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Vye Compound – all life requirements, as it is an integrated residential project,

The compound has all services and provides a high-end life and enjoy the most luxurious and latest

international decorations and designs to give you an excellent impression of the place,

The compound contains many residential units, including townhouses, twin houses, and apartments.

The finishing of all units in the project shall be with creative designs and decorative works at the hands

of a group of experts and professional designers in the finishing works,

Providing many services and public facilities in the compound to help facilitate all aspects of life in

Sheikh Zayed City,

Housing within the Fay Sodic project is one of the ideal solutions for you and your family and to provide

a happy and different life away from the city noise.

Details of VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed

VYE SODIC Compound – VYE SODIC Zayed contains many different designs and décor,

and there are three different types of

residential units and they are available in the form of townhouses,

It has unique designs and different businesses, and there are systems for paying in installments to make

it easier for customers. The twin house is available in a variety of spaces, in implementation of customer requirements

Apartments are the most important units required within the project, and their areas vary, and

apartments are of small spaces and contain one bedroom,

There is a larger one that contains 2 bedrooms and the largest with three and four bedrooms, to be

suitable for all family members.

The finishing of all units is Super Lux with a wonderful and distinct view.

VYE Compound

The space of VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed

The company responsible for Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed has implemented the project with an area of ​​500

acres to be sufficient space to provide the various life requirements and requirements.

The company was keen to make the project an integrated service for modern life and provided the

equivalent of 20% of the area and implemented buildings of different areas,

The spaces in the compound vary to be suitable for all our valued customers, in addition to the

remaining 80% of the space, services and public facilities have been established.

All services are available in the compound in order to make it easy for everyone to spend the needs of

life from inside the project and not to leave the compound,

There are a number of housing units that enjoy different sizes that help in providing a quiet family

atmosphere away from noise and disturbance.

It is the only residential compound that helps you and your family to enjoy a different life.

The space of the residential units in Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed

VYE Compound VYE Compound

The company responsible for Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed

has provided the best spaces for our valued customers, and these spaces are as follows:

There is a space for apartments consisting of one bedroom, starting with an area of ​​108 square meters.

The space of the two-bedroom apartments starts with an area of ​​120 square meters.

There are apartments that consist of three rooms, starting with an area of ​​142 square meters and

reaching 158 square meters.

The duplex apartments’ space starts from 180 m2.

There is a townhouse space starting from 230 square meters.

Providing penthouses for 4 to 6 houses.

There is a twin house villa space starting from 230 square meters up to 240 square meters.

This space is available to everyone, and all units can be enjoyed in the appropriate spaces in the fastest

time, because

You can reserve your residential unit from now by contacting us via the numbers attached in the article,

We will answer all your inquiries as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate.

The location of VYE compound

The Fay Sodic Sheikh Zayed project is characterized by the best strategic locations and in the middle of

Sheikh Zayed City, a city overlooking the Cairo and Alexandria Desert Road,

It is 50 minutes away from Heliopolis, and it is close to Sphinx Airport, with an estimated distance of 6


And after 12 minutes from Saudi Quest, it will be the best vital areas in Sheikh Zayed,

and it is 5 minutes away from the Grand Museum.

It is approximately 25 minutes from Mohandessin area and 7 minutes from Mahwar, and it is very close

to a group of various residential projects.

The location of the compound is distinguished and makes it unique and distinct, making it easy for

everyone to live in Vy Sodic Sheikh Zayed.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed services

Sodic worked to provide a variety of services to support the residents of the Vye Sodic project, and was

interested in establishing public services and facilities,

VYE Compound

Therefore, the project was provided with the following:

Providing the largest security team trained to protect the project, in addition to the presence of

surveillance cameras located all around to protect the project residents.

There is the largest entertainment area for children that helps them to enjoy sports and entertainment.

Providing a large track that takes 800 meters in length for running, walking, and cycling, in an area far

from cars.

There are a number of medical centers to help you take care of the patient and provide all the necessary

medical requirements as soon as possible.

Providing a number of restaurants and cafes, from which you can get the best and most delicious food

that is loved for adults and children.

There are a number of swimming pools for men, women and children in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Providing a large team that takes care of all maintenance work within the project and works on

continuous follow-up.

There is a large shopping mall through which many personal and life requirements are met

Providing a special area for green spaces and artificial lakes that gives the project a wonderful look,

which gives it a special joy.

Payment methods and payment for Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed

There are many investors searching for simple prices to facilitate the process of obtaining luxury

residential units, and Sodic provided the best and cheapest prices for all customers.

And the provision of various payment systems and installments over the longest payment period of up

to 8 years, and the delivery of the housing unit after four years,

We guarantee all the units and delivery, the units are fully finished, super lux, and the finishing and

decoration works are done by engineers and technicians,

And they have experience of up to 10 years in the field of designs, decorations and selection of finishing

at the highest level and suitable for all people.

The owner company of VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed

Sodic was interested in the compound to be the strongest and best company to work on urban

development and help to supply the Egyptian market with the best and best urban buildings

You can enjoy a high level of entertainment, and it constructed many residential buildings in the past

years and led to the company’s success and its rise in the buildings market.

And it has become one of the best companies in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and you can contact it at

any time throughout the day to enjoy the best and best housing units.

The units are at the lowest costs, so hurry up to get a housing unit inside Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed.


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