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The prices of the Anakaji compound are considered one of the best prices within the new administrative capital, despite the availability of all services, parks and recreational places in the compound, and with the diversity of units in finishes and designs inspired by the old Bedouin real estate, but with a modern nature, in addition to the green spaces, rich gardens and natural landscapes that give the attraction of nature For the project, all this and more has made Anakaji Compound new capital, different from other compounds within the new administrative capital.

Anakaji Compound Prices:

Prices and payment Plans:

  • Anakaji compound prices are one of the best prices in the new administrative capital, as it includes many units.
  • And apartments for sale in Anakaji compound, all of this at unbeatable prices, compared to the services the project provides to its residents.
  • The Anakaji Administrative Capital project is located in the heart of the new administrative capital, near the most important areas and vital roads.
  • Aqar Misr was keen to transfer a piece of Egyptian heritage inside the compound,
  • By making the designs transmitted from Nubian architecture, it’s simple and warm.
  • As for the prices of the Anakaji complex, it is suitable for people of high taste.
  • Where the price per square meter in Anakaji new capital starts from 10.240 pounds, semi finished.
  • Also, the prices of the apartments of the Anakaji compound are unparalleled compared to the other compounds apartments in the new administrative capital.
  • Within the compound of Anakaji, the administrative capital, there are all services and facilities that each family requires.
  • Besides many places of entertainment that make you live moments of freedom and recreation.
  • And the payment systems within the Anakaji Capital project are easy and suitable for everyone.

Payment Plans:

  • 10% down payment , another 10% shall be paid upon delivery, and the rest by installments for 10 years.
  • Feel free to own one of the apartments for sale in Anakaji, to have the most wonderful experience in your life.


Anakaji Compound Location:

Anakaji is located in the heart of the administrative capital, in the eighth district, especially in the R8 area, which is one of the most wonderful areas in the capital.

The location of the Anakaji complex is very distinct because of its proximity to the most vital neighborhoods such as the Diplomatic Quarter, and the Embassy District, which brings together the various embassies.

The word “Anakaji” in Arabic carries the meaning of the word “my home”, so the compound is one of the best places to feel the warmth, comfort and complete calm.

The Anakaji new capital project was designed on Nubian-inspired Bedouin designs as if a piece of the magnificent Aswan had been moved inside the compound.

But those designs, as they collected the original Egyptian heritage in their form, have also collected modern designs that match the most luxurious compounds in the world.

Location of Anakaji Compound new capital

Aqar Misr has chosen the best site for the new administrative capital, in which the Anakaji administrative capital is located.

Where the project is located next to the main areas and vital neighborhoods, which includes the government quarter.

The government district includes many vital places, such as the presidential palace, a conference hall, ministerial headquarters, government agencies, and the opera house, in addition to the most famous hotel in the administrative capital, Al Masa Hotel.

The largest areas within the project are dedicated to green spaces, parks, and various recreational places.

In addition to the presence of all services that meet the needs of unit owners within the new Egypt real estate project.

The capital’s Anakaji project has wonderful views of the green river, which takes a stretch from the beginning of the new administrative capital to the end, and is one of the largest central parks around the world.

The prices of the Anakaji complex are suitable for those multiple features that Anakaji is the new administrative capital.

Anakaji compound new capital

Services and Units spaces:

There is no room for mentioning the total defects of the Anakaji compound, as it is the Advantages compound. The location of the Anakaji compound occupies the most important area in the new administrative capital, in addition to its close proximity to all vital areas of the capital.

The project is also located next to the most prestigious neighborhoods in the administrative capital, such as the government quarter, the embassy district, and the diplomatic quarter.

The project also features all the basic services that bind the desires of each family, such as educational, health and other services.

Aqar Misr used the most skilled architects to design the compound of Anakaji, the administrative capital, on the Bedouin character and Nubian designs in Aswan, but taking into account the modern era.

The project has multiple services that make the customer feel comfortable and never want to leave the compound.

Anakaji compound new capital

Anakaji New Capital services:

  • The Anakaji compound New Capital includes many malls, cafes and restaurants that are famous for the delicious taste of all their eastern and western dishes.
  • The complex also includes the largest commercial malls that bring together all the precious of all the products that carry the most famous international brands.
  • Anakaji, the administrative capital, has two gates to facilitate transportation to and from the compound, while avoiding overcrowding.
  • Many guard crews and trainers were provided at the highest level to maintain the security and safety of the residents of the new Egypt real estate project from any external infiltration.
  • For the convenience of the owners of the Anakaji compound, the administrative capital, the largest garage inside the entire administrative capital has been designed to be a private car park for the residents of the compound.
  • And to feel comfortable, luxurious and luxurious within the project, the largest clubhouse was established, which includes all the services.

Facilities of Anakaji compound new capital

  • Culture has the largest share inside Anakaji of Egypt property. The best location inside the compound has been chosen to construct the largest cultural library carrying the finest Arabic and foreign books, in addition to having an integrated cultural center inside the compound.
  • Within the project of Anakaji, the administrative capital, there is the most luxurious supermarket that includes all the food and everything needed for the modern modern house inside the compound.
  • To dine freshly baked bread of all shapes and types, the largest bakery has been designed inside Anakage, the new administrative capital.
  • And if you need the medicine while you are inside the compound, you do not need to worry, as Aqar Misr Company was keen to establish the largest pharmacy inside the compound
  • Which is equipped to the highest quality and efficiency.
  • For added convenience, the largest public washbasin was built inside Anakaji Egypt Real Estate.
  • As for educational services, there are near the project the best international schools.
  • The prices of the Anakaji compound are distinct and unbeatable with any other compound.

Anakaji compound Unit spaces:

  • Anakaji, the administrative capital, was built on an area of ​​20 acres in the heart of the new administrative capital.
  • The large area within the project is dedicated to parks, gardens, green spaces and many different recreational places.
  • In addition to providing all the services inside the compound that have become essential necessities for every family.
  • The smallest area within the Heliopolis real estate project has been allocated for real estate and various units.
  • Where within the project there are only 10 buildings of the total project area, which amounts to 20 acres.
  • All of these buildings carry the wonderful Nubian style, as if you have moved to Aswan, but with a touch of modern designs that keep pace with the times and international designs.
  • The units vary within the project, as there are apartments, duplexes, and penthouses for sale in Anakaji, which differ in areas, finishes, and designs.
  • You can reserve Anakaji apartments with sizes starting from 106 to 319m2.

Anakaji compound new capital

The Developer and previous Background:

  • Aqar Misr Real Estate Development Company is the company that established the Anakage Administrative Capital Project.
  • Although the company is newly established, it has made a name for itself in the sky of the real estate markets in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • The company has carried out many successful projects that have worked to advance real estate investment in Egypt.
  • Also, the successful Aqar Misr projects are located in several places in Egypt such as the northern coast, New Cairo, Upper Egypt and especially Asyut Governorate.
  • As for the latest projects of Aqar Egypt, the compound is Anakage, the administrative capital, which is located in the heart of the new administrative capital.
  • It carries an Egyptian Arabic style inspired by Nubia, but with international modern designs.
  • Dear customer, if you are looking for prices of the Anacage compound, so that you can purchase a unit inside the compound, rest assured,
  • You will not find better than our prices in any other compound as it is unbeatable.
  • Now hurry to reserve your unit, the number is limited.

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