Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7 | The present and the future in one place

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7 | The present and the future in one place

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7 developed by La Vista Company, the compound has a sophisticated style and design, especially since it is distinguished by the green spaces and landscape that surround it from all directions. To increase customers’ enjoyment and sense of comfort, the compound is located in New Cairo, close to a large number of vital areas that you always need to go to.

This compound is considered one of the most important projects of La Vista Real Estate Development Company, which took care to implement it according to international standards. To gain the admiration and interest of all customers. It was keen to provide competitive prices that will not be repeated and flexible payment systems that suit all customers so that they can own their units easily and conveniently.

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

If you are looking for tranquility, your choice will be the Fifth Settlement, one of the most upscale and luxurious newly designed cities, as it has received great attention from the government since the first day of announcing its implementation. The Fifth Settlement also has many advantages, which are represented by a large number of various services and facilities, In addition to its implementation according to a distinctive urban planning with a global road network.

The most important thing that distinguishes the Fifth Settlement is the government’s determination of its population density, as it is impossible to see the large population and crowding inside the Fifth Settlement. All the features that the government was keen to provide within the Fifth Settlement qualified it to be one of the best investment cities in the Middle East, as it attracts the Fifth Settlement. The fifth is a large segment of investors who want to live in an upscale location that guarantees them a safe, long-term investment.

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

location of Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

La Vista, the developer of the project, was interested in choosing a vital location in New Cairo, specifically the Fifth Settlement city, to establish this distinctive compound, especially since it is one of the most important, lively and distinguished areas at the present time, as it is close to many vital areas and roads that you need to go to.

One of the most prestigious locations in the Fifth Settlement, where the developing company devoted a great effort to choosing a location that enjoys great vitality, as it is close to various important landmarks and roads within New Cairo. One of the very distinctive plots inside New Cairo was chosen, which has a distinctive view of 90th Street. The main axis is the most important axis in the Fifth Settlement, which is an extension of the Bin Zayed Axis in the New Administrative Capital, which means that the compound’s residents reach the Administrative Capital in the shortest possible time.

Places near El Patio 7:

  • Only 10 minutes from the American University.
  • The compound is located a quarter of an hour from the Administrative Capital.
  • It is only about 20 minutes away from the ring road.
  • It is located a quarter of an hour away from Suez Road.
  • It is only about 12 km from Ain Sokhna Gate.
  • It is only about ten minutes away from the compound.
Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7 design

The designs greatly attract customers, so the developer company was keen on its designs, all of which came at a very high level of sophistication, elegance, modernity, and many other features. The modern design of the residential units in the compound was suitable for increasing the feeling of comfort, which is what many people are looking for. From customers. The compound has a variety of different spaces to suit the needs of every client, impressive types of residential units to suit you, and sophisticated designs.

Area of Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

The developing company allocated a large area of up to 40 acres for implementation, and this area came within the framework of the company’s endeavor to provide various services and facilities within the compound. Therefore, the developing company hired a group of the best engineering consultants in Egypt in order to provide distinctive urban planning for the project, and achieve maximum benefit without Wasting any part of the space.

The compound’s designers worked to provide many green spaces, gardens, landscapes, and bodies of water in which many recreational areas and services are spread. A large area of up to 82% of the total project area was allocated, while the rest of the area, amounting to 18%, was allocated for buildings. In its design, the company took into account the availability of the latest international models in architectural design.

  • Its area starts from 110 square meters and reaches 270 square meters.
Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Services of Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

There are many wonderful services and dazzling features that El Patio Fifth Settlement has uniquely, which depend on the proper utilization of the wide area of this integrated city, which is considered one of the best options for many investors, and these features and services are evident as follows:

  • Green spaces surround the compound from all sides, giving all units the best view.
  • There are a large number of sports fields such as football, golf, tennis and many others.
  • It provides a large social club with all social activities.
  • A pharmacy that contains all the medications you need.
  • It includes a medical center with a large number of medical clinics in all specialties.
  • A mosque to hold all prayers inside.
  • ATM machines are located throughout the compound to facilitate your transactions.
  • Surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the compound, operating 24 hours a day to maintain security inside the compound
  • Carefully selected security and guard personnel guard the compound.
  • Garages to prevent overcrowding and congestion.
  • Gym and spa for exercise.
  • A designated walking path for running and cycling tracks.
  • Different swimming pools suitable for all ages.
  • Yoga areas are considered one of the quietest areas within the compound to help relax and meditate.
  • Restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and drinks.
  • Hypermarket contains all goods.
  • A commercial mall that includes the most famous brands and meets your needs.

prices of Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

The real estate developer is keen to provide competitive prices that will not be repeated, commensurate with the amount of services available compared to the large amount of facilities. Prices vary according to the area and type of unit you want to get. So, reserve your unit now and enjoy the longest flexible payment period and prices that you will never find.

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

The company developing a Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

One of the distinguished projects presented by La Vista Developments, which in turn implemented it to be a distinguished extension of the series of distinguished projects provided by the company. The company is one of the main figures and holders of leadership positions within the Egyptian real estate market since the company’s founding in 1991. This is thanks to the clear excellence in its projects over more than 20 years.

La Vista Real Estate Development Company has many engineers, employees and consultants who are able to design various projects in a modern and international manner, which helps motivate customers to feel comfortable and happy, and to take the initiative to purchase their unit, as through it they can enjoy privacy, which is the main title of its giant projects.

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  • Penthouse for sale in El Patio 7

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