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VYE Sodic  project Sheikh Zayed is considered the most prominent new residential complex in Sheikh

Zayed, and many customers have turned to the project due to its strategic location,

It includes many factors to make you live a life of luxury in all its meanings, a residential complex with

integrated services, an unparalleled strategic location,

The project will be in a first-class vital location close to central Cairo and the most famous landmarks in

Sheikh Zayed City,

vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed space

Sodic established its project on an area of ​​500 acres in Zayed City, and the company that owned the

project succeeded in choosing the most prominent strategic locations in the city

This project is not Sodic’s first project in this city, but rather it has previously established its residential

project, the new Sodic Estates Zayed Compound.

The residential units in the compound come with all facilities, the housing units vary in design and space,

the company designed the residential units in a variety of forms

To satisfy the customers’ desires, and the residential units in this residential complex are as follows:

There are residential apartments: they contain 2 bedrooms, their spaces start from 108 square meters

to 120 square meters.

Apartments are available: they include 3 bedrooms, and they start from 142 square meters and end at

158 ​​square meters.

There are townhouses and duplexes: These residential units range from 180 square meters to 230

square meters.

in addition to:-

Twin house villas without penthouses are available: they come in large areas ranging from 230 square

meters to 240 square meters.

There are penthouses: every 4 or 6 houses are distinguished by each other, and the different types of

residential units provide privacy for all its residents.

NEO Sodic: Contains 2-bedroom group apartments with an area of ​​130 square meters,

As for the apartments consisting of 3 rooms, they come with an area ranging from 170 square meters to

an area of ​​197 square meters.

The duplexes have a spacious area of ​​300 square meters.

The VYE SODIC Zayed project is SODIC’s second project in the new Sheikh Zayed City.

Does the company plan to establish a series of its mega projects in this mega city? This is

what we will learn about in detail in the coming lines.

In previous years, SODIC succeeded in establishing a huge series of new cities and achieving real estate

achievements, and successes culminated in its giant project,

The latest project is the new SODIC project, which is the giant residential complex in Sheikh Zayed City,

vye Sheikh Zayed Compound, for Sodic Real Estate.

VYE Sodic Project

The location of the VYE SODIC Zayed project

The Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project is distinguished by its geographical location in Sheikh Zayed City, and

the first residential complexes, which is The Estates Compound.

The residential complex of the owner company SODIC is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road,

near the Sphinx International Airport, only 6 minutes to reach the airport.

The compound is distinguished by its vital location, as it is next to many prominent landmarks in the

area, including the following:

The compound is only 12 minutes away from Arkan.

It is Sodic West, it is two minutes away from the compound.

The residents of the Grand Museum are 15 minutes away from the compound.

Away from Mahwar, 7 minutes in between.

The Mohandessin area is 25 minutes separated from the compound.

The Heliopolis area is only 50 minutes away from the compound, which is why the compound is

distinguished by its vital location near downtown Cairo.

VYE Sodic Project

Design of VYE Compound Zayed

Sodic has hired a distinguished group of consultant engineers to design VYE SODIC Compound – VYE SODIC Zayed

compound to cope with modern life.

The designs of the residential units are inspired by the styles and the various designs are varied to satisfy

the desires of the largest segment of customers.

The company did not focus on residential units only, and provided comfort, tranquility and recreation,

and there are green spaces and water bodies within the compound,

The compound contains three distinct commercial centers.

Services of the VYE SODIC Zayed project

Sodic Company provided the giant project with a distinctive set of services, and made it separate from

the residential complexes in the region.

These services are as follows:

There are large green areas.

A special track is available for walking, running and cycling, which is one of the favorite hobbies of many

residents of the vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project.

There are water bodies and swimming pools, these large areas of blue water, the compound gain an

unparalleled landscape.

There  green spaces equip for all those who love to sit in the middle of parks and gardens, areas

for all lovers of yoga and meditation.

There  a gymnasium, equip with the highest standard of sports equipment, and an outdoor


There  medical centers equip to receive emergency cases, and they provide the best medical


There are special areas for children, for entertainment, play and learning.

BBQ and party areas are available.

There are banks, because it is possible to end banking transactions without the need to leave Vye Sodic

Sheikh Zayed.

Security services are available at the highest level, a security and guard team at the entrances of the

compound, the number of which is 5 entrances, digital surveillance cameras.

There is a garage to park the cars of the compound’s residents.

Recreational services are available such as restaurants, clubs and cafes.

There are services for the new residential complex

VYE Sodic Project

Prices of residential units in Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project

Sodic announced the prices of the residential units in the Vye Sodic project, reasonable prices for a large

segment of customers.

All customers can book vye direct communication with SODIC to get many benefits that are not available

in any other residential complex in Sheikh Zayed.

Hurry up and book your unit in this residential complex to get unparalleled competitive prices,

To enjoy the largest number of basic and entertainment services in addition to high-end housing, a

luxury life is in your hands in the new SODIC project.

Payment system in Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed

The company provided customers with the payment of the value of the housing units in installments,

the customer pays equal parts monthly, enjoy the longest payment period of 8 years,

On the other hand, the company allowed all of its customers wishing to book to receive the residential

units after 4 years of signing the reservation with the company.

The company that owns the vye Sodic project

Sodic is the owner and executing company of the Vye Sodic project, and the company  knew as the

Sixth of October Development and Real Estate Investment Company.

It is one of the most important Egyptian real estate development companies at the present time and it is

the most prominent joint stock company in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

The company achieved a number of huge achievements in the real estate field and its market value

doubled in only 3 years,

The vye Sodic Zayed project is the last of the company’s projects at the present time, the company was

able to gain the confidence of more of its customers,

Success always accompanies its name, so book your unit in this upscale complex to enjoy a life of luxury

and luxury.


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