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reserve anakaji apartments designed in the Nubian style in the capital, in which the Arab Republic of Egypt Building Foundation rose

by applying the various details of the project inspired by the life of the Nubian,

starting with the choice of the name “Anakaji”

reserve anakaji apartments location:

reserve anakaji apartments are next to most of the vital parts of the New Administrative Capital,

where the compound is located within the prestigious R8 residential area, in plot No. (1-4);

This plot is distinguished by its highest level of land in the Administrative Capital.

The project located on the main street of eighty m in width and sixty m in width,

while the project outline is 160 m in length and six hundred m in length.

Locations near reserve anakaji apartments units:

reserve anakaji apartments located 5 minutes away from the Green River.

Anakaji New Capital is only ten minutes from the Diplomatic Quarter.

The project takes place within a 5-minute drive of the vehicle from the service headquarters.

Anakaji Compound is about ten minutes away from the Opera House and Al Masa Hotel.

Anakaji Compound, the Arab Republic of Egypt building, is located about 1/4 hour from the government district.

reserve anakaji apartments Layout:

The setting of reserve anakaji apartments characterized by simplicity

and elegance at the same time, so it relies on the pristine Nubian architectural details,

which contain between its aspects warmth, exclusivity, and exhilaration.

The Arab Republic of Egypt Building Foundation has stood on its feet

in the development of reserve anakaji apartments to include ten cluster buildings,

containing eight hundred housing units, and those units divided into residential units,

duplexes and penthouses, and the project is built on 3 periods,

and the first phase contains 322 units, each building includes on 2 elevators;

And 3 housing units not only in different roles.

location The total area of ​​ reserve anakaji apartments:

Jusco Mall, the college place is 18,000 m2; This place includes a building section,

and the other section combines green spaces.

The mall established to combine 3 floors with a ground floor,

and includes the ground floor, 1 commercial and shops,

and the 2nd floor is medical clinics with areas ranging from 62 m 2 to 455 m 2,

while the third floor includes administrative offices.

The location of reserve anakaji apartments reserve anakaji apartments is twenty acres,

the construction rate is only 19% of the total location of the project,

while the rest contains green spaces and special services in the project,

so the reservation of Anakaji residential units will provide the credit,

comfort and recreation that the occupant is looking for,

next to that the compound has two entrances at the beginning and end of the project;

Which facilitates entry and exit from the compound.


The spaces of the residential units reserve anakaji apartments:

The residential units of reserve anakaji apartments characterized by simplicity, sophistication and beauty.

The spaces of the residential units of Anakaji New Capital differ from the spaces of the penthouses;

In which you will feel warm and lively, and the owner institution is given different spaces as follows:

The location of the residential units in Anakaji starts from 94 m2 to 319 m2.

The location of the penthouse in Anakaji starts from 124 m2.

Prices for Anakaji New Capital 2021

The cost of the residential units in reserve anakaji apartments considered one of the most important features of the project,

as the Arab Republic of Egypt building that implements the project has provided various areas,

and the cost of a single meter makes the Compound Anakaji New Capital prices a championship

for the unit prices of the adjacent administrative capital compounds with greater advantages,

so the price per square meter starts in Anakaji From 13, five hundred Egyptian pounds,

and the prices of residential units in Anakaji start from 1,269,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the repair deposit, it is 8%, and the garage is 80,000,

and it is paid in installments within 3 years.

Project installment approach Reservation and installment systems in Anakaji Compound:

In the following lines, we review the method and method of acquiring housing units with scheduled payment in reserve anakaji apartments,

the modern administrative capital, by showing the various residential units purchase systems

to choose from within the most suitable for you:

You can book a residence in reserve anakaji apartments without a down payment,

and the rest in equal installments for a period of 5 years.

5% down payment, and the rest in equal installments over 6 years.

10% down payment, and the rest in installments over 7 years.

15% down payment, and the rest in installments over 8 years.

A 20% down payment, and the rest in installments over 9 years.

A 30% down payment, and the rest in installments over ten years.

Approach to residential delivery and finishing

The Arab Republic of Egypt Building Corporation disclosed the beginning of the reservation of the Anakaji housing units. 1

reserve anakaji apartments receive the housing units 1/2 finish,

except that housing can be completed in an excellent manner according to the agreement,

and it will The foundation is delivering them in record time in 2023.

Gusko Mall New Capital is the largest mall serving the eighth residential location R8,

to become an extension of the Anakaji complex,

but it will receive all the invitees of the modern administrative capital,

and designed in the form of a distinct dialogue.

Jusco Mall Prices and Payment Methods:

With regard to the prices of Jusco Mall for administrative offices,

in addition to they start from 32,000 pounds up to 34,800 Egyptian pounds per meter.

As for medical units, the price starts from forty thousand pounds up to 43,000 pounds per meter,

and delivery will take place within two years, and the repair deposit is ten percent Six months before receiving,

in addition to in the following lines, we review the available payment systems:

A down payment of 7%, and a competitor of 7%, to be the first installment after two years, and the rest in installments over 8 years.

A 10% down payment, a competing 10%, and installments in equal scheduled payments.

Disbursement of 15% down payment, 15% competing,

in addition to the rest in equal scheduled payments,

as well as the 20% and 25% up to 30%.

When you pay cash, you will get forty percent competing.

The Arab Republic of Egypt Building Foundation, owner of reserve anakaji apartments:

reserve anakaji apartments are one of the projects of the Arab Republic of Egypt Building Foundation,

regardless of the foundation’s formation in 2018;

However, she was able to make a brilliant name in the place of buying and selling real estate,

crowning her career with reserve anakaji apartments and leaving her mark in the heart of the Administrative Capital.

in addition to The Foundation used the great engineering office DMA to plan the project,

which also designed The Loft Compound and IL Bosco Compound, the modern administrative capital.

The Corporation consists of a group of investors in the field of contracting and real estate investment,

and the Chairman of the Board of Benefit of the Commercial Establishment is

“Eng. Maged Major.” The Corporation has promoted the in addition to the establishment

of various projects in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the coast in the north, and in Upper Egypt.

Aqar Masr 1past real estate projects:

Construction of 30% of Assiut Towers.

Construction of buildings in the modern Arab Republic of Egypt and the Fifth Settlement.

in addition to Formation of 25 villas in the marinas of the coast in the north.

Formation of 23 residential buildings in the Stone Residence project.

in addition to Forming fences, entrances, and landscapes in Mivida Compound, 5th Settlement.

reserve anakaji apartments

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