Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo
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Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo Gardenia Springs was created on the values of outstanding design as well as meticulous concept as well as exclusivity.

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo :

In keeping with the Gardenia concept of its sister compounds in 6th of October City,

Gardenia Springs was established on the values ​​of outstanding design and

also meticulous concept as well as exclusivity.

Gardenia Springs is defined by informal development,

and it marks the dawning of a new style of residence in New Cairo.

Information about Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo:

The project area is about 60 acres, shared by only 120 villas.

Each house includes half an acre of gardens as well as scenic landscapes,

where you can enjoy the most wonderful view, the most beautiful climate,

as well as an enchanting nature that takes you from reality to the world of imagination.

In the Compound Gardenia Springs, New Cairo,

you can enjoy luxury as well as excellence, in terms of services and facilities at the highest level,

as well as villas equipped with the finest building materials for finishing,

as well as distinctive divisions as well as good use of all spaces inside and outside the villa.

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo

The location of Gardenia Springs New Cairo Compound:

The location of the compound is very strategic, as it is located on the Katameya Hills in the heart of the Fifth Settlement on the Gamal Abdel Nasser axis, and also mediates many of the major residential projects in the Fifth Settlement such as:

  • Diyar Park Project
  • Mountain View Compound
  • Cairo Business Park project
  • Rehab City.

You can reach your workplace, university or your children’s schools in a few minutes,

because Gardenia Springs New Cairo is very close to Suez Road and also from the North 90th Street,

as well as close to the American University as well as the German University.

Gardenia Springs New Cairo Compound Services:

  • Vast green spaces, as well as parks and artificial lakes.
  • Dedicated side walkways for walking.
  • Security and guarding as well as organized patrols around the clock in order to provide security and also security in the compound.
  • Sports and also social clubs.
  • Special garages for cars.

Distinguished services provided by IGI Real Estate Development Company in all its projects

We have always been accustomed from IGI Real Estate to provide privileges,

facilities, as well as advanced services to all its clients in all projects over the past 20 years,

through expansions as well as constant modernization in its projects,

such as diversity in the available spaces in order to meet the needs of all customers,

and diversity in the types of housing units Including: the apartments available for sale,

as well as standalone villas, as well as duplexes

, as well as townhouses, twin houses, and penthouses.

The projects are unique in strategic locations and

provide calm as well as comfort as well as safety for customers in residential complexes,

where green spaces as well as artificial lakes and

provide all health services as well as educational and recreational.

Gardenia Springs New Cairo units :

The project consists of a group of stand-alone villas with elegant classic facades. The villa area in Gardenia Springs Compound varies in order to meet the needs of all customers, starting from 650 square meters and up to 1,200 square meters, and the company offers villas with various types of finishes in order to comply with the tastes of Clients: fully finished, as well as semi-finished.

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo

Gardenia Springs New Cairo prices:

Gardenia Springs New Cairo prices are among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in New Cairo,

compared to many services and facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers enjoy

the greatest amount of healthy life as well as comfort and luxury .

The prices of villas in Gardenia Springs Compound in New Cairo range with a variety of spaces,

starting from 3.5 million pounds and up to 7 million pounds.

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo

Payment methods in Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo      :

The company provides facilities in paying the amount over several years and without interest,

where you can pay a 25% down payment and pay the remaining amount over 7 years.

The company that owns Gardenia Springs New Cairo :

IGI Real Estate was launched in 1994 with a vision to become one of

the leading companies in the real estate world in Egypt.

Its first goal is to develop integrated communities that provide all services and facilities,

with high standards and hotel levels that provide entertainment as well as comprehensive basic services.

One of the first companies to introduce

the concept of a residential compound to the Egyptian market through the Gardenia Park project in October,

which was developed in 1995 on an area of ​​85 acres and

included 250 villas. IGI Real Estate is the first real estate developer in 6th of October City,

as it has developed areas of up to 2.5 million square meters,

and has developed more than 8,500 housing units.

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo

The most important projects of IGI Real Estate Development Company

Ashgar neighborhood:

One of the most famous projects, as it covers an area of ​​176 acres and includes 3,000 housing units,

varying between: apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

Also, this project became famous at the local level at the end of

the nineties due to its adoption of the idea of ​​an integrated city,

including all facilities and services in one place.

Gardenia Park 2 project:

The area of ​​green areas and gardens reached 44%.

Ashgar City Project:

It is built on an area of ​​148 acres, and provides different areas,

starting from 80 square meters to 236 square meters,

and provides different models of residential real estate as well.

Providing comfort as well as safety and stability.

Project (Oak Park):

It is the latest project, with a modern character and also a new living experience,

as it offers housing units of different designs and spaces,

starting from 167 square meters up to 235 square meters. customer tastes.

Gardenia Park Project:

Inside the compound, you feel clearly moving to California because of the construction style,

the shape of the buildings, the trees and green spaces,

as well as the walking paths only inside the compound, and it contains 250 villas.

Ashgar Heights Project and Ashgar Residence Project.


Advantages of living in New Cairo

New Cairo has become one of the most important high-end cities compared to the rest of the Greater Cairo cities,

and a very important destination for those who wish to live in high-end and

distinguished housing, as well as those wishing to invest in real estate,

for several advantages, the most important of which is the quality of urban planning and

also the widening of the main streets, which reduces congestion,

and that is the low density The population, as well as the distance from slums and

those popular housing as well as overcrowded areas.

Compound Gardenia Springs New Cairo

Schools and Universities in New Cairo City

New Cairo includes many major universities as well as private and international schools,

which help your children in all their educational stages so that they do not find daily difficulty in moving to other cities to study,

and among those universities: the American University,

as well as the British University, also the University of the Future,

and the Canadian University. And also from private or international schools: Akhenaten School,

the International School of Choueifat,

as well as the American School and others.

Private hospitals in New Cairo

It provides all health services from specialized medical centers,

as well as major pharmacies, as well as private hospitals such as: Al-Jawy Specialized Hospital,

Al-Ayyun Specialist Hospital, and Tabarak Children’s Hospital.

Sports clubs in New Cairo

Your children can play their favorite sports such as: swimming, football, basketball,

tennis, karate, or any other sport. In major sports clubs such as: Al-Zohour Club,

Platinum Club, Petrosport, Wadi Degla Club, Aviation Club and others.

The northern or southern 90th Street includes all integrated services from commercial markets and malls,

as well as entertainment centers for adults and children, restaurants,

as well as cafes, and all major institutions and local and international banks.


All these advantages and more made New Cairo a source of attraction and also a great rush of citizens as well as investors.

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