headquarters for various activities)

It is located on the seventh and eighth floors.

The space ranges in Discovery mall new capital

From 47 to 1400 square meters,

with space for development and sale.

In addition to The largest food hall in

the Administrative Capital is available in the mall,

Takeaway cafes have also registered

for medical and management positions.

In addition to There is also

a shopping center marketing department

(resale and rental of units at any time)

within the scope of its business.

In addition to Light signs are available at

also the three entrances to the mall.

In addition to There is a magazine about

the activities of the various units

in Discovery mall new capital.

A backup generator

and water tank are available.

6 elevators, including medical elevators.

Each floor contains

(4 waiting areas, information,

2 maintenance rooms,

4 toilets, 4 emergency stairs)

The largest advertising screen

at the front of the mall serves the angels.

Central air conditioning,

In addition to fire alarm system

and central shower room are available

There is video intercom,

high speed WIFI, etc.

In addition to Security personnel

and electronic doors are available

at the entrance to the mall

In addition to There are surveillance cameras

inside and outside the mall

Available shopping mall operating rooms

about 50% of building capacity

In addition to It comes from solar panels.

There are also escalators in the commercial part

They are convenient for the shopping process

and reduce the pressure on the elevator.

The basement was designated as a garage

also that accommodates the cars

of the unit owner and visitors.

also There are also restaurants,

In addition to cafes and supermarkets.

Banquet halls and birthday parties are available

There are VIP lounges and meeting rooms.

Hiking area also available

Prices and payment systems

in Discovery mall new capital:

Discovery mall new capital offers

integrated services and functions

in the administrative capital,

However, the Free Egypt Real Estate

Investment Corporation offers

a series of non-competitive rates.

The prices of square meter for

commercial units is available starting

from 50,000 pounds on the second floor

It is 87.000 pounds on the first floor.

In addition to The prices of square meter of

also the medical unit starts from 35,000 EGP.

In addition, the price per square meter

for administrative units starts from 32,500 EGP.

The administrative and medical units

will be equipped with air-conditioned

In addition to Ultra Super Lux finishes.

Clinics and medical centers are designed

In addition to with anti-bacterial

and anti-contamination coating.

Discovery Mall new capital payment system

is characterized by a variety of payment systems,

With a minimum of 0% down payment,

In addition to a repayment period of up to

10 years without interest.

In addition to The equipment will be delivered

within two years after signing the contract.

This way, Discovery mall new capital

will generate management capital for you

(Highest return on investment for

In addition to the contracting party,

first installment after signing,

In addition to The average annual return

on the total unit investment is more than 40%).

Owning company and previous projects:

Discovery mall new capital is presented by

Misr Alhurra Real Estate Investment Company (SAE)

Which is one of the most important

In addition to leade companies in the field

of real estate development.

The developer company established

In addition to Discovery mall new capital.

Free Misr aspires to become a leading model

in the local and regional markets

also It presents a number of

outstanding projects with new horizons.

It meets the market demand with

an excellent service integration system

In addition to start from design, construction

and after-sales service.

In addition to This did not come out of nowhere,

but rather a product of the brains of

In addition to the experts who presided over

this important investment entity.

In addition to Chairman of the Board of

Directors, Mr. Mahmoud Siddik.

He is currently the Vice President of the Faculty

also of Graduate Studies at

In addition to Al-Azhar University,

Director General of Al-Azhar

University Hospital Department,

And the former owner of

Al-Andalus Hospital and Shams Hospital,

In addition to a consultant to

many well-known hospitals. hospital.

Previous work of Misr Alhurra

Real Estate Investment Company:

Misr Alhurra Real Estate Investment Company

has a strong precedent in Assiut Governorate,

The new city of Assiut consists

of 5 residential buildings,

11 floors above the ground.

In addition to a huge mall

on an area of ​​37,000 square meters,

brings together many international brands,

It is now heading towards

New administrative capital.

Discovery mall new capital is one of

the most important complexes in MU23,

In addition to It is the best

also most important commercial area,

the administrative and medical business center.

It is the main northern entrance to

In addition to the administrative capital gate

from the Suez Road side

also Madinaty, Al-Shorouk,

In addition to Badr and Mostakbal

This road is called the main axis of hope.

And it leads to the skyscraper towers

also the tallest tower in Africa,

In addition to It extends to the Green River

and crosses the north-south axis of Bin Zayed

All the way to Ain Sokhna Road.

Don’t miss this opportunity to

book your unit in Discovery mall new capital,

In addition to Which provides you

with the strongest and best strategic position,

In addition to a unique

interface design for all units,

Because there are no back units

in Discovery mall new capital.

Discovery mall new capital

About the Seventh Residential District:

The seventh residential area

That you did not know is the seventh district R7

One of the most prestigious residential areas

Also In the Administrative Capital

It covers an area of ​​1500 acres

And is divided into 33 plots of land.

The community includes a group

Of the most important residential areas

Also In the capital,

It is in addition to a group of commercial

In addition to service facilities.

Many of the capital’s main landmarks are

In addition to the seventh residential district,

Also The presidential palace

In addition to the diplomatic district.

The seventh district is also close

also the medical city, the railway station

And the convention center

In addition to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

The Nativity Cathedral and the Opera House

Also The city of arts and culture

In addition to the green river.

Also It can also overlook many main roads,

The most attractive of which are.

Also There is Discovery mall new capital

In the seventh residential district.

The eye-catching area is the regional ring road,

In addition to This connects Suez Road on one side

And Ain Sokhna Road on the other side.

The seventh residential area has a series

In addition to of integrated services,

The most famous of which is education services

Most notably international schools,

In addition to British universities

And Swedish universities.

In addition to Except for a huge mall,

This is being implemented

By the well-known Al-Futtaim Group,

Which are evaluated according

In addition to international standards.

Do not miss this opportunity

Also to book your unit

In Discovery mall new capital.

The most prominent services

Of the new administrative capital and

Discovery mall new capital:

In addition to there is the government district

That combines among the most prominent services,

Discovery mall new capital

Like many important official properties,

And nearly 18 ministerial properties,

In addition to the presence

of the Presidential Center

And other presidential buildings in it

Also parliamentary buildings

and cabinet buildings,

In addition to all of them enjoy

The latest architectural styles

Also are equipped with

The latest advanced equipment

In addition to the government district is the most prominent

Among the other districts in the new capital.

Also Universities are available in the new capital,

There are divisions of a group

Of international universities,

In addition to at its top is the Canadian University,

Which spreads over an area of ​​thirty acres.

Be designed on the latest models

That mimic international layouts

In addition to there is Discovery mall new capital.

It not only provides educational services to its students,

But also provides various activities, such as:

In addition to Sports fields,

Also tennis courts, basketball.

The level of Africa is completely in the new capital,

As it reaches a height of about 345 meters.

In addition to there are a lot

Of residential units and villas

There are many projects that include villas

For sale in new administrative capital.

In addition to there are houses of worship

The Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque was built

On an area of ​​106 acres

It is considered as one of

In addition to the largest mosques in the entire world

It has 4 minarets and 21 domes.

In addition to the mosque can accommodate

Approximately 17,000 worshipers.

It is in a similar way that the new capital

Contains the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

Which is considered one of the

Also largest cathedrals in North Africa and the Gulf

It was built on 15 acres (7,500 square meters)

To accommodate 1,000 people

In addition to the power station is

Available in new capital,

Equipped with all necessary services

Of the sewage network, water, electricity,

In addition to the power station is one of

Also there is Discovery mall new capital

The most necessary services in it.

In addition to it occupies 175 acres at a price of

Approximately 2 billion euros

In addition to it was launched under an agreement

Between the Egyptian Authority

And the German company “Siemens”.

In addition to it is located on the Ain Sokhna road

And has a capacity of about 4800 megawatts.

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