VYE SODIC Compound – VYE SODIC Zayed

VYE SODIC Compound – VYE SODIC Zayed
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VYE SODIC Compound – VYE SODIC Zayed is the most important real estate project implemented by

Sodic Real Estate, the second residential project after the Sodic Estates complex,

The project was established to become a milestone for modern life in the new Sheikh Zayed City.

VYE SODIC Compound

Space of the new Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed:

Sodic Real Estate launched the Sodic residential project at the best location in the New Zayed City, and it

was implemented on a huge area of ​​500 acres.

The company has allocated the largest part of the total area of ​​the project to implement the necessary

facilities and services and to provide the highest degree of comfort to customers.

The Fay Sodic Zayed project is the second project submitted by the company, and it was implemented

next to the Sodic Estates Compound, the first project of the company.

The company was keen to provide different areas of housing units within the project to meet all the

needs of customers from owners of small and large families,

The units varied between regular apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and penthouses.

And each type of them comes with specific areas, which can be explained in the following: –

  • Apartment areas start from 108 up to 120 square meters for 2-room apartments.
  • The areas of the apartments are 3 rooms, and their spaces start from 142 to 158 square meters.
  • Duplexes and townhouses spaces range from 180 to 230 square meters.
  • Twin houses spaces start from 230 up to 240 square meters.

Space of Vye Sodic Compound Zayed:

VYE SODIC Zayed The company that owns the Fay Sodic Sheikh Zayed project has implemented to provide the best of its

expertise to suit the requirements of the modern era.

The compound’s location is strategically located in Sheikh Zayed City, and is near important roads and

axes and many vital areas

which is next:-

  • The compound is located next to Sphinx International Airport, as it is only 6 minutes away.
  • It is directly on the Cairo – Alexandria desert road, which facilitates access to and from the compound.
  • in addition It is located minutes away from the lively SODIC West project.
  • It is 10 minutes from the Grand Museum.
  • in addition It is about 12 minutes away from Arkan Mall, and it is one of the most famous malls in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • It is located 25 minutes from the city of Mohandessin, and 50 minutes from Heliopolis.

The most important services of Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed

The project provides many facilities and services, whether basic or recreational, to give the project a

distinctive character and ensure its residents a life of sophistication and luxury.

Sodic implemented the project as a fully-fledged and independent city, and it guaranteed the residents

to provide services and requirements.

The most important of these services are as follows: –

  • The compound includes vast green spaces that were distributed harmoniously throughout the


  • There are social clubs in the compound, including playgrounds for various sporting hobbies such as

football, basketball, and handball.

  • It contains restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious and delicious food and cold and hot

drinks, as well as offering the highest level of service to customers.

  • There is a huge commercial area in the compound that includes a large number of shops to sell various

supplies, in order to achieve the theory of self-sufficiency for residents.

  • The compound contains a huge number of gardens and parks, which bring tranquility and comfort to the


  • The compound includes many artificial lakes, and fountains with a beautiful appearance.
  • The project has a huge transportation network that works all day, to provide residents with access to all

areas at any time.

in addition to :-

  • It contains highly-equipped medical centers that operate 24 hours a day, to provide the best medical

service to the residents of the compound.

  • The compound provides safety and security for residents and is equipped with a highly trained security

team that works at maximum effort 24 hours a day.

  • There is a space for the implementation of commercial banks, to provide all banking services to

customers without the need to leave the compound in search of these services.

  • The compound contains entertainment areas dedicated to games that include a variety of games

suitable for different ages to delight children.

  • The compound has a private garage to park customers’ cars to prevent cars from piling up in front of the

residential units

  • It contains a gym equipped with the best and latest sports equipment, in order to provide the best

possible service to the residents.

  • There  trails designate for running and walking, and others for cycling
  • All residential units within the compound contain modern elevators with automatic doors.
  • There are swimming pools of various sizes and shapes designed according to the latest international

models, and they have been carefully distributed to give a wonderful aesthetic appearance.

  • An outdoor gym is available.
  • There are places for barbecues, parties and social events, such as birthdays, engagement and marriage.
  • The compound has quiet areas designated for sitting and contemplation in the middle of the green

spaces to send calm, harmony and relaxation and get rid of stress and psychological tension.

The most important services of Vye Sodic compound

VYE SODIC Compound

Design of Vye Sodic Compound

The compound  designed in a modern style to ensure customers have a life full of sophistication and

luxury, the project contains 5 main entrances, green spaces and water bodies,

It includes 3 commercial centers with shared workspaces, and the residential units in the compound

implemented with great precision and taste, to allow living at a higher level.

Payment systems in Sodic Sheikh Zayed project

The prices of the units within the project are suitable for many customers who want high-end housing

and enjoy a life of sophistication and luxury.

The company has provided customers with payment facilities and easy payment systems,

For the customer to pay a reservation deposit upon contracting and pay the rest of the unit price in

installments of up to 8 years,

The company pledged to hand over all project units after 4 years, starting from the date of contracting

with the company.

Payment systems in Vye Sodic compound:

The owning company

Sodic has implemented the Fay Sodic Sheikh Zayed project, and it is the best company operating in the

field of real estate investment and development at all.

Sodic company list on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and it has developed many high-end

residential projects in urban communities in Cairo.

The company has received prestigious awards, and the reason is due to the company’s full commitment

to delivery dates and great credibility with customers,

And its commitment to all standards and conditions of proper construction to provide the utmost safety

for customers.

Sodic’s market value has increased six-fold in the last three years, and achieved long-term returns for its

shareholders, placing it at the beginning of the Egyptian real estate market.

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