VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound

VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound
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VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound is the largest of the existing and newly established projects, and a

very important real estate project distinct from other projects,

The project has many advantages and it is difficult to be found in other projects.

About the new Vai Sheikh Zayed compound:

The vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project is a project executed with precision and great professionalism by the

most important real estate companies, which is Sodic.

The project is located in the most important cities facing Cairo in the Arab Republic of Egypt, specifically

in Sheikh Zayed City in the heart of the Sixth of October.

vye project is constructed in a way that gives a clear background on modern life, and living in it

gives you a love for life because of this upscale place.

The project contains many apartments of different sizes and a different style to satisfy all the tastes of

customers who apply to buy their residential units.

It has many stores and many and varied services to meet all customer desires, and services are very

close to the place of residence,

VYE SODIC NEW ZAYED is interested in providing all means of comfort and luxury suitable for adults and


Space of the new vye Sheikh Zayed Compound:

The Sodic Development and Investment Company for real estate business has launched the most

important projects in Sheikh Zayed City, for the SODIC residential project.

The project will be on a huge area of ​​500 acres, most of the space has been allocated to

establish many services and facilities to facilitate life for our valued customers.

The residential units within the new vye Sheikh Zayed compound:

The vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project is the second project of Sodic Real Estate Development, and the

company has allocated large areas for the construction of residential units of various areas.

The company was keen to provide for entire families to find what suits the number of family members,

as there are small and medium units, as well as large units,

The units are not limited to apartments only, but also duplexes and penthouses, and there are

townhouses, and all types of different previous units have multiple spaces.

The space of the new units of the VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed:

The executing company of the project was keen to provide different areas to satisfy customers to

provide spaces commensurate with them and distinct prices,

The spaces in the new units of vye Sheikh Zayed Compound were as follows:

  • The townhouse has an area that starts from 230 square meters and reaches an area of ​​240 square meters.
  • Apartments have an area that starts from 108 square meters and reaches an area of ​​120 square

meters and this type of apartment

It contains only two rooms, and there are other apartments with an area of ​​143 square meters and up to

158 square meters,

This type of apartment contains three bedrooms.

3- Duplexes and penthouses, the space starts from 180 square meters and reaches 230 square meters.

VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound

The location of the new vye Sheikh Zayed Compound:

The owner company implemented the vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project and took great care to present all

its favorites with the highest capabilities and experiences it possesses,

To make the customer happy and fulfill his desire to live in a classy place where all his needs

that are compatible with our modern era are met,

And to be a project that everyone who owns a unit can be proud of in front of all his acquaintances.

The advantages of the new Vye Sheikh Zayed compound location:

Sodic has a great experience in choosing the prime location for the project, so it chose the location

in a strategic location, which is close to the main roads.

And it is an exit to more than another way, and it is with you with all the facilities

and services that are needed continuously

VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound

Among the most important areas in which the New Vai Sheikh Zayed Compound is located near the following:

1-It is very close to the Sphinx International Airport, and in order to reach it from within the

project, you only need six minutes.

2-It is very close to the most important cities, which are Mohandessin, and it takes 20 minutes to

reach it, and the new Nasr City needs an hour.

3- It is very close to the Grand Museum in 12 minutes is enough to reach it.

4- One of the most important roads that are close to the project is the Alexandria Road (desert road).

5- It is close to the famous Arkan Mall in Sheikh Zayed City, and to reach it it

needs 10 minutes, no more.

6- Its location is distinguished and all people want to live in such an elegant place to bring peace and

comfort and live happily away from the noise.

The most important services of the new vye Sheikh Zayed compound:

The vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project contains many facilities and multiple services, available in both basic

and recreational types.

And the presence of services to give distinction to the project with greater importance exceeding

expectations, and to ensure customers live in a civilized manner with comfort and reassurance.

And it was very keen to provide all services to be more like a city independent from

other cities as if it were another country,

And save a lot of time, because instead of going abroad to meet the needs, you can meet

them from the same place in which you live.

Among the most important of these services and facilities in the new Sheikh Zayed Compound are the following:

1-There are large and huge areas of trees distributed inside the project in a very coordinated way

and give a wonderful appearance and fresh air.

2- A variety of clubs are available for practicing different types of sports and are suitable for all ages.

3- There are many restaurants that offer different delicacies and offer foods from all over the world.

4-It contains exquisitely designed cafes in order to spend the most beautiful entertainment times

with family and friends.

5- There are different stores for sale for all the supplies that you may need.

6- It contains gardens and places equipped and designated for hiking.

7- There are means of transportation available to get you to places and you can easily find them, as they

are available throughout the day.

8- Security and his guards are available for 24 hours in order to obtain permanent safety.

9- It contains a dedicated lounge only to sit in and get recreation by looking at the green spaces.

10- There are also open and closed places for holding various parties.

11- It contains more than one swimming pool for children and adults, and the swimming pools are

designed in the latest modern style.

The design of the new vye Sheikh Zayed Compound:

The new vye Zayed project  designed in a modern way to match the modern era, and the most

beautiful and modern heritage  used, to live the happiest times in the most beautiful and finest


The project has 5 different entrances and main, and  designed in a way that includes a large number

of green spaces and has many water bodies,

It contains three centers for commerce, common spaces for work, and various designs that are executed

with great precision and professionalism.

The designs varied to suit all tastes, and housing in units is a new move for you and your

family and it brings you to a more luxurious life and a better standard of living.

VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound

Payment system in VYE Zayed Compound:

The project has a sealing method to suit all middle and high classes, and methods suitable for all

customers to be able to purchase their own unit,

To enjoy a more luxurious life, and Sodic offers its customers payment methods that satisfy all

customers and make the payment method easier for them.

The customer requests his unit to buy by paying part of the amount as an advance, and you can install

the amount over several years up to 8 years,

And you can own your residential unit in the installment payment system, some four years after the


The method of payment provides you that you can acquire your high-end unit without paying one lump


So what are you waiting for now? Contact us and book your unit that you want in your space

that you want to own in the best places and projects.

Make reservations to own your unit executed in a modern way and with the best designs, with the new

SODIC project, you will live as if you are a king in your own large palace.

Call now and enjoy all the features and services of the innovative Sheikh Zayed vye project from one of

the most important companies in the real estate market.

To know more about the project, please call: – 01270970000


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