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Penthouse for sale in anakaji is The latest launch of the Foundation of aqar misr which is well known in new administrative capital,

from Upper Egypt to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and the coast that In the north,

up to the modern administrative capital with its latest launch, the upscale Anakaji Compound, the modern administrative capital.

Anakaji Compound Location and Penthouse for sale in anakaji :

The word “Anakaji” means “my home.” It is a project that brings warmth

and vitality to the modern administrative capital, with that amount of fun, simplicity, and exclusivity.

All that you like and charm in the unique Nubian architecture with its simplicity,

and its cheerful colors that mix between the colors of nature and the colors of wood,

you will find it within Penthouse for sale in anakaji, but with a recent touch.

Anakaji Compound, represented by twenty acres of the stunning natural landscape,

Penthouse for sale in anakaji

and the charm of Nubia is embedded in its details.

in addition to :

Anakaji New Administrative Capital project takes place in one of the finest locations in the capital,

which has carefully selected, to be the closest to the various main areas.

Penthouse for sale in anakaji located in the 8th residential district, R8, plot i4.

This plot characterized as the highest level in the scope of the capital,

and therefore the location makes Penthouse for sale in anakaji happen near the diplomatic district,

the most prestigious neighborhood of the administrative capital,

where the headquarters of embassies are located.

Just as Penthouse for sale in anakaji, enjoys an immediate view of the Green River,

which calculates the largest central park on the planet,

extending from the beginning of the Administrative Capital to its end.

And the matter does not stop there,

when the dialogue is about the features of the site of Penthouse for sale in anakaji,

the soon-to-be administrative capital, with distinguished specifications.

As it happens in return from the Compound Anakaji, the administrative capital, the government district,

which includes the headquarters of ministries, official bodies, the presidential palace, the opera house,

the seminar room, and the famous Al-Massa Hotel.

Then, when you choose Penthouse for sale in anakaji,

you will be adjacent to the most important neighborhoods

and landmarks in the modern administrative capital.

The Area of Penthouse for sale in anakaji:

Penthouse for sale in anakaji has put the building of aqar misr in it,

with all the expertise of its engineering minds,

which extends for more than 25 years,

and on top of it is the great consultant Maged Major.

Anakaji Compound is an architectural masterpiece

in which cultural heritage mingles with modernity in harmony and nothing is better than this.

Penthouse for sale in anakaji is a compound that has all the services, with all the meaning of the sermon.

It is located within the compound, ten clusters of buildings

that only contain eight hundred units as the total number of project units, on an area of ​​twenty acres.

Penthouse for sale in anakaji will establish over 3 terms;

Therefore, it is considered one of the smallest

and most abundant compounds in the modern administrative capital.

The construction rate is about 19% of the total location of the project;

Therefore, to make the field for the first percentage of the Anakaji project area,

the administrative capital for services, facilities, and vast green spaces.

Services of Penthouse for sale in anakaji:

Penthouse for sale in anakaji takes place on the main street whose width is eighty meters,

and the other street is close to sixty meters.

Show Penthouse for sale in anakaji 160 meters and the length of the project six hundred meters.

The compound has two entrances at the beginning and end of the project,

so to prevent crowding, and for the convenience of customers, with security and guard services at all times.

Green spaces, water bodies, and a 1 km jogging path.

A huge commercial service space, with a variety of the most luxurious shops

that offer you the most prominent international brands.

Garages lower buildings.

A clubhouse for children and another for adults to give you the highest levels of luxury,

with all services available.

An integrated library and cultural center.

Super Market.



A space for restaurants and cafes on an international level with hotel services.

Public Laundry.

Water games area.

A space dedicated to celebrations in the famous Nubian style.

Also, there are many international schools nearby next to Penthouse for sale in anakaji.

Residential units spaces in Anakaji, the capital:

Penthouse for sale in anakaji is a compound of residential units, duplexes,

and penthouses with different spaces, for you to choose from what suits you.

The areas of residential units for sale in Penthouse for sale in anakaji vary as follows:

Residential units spaces for sale in Anakaji start from 106 m2 up to 319 m2.

Knowing that throughout the first round,

only 322 houses will be offered, each building containing 2 elevators,

and only 3 units, on each floor.

Pricing and payment systems:

The prices of Penthouse for sale in anakaji, considered one of the highest prices in the capital,

especially with the great number of services and high taste in the settings

that will transport you in the heart of the charming country of Nubia,

the country of brown faces and white hearts.

Penthouse for sale does not match the costs according to the finishing category of the units.

The value of the meter starts from ten.240 Egyptian pounds

in addition to delivery will be over 3.5 years of contracting.

The Arab Republic of Egypt Real Estate Building by Penthouse in anakaji provides you with the highest prices,

which bring you a successful investment possibility, with very easy exchange systems, to suit all your needs.

Ten percent is paid as a down payment, another ten percent is paid upon delivery,

and the rest is through scheduled payment over ten years.

Knowing that the timing of booking Penthouse in anakaji units will be very soon,

with a reservation deposit of 25 1000 pounds, refundable,

and therefore you will not find higher than the prices of Penthouse for sale in anakaji and the unique facilities for it.

in addition to The project of the new Arab Republic of Egypt building is a project

that combines simplicity and sophistication,

inside which you feel heritage and grandeur wrapped in modernity and urbanization.

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