vye compound 6 October

vye compound 6 October
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vye compound 6 October is the newest project of SODIC in Sheikh Zayed, the new and the most


vye compound 6 October location:

VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound is located in the new Sheikh Zayed City, and specifically it is located directly on

the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road,

vye compound 6 October

It is located near:

Vy Sodic Sheikh Zayed is 4 minutes away from Sphinx Airport.

The Estates Compound is the first compound in New Zayed City.

SODIC West comes to life and is in luxury.

Sodic West can be reached in just 2 minutes.

There is a distance between Mahwar and the compound that can be traveled in 7 minutes.

Arkan can be reached in less than a quarter of an hour, and approximately 12 minutes.

The large museum separates it from the compound by only a quarter of an hour.

It is possible to transfer between engineers in a period not exceeding 25 minutes.

There is a distance between Heliopolis, less than an hour (50 minutes only)

And it contains all these landmarks and important areas near the Fay Sodic Zayed project, which

increases the distinction of the location , to ensure better services.

The new vye  Sheikh Zayed Compound is easily accessible to Sodic, especially with the abundance of

transportation due to the vitality of the place, as well as the complete safety of the entire area.

About VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed:

VYE New Zayed is the second project of SODIC next to the new Sodic Estates Zayed Compound.

vye Zayed brings a new type of mixed-use development to New Zayed. To live, learn, work, shop and


All the facilities are interconnected so that you can enjoy walking, cycling or jogging as part of your daily


Sodic has implemented the Fay Sodic Sheikh Zayed project on 150 acres and there are many different

services with an area of ​​13% for buildings and 87% for services and facilities,

The buildings  constructed in a variety of ways, with different spaces, all designed in an integrated

manner in order to meet the needs of the citizens.

The units constructed in the Fay 6 October compound, all of them with a high degree of

sophistication, luxury and distinction, and the company provided various works and exclusive services.

Life in the Fay compound in 6 October will  integrate and multi-corner to help you provide an

unparalleled life,

So, do not let life miss you in this luxurious residential community in Sheikh Zayed

vye compound 6 October

Services in Fay Compound in 6 October:

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound not only provides its customers with a place to live, but also offers

them a variety of services and wonderful benefits.

We explain a number of these services in Phi Compound, 6th of October:

There are beautiful and picturesque views varying between green areas that extend over a large area,

and artificial lakes with an eye-catching view.

It contains entertainment services, clubs, cafes and restaurants, providing the best services to its

customers, who are residents of the compound, and are available most of the time.

The medical centers equip with all devices, equipment and supplies to provide the best health

care for all residents of the compound.

Providing security services at the highest level, sufficient to maintain the security and safety of all

residents and to preserve their properties.

There are a number of banks inside the Sheikh Zayed Compound, which facilitates various banking and

banking transactions.

vye compound 6 October

in addition to :-

It contains a specialized company to manage the services of the city.

There are areas for children’s entertainment, and various entertaining and completely safe games, to

entertain themselves and spend quality time without having to go out.

It contains a hall with all the latest sports equipment, and provides the opportunity for residents of the

new Sodic project to practice various sports,

There is another gymnasium in the open air.

Providing a private car park for all residents of the compound, which ensures that they are in a safe

place and at the same time close to their place of residence.

A walkway dedicate to running and cycling, and stunning views of many simple and healthy

outdoor sports.

It contains areas for holding barbecues among family members or friends, with other areas for holding

various parties.

There are water areas to give a picturesque view, especially while it mix with greenery.

It contains swimming pools in different places within VYE SODIC Zayed as well as other water areas.

There are places to sit, and they consider very beautiful areas surrounded by green areas



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