Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens | 4 rooms | Luxurious living experience

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens | 4 rooms | Luxurious living experience

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens developed by the North African Real Estate Development and Investment Company. It worked to provide the compound in a manner befitting the company’s name. It provided many services that everyone needs, whether basic, recreational, health, and other services that are suitable for everyone. The compound is designed to combine Villas only, as it is a luxury residential complex that everyone wants to own alone inside.

It also provided it with a very distinctive, strategic and lively location in the heart of New Cairo, next to the American University, close to all important places and landmarks, so it is easy to reach from and to all places. It is designed in the modern European style that attracts you, as it was designed with the smart homes system, where you control every detail of your home with one click. Button, lighting level, opening and closing doors, and much more to provide your comfort.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

The compound includes many green spaces and landscapes that spread within the compound in all places, giving a feeling of psychological comfort and calm and achieving the principle of privacy between the units and each other because it is spread between them. The real estate developer worked on the diversity of the units in terms of area and types, as the compound is designated for villas only, independent villas and townhouses. The twin houses are designed with great care to satisfy all tastes.

The features within Katameya Gardens are countless, they are very many, and these features are complemented by competitive prices that will not be repeated, suitable for everyone to own a very wonderful residential unit, and flexible payment systems so that the customer does not feel the presence of a financial burden while owning a residential unit within the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Location of Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

The North African Company that developed the project worked to provide a very strategic location close to all roads, main axes and important landmarks to facilitate easy access to and from it, as it is located specifically in the new expansion area next to the American University in the Fifth Settlement on a street up to 75 meters wide. Here are some nearby places. From the compound:

  • Near the famous 90th Street in Fifth Settlement.
  • Minutes between the compound and the American University.
  • Middle Ring Road is located near Kattameya Gardens.
  • Next to many distinguished projects in the community, such as Emaar Mivida, the Katameya Dunes project, and the Hyde Park project, as well as the University of the Future and the Sodic Solidere project.

Design of Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

North Africa Company offers Katameya Gardens New Cairo Compound with new and very different designs, as it has provided the best consultants, engineers, and designers to provide wonderful designs that will dazzle you, with up to 9 different designs, and 3 types of villas; Independent villas, twin houses, and townhouses, and each type has its own distinctive design, features, and area. The designs are as follows:

villas come in 5 different models.

  • Model A: 3-storey villa; Includes garden and swimming pool.
  • Model B: two-storey villa.
  • Model C: two-storey villa.
  • Model D: Two-storey villa.
  • Model H: two-storey villa.

Townhouse designs are available in 3 different models:

  • Sunflower model: two-storey villa with pool, with back and front garden and garage, ground floor.
  • Model O: Two-storey villa with a rooftop garden and garage.
  • Model T: Two-storey villa with rooftop, swimming pool, garden and garage.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens designs.

  • Available in one model with an area of 450 square metres, it consists of two attached units (2 villas), with a swimming pool, garden, roof and two floors.
Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Area of Katameya Gardens Compound New Cairo

Katameya Gardens Compound extends over a large area of 100 acres, which is a very suitable area to provide many services and features that suit everyone. The largest percentage of the compound has been allocated to landscaping, gardens, and green spaces, and the buildings occupy the smallest percentage to provide the greatest amount of privacy for residents.

Kattameya Gardens, Fifth Settlement, includes various and distinctive units, including independent villas, townhouses, and twin houses, with areas ranging from 235 square meters up to 941 square meters.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Services of Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Katameya Gardens New Cairo Compound is considered one of the smart projects because it provides its residents with all the services that provide them with comfort and stability according to the latest technological methods in design and construction.The most important services and recreational facilities are the following:

  • The green spaces spread throughout the compound are very large and give the best view of the units.
  • Highly trained personnel to protect the compound, working 24 hours a day.
  • Modern surveillance cameras operate 24 hours a day to record and monitor everything that happens inside the compound for your protection.
  • The landscape is very distinctive, giving all units a wonderful view.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and depths to be suitable for all residents of the compound and suitable for all ages.
  • Tracks designated for walking and cycling, and away from car traffic to protect you and practice your sport freely.
  • Dedicated parking spaces and very large garages to accommodate the largest number of cars.
  • Gym and Spa equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment to maintain your physical fitness.
  • Kids Area is intended for children and includes many distinctive games and entertainment activities. It is also equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Restaurants and cafes include various restaurants and include the most delicious drinks and delicious food that suit you.
  • The units operate with a smart home system that provides you with all the comfort and luxury.
  • The hotel cleaning services system is available 24 hours a day.
  • Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens
  • Commercial malls that include all local and international brands for shopping lovers.
  • A social club that provides many sports and social services.

Payment systems and prices for a twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

North Africa Company provides different payment systems to be suitable for everyone so that everyone owns their unit without feeling like there is a burden on them to ensure the best real estate services are provided to customers. This is done by paying the lowest down payment and installments over the highest repayment period, so you own your unit with comfort.

In addition to providing competitive prices commensurate with the many services and features available within it, in addition to the strategic and vital location near all important places and landmarks. Prices vary in terms of area and types of units. Book your unit now and do not hesitate within the best compounds in New Cairo.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

The company developing a twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens

North Africa Real Estate Investment Company is the developer of the compound, as it has a well-known name and has provided a distinguished precedent consisting of 9 projects that vary between residential and commercial. It is an Egyptian company with great experience in the Egyptian real estate market, as it was founded in 2005, and the company has developed many projects. Various projects such as residential, infrastructure, hotels, resorts, and health clinics.

The company has a great ambition to expand its various projects between residential, commercial and tourism in all governorates, such as Greater Cairo, specifically in New Cairo, Sadat City, Marsa Alam, and Taba in South Sinai. The North African Real Estate Investment Company is a comprehensive company that aspires to be one of the leading professional companies operating In the Egyptian and Arab market, its projects include several activities such as residential compounds, resorts, tourist villages, commercial malls, hotels and hospitals, and among its most important projects in Egypt are:

Previous work of the company that owns Katameya Gardens Compound

  • Twin house for sale in Katameya Gardens.
  • Nest Alam Resort, Marsa Alam.
  • Arabian Nights Hotel in Marsa Alam.
  • Katameya International School is an international school offering the highest level of education in Egypt.
  • Katameya International Hospital is an international hospital on an area of ​​15,630 square meters.
  • Morgana Resort in Taba, South Sinai.
  • Nest Cairo Compound, New Cairo.
  • Nest Building 26 is a huge administrative building on Plot 26 near the American University
  • Nest Plaza Mall, Sadat City.
  • Al Qasr Compound is the first compound in Sadat City on an area of 15 acres.
  • Bi5 Mall in New Cairo.

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