better home developments

better home developments are one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East Because of its interest

in the continuous development of architecture and construction methods,

And her keen interest in choosing the best site for her projects.

Better Home Company was established in 1998 and owned by Eng. Sherif Adly.

In 2003, better home developments rapidly;

As it became one of the leading real estate development companies,

it focused on providing customers with the best services in line with the Egyptian market.

About better home developments:

better home developments attract the best human cadres,

and does its utmost to advance its real estate projects to the world

In terms of selected locations, types of decor, and luxurious designs suitable for different tastes and needs.

In order to pursue excellence and continuous development,

Meihaojiayuan strives to complete the most massive projects

With the best quality in the fastest time, and has added a number of affiliates to specialize in multiple areas of the real estate field.

Providing the best services, including Better Office, Better Mall, Better Mix.

The most important real estate project of better home developments:

For the Better Home real estate project,

better home developments have committed to expanding its projects throughout Greater Cairo.

in addition to The company has established a number of important economic projects in 6th of October City

Such as Cairo Medical Center and Cityscape Mall.

better home developments have also established many distinctive residential compounds in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement

Such as Midtown Compound and Fifth Settlement.

With its unique strength and tremendous economic strength,

Jiajia has succeeded in obtaining the right to establish a number of real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital,

in addition to The best compound in the administrative capital.

The most important beautiful house project in the new administrative capital, Midtown, is the new administrative capital,

and it is one of the most important features of the new administrative capital.

better home developments have established Midtown New Capital on an area of ​​164 acres,

in addition to It has been designed on the latest and most luxurious engineering designs.

Where better home developments employ the most skilled engineers

and experts to specialize in the creation and development of high-end residential communities.

Apartment Types in Midtown:

Divided into single-family villas, two-row villas, and townhouses.

Depending on the needs and capabilities of each person, these categories differ in price and space.

better home developments contain the best basic, living, and recreational services, and a very large green space,

in addition to many shops including the most famous brands;

It is only suitable for villas; Therefore, for senior officials and officials.

In Midtown New Capital there are villas for sale, and next to it there are many units of different areas,

It is suitable for all customers with different prices.

Midtown Solo Project:

also Midtown Solo is the most luxurious and luxurious residential complex,

which is part of the new Midtown Executive Capital Group,

in addition to It is a family estate set up by better home developments.

The Midtown Solo Compound is only a group of villas,

in addition to It located in the heart of the new administrative capital, R7 district,

on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed,

next to the cathedral and overlooking the Green River

It is one of the most important landmarks of the new administrative capital and is close to the Al-Massa area.

The vast space of Midtown Solo Compound:

The entire compound covers an area of ​​66 acres,

including a group of distinct standalone villas of various sizes and prices,

Using the latest luxury modern designs, to suit all tastes and abilities.

The green spaces cover 80% of the area of ​​the compound and this gives this compound a great advantage

in addition to They are fresh air, privacy, entertainment opportunities, and calm around the clock.

A commercial center and shopping activities There is a commercial shopping center in the compound

in addition to that includes the most famous shops and international brands

As well as all other recreational activities suitable for the wonderful and calm nature of the compound.

in addition to There are villas in Midtown Solo for sale, suitable for senior staff from embassies and major institutions,

And to provide the best service to them in the best location in the new capital.

Executive Capital Midtown Condo:

Midtown Condo is the third project of better home developments in the New Administrative Capital,

The compound contains a group of high-end and distinctive luxury units and apartments.

The location of Midtown Condo is no less than that of other parts of better home developments in the New Capital;

It is located in the center of the new administrative capital on the main axis of Mohammed bin Zayed,

Close to the embassy district and the Green River,

the most important landmark in the capital, located in an important prime location.

Features of Midtown Apartment Executive Capital:

Is that it works only as a residential complex characterized by privacy, space

and price differences to adapt to the different times and possibilities of all customers.

The Midtown Condo New Capital Compound contains a range of wonderful services,

better home developments have always been keen to provide green spaces, swimming pools, and clubs in the compound,

In addition to cafes, restaurants, artificial lakes, gyms, garages, security, and guarding services throughout the compound.

Today, by training well-trained, professional, and well-equipped personnel.

The latest security technology.

Various spaces in the community:

As for the unit space in Midtown Solo, the new capital of better home developments,

The community offers apartments for sale with different areas ranging from 120 square meters to 375 square meters,

Suitable for small and large families,

And the payment system is a down payment of 10%, the rest is up to 7 years,

The unit received half of the order.

The most important project in better home developments on October 6:

better home developments intend to build a set of economic and service facilities in the city on October 6th,

instead of residential areas; This is due to the large housing supply in October but the lack of quality required basic service.

Cairo Medical Center 6th of October: This is the 6th of October Medical Center.

It is a large medical complex with clinics, laboratories,

physiotherapy centers, and other institutions that provide medical services.

better home developments have always been keen to build a fully equipped

and suitable complex for the medical center in 6th of October City.

Cairo Medical Center is located directly in front of the former Vodafone Plaza in District 5 on the central axis of Vodafone.

cityscape mall,

October 6: The second better home developments project on October 6 is the commercial complex “Cityscape Mall”,

It is one of the best commercial rental sites in October.

It is located in the center of the 6th of October city in the 12th district near the Hosary Mosque and the October Day Church.

The Cityscape Mall complex designed by Better Home matches the most modern shopping malls in the world

It offers unique marketing services to the residents of the 6th of October.

Cityscape Mall contains many international brands,

Distributed in about 57 stores, serving the whole family regardless of age or gender.

Cityscape Mall also includes more than 20 international and local restaurants on the 6th of October,

better home developments provide the best catering services for all ages, tastes, and abilities.

There are also several cinemas and various game centers for adults and children in the mall;

This makes it not only a destination for shopping but

also a destination for entertainment and entertainment for the whole family.