The Spaces Of Midtown Condo

The Spaces Of Midtown Condo
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The Spaces Of Midtown Condo the New Administrative Capital, is distinguished by its privileged location

for investors who are looking for sophistication and unique designs, as the compound was designed

on the vast green spaces in the middle of residential buildings.

All residential units overlook these green lands and the magnificent view.

Spaces of Midtown Condo New Capital:

The Midtown Condo Compound is located on a large area of ​​land, with an area of ​​sixty acres.

That is, an estimated 252 km, to be the distribution of the total area between the vast green

spaces, service buildings, and residential buildings.

The total buildings are about 22.5% of the total area of ​​the compound, and the rest of the space

is for gardens, parks and service buildings.

Better Home Real Estate has established many commercial projects such as:

Founded the Midtown Solo Compound project

Midtown Condo spaces created the new administrative capital

The Midtown Condo New Capital spaces are designed with dazzling and distinct designs.

The compound has vast green spaces and residential units, the compound has residential units

with varying areas, suitable for all investors.

The designs of the compound provide the investor with sleep and give him luxury and

sophistication, and therefore all apartments have been reserved in the first round of the project.

The Spaces Of Midtown Condo

Spaces of Midtown Condo New Capital:

The apartments within the compound will be designed by Better Home Real Estate, with various sizes,

to suit the needs of investors, and the number of their family members.

Apartment areas start from 170 square meters, 210 square meters, up to 250 square meters,

Large areas of apartments are available, as well as small spaces, and it is possible to choose

between them according to the needs of the investor

The residential buildings are divided into a ground floor and 7 upper floors, and each floor consists

of 6 residential units.

The design was under the supervision of the specialized engineers of Better Home Real Estate,

so a luxurious and distinctive compound was established with dazzling and delightful layouts.

The Spaces Of Midtown Condo

Location and spaces of Midtown Condo New Capital:

The project is located in an important strategic location in the New Administrative Capital,

specifically within the boundaries of the R7 residential neighborhood.

It is next to the 8th residential neighborhood next to the Anakaji Compound, which is considered

one of the largest commercial projects that have been established in the New Administrative Capital.

There is a large number of distinguished buildings available in the R7 residential neighborhood,

and the planned headquarters will count the area as one of the elegant and unique neighborhoods

in the Administrative Capital.

The Midtown Condo Compound is next to the most important axes and main roads in the

Administrative Capital, such as the local ring road,

It is also located next to the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which is in the south and

is located next to the Al Sefarat neighborhood and the Exhibition City.

The compound distinguish by its presence in one of the most vital parts of the

New Administrative Capital, next to El Bosco Compound.

Privileges and spaces of Midtown Condo, the New

Administrative Capital:

  • There is an abundance of features in the compound that are not similar to other compounds,

including the following:

  • There are large green spaces between the apartments to provide a distinct view of the residential units
  • Available parks and green parks to provide the investor with peace and relaxation
  • There are artificial lakes.
  • The best prices are available in the compound and the cheapest prices in the New

Administrative Capital.

  • There are various spaces to give you the freedom to choose what is appropriate for you and

your family.

  • All services are available in the compound
  • There are many restaurants and cafes inside the compound.
  • Swimming pools are available
  • There is an integrated commercial area with a large number of stores and malls and a lot of

international brands.

  • Security is available in the compound 24 hours a day.
  • The spaces of Midtown Condo, the New Administrative Capital, are located in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital, so it will be close to the vital and upscale areas,

  • It is near the main roads and axes, to make it easier for investors to reach a large number

of vital areas inside and outside the New Administrative Capital.

  • Apartments enjoy complete privacy so that residents feel isolated from the surrounding neighbors.

The Spaces Of Midtown Condo

Prices and payment systems in Midtown Condo New Capital:

Special prices are available for buying apartments within the spaces of Midtown Condo,

the New Administrative Capital, to suit all customers.

There are payment facilities to enable you to buy your residential unit with a 10% downpayment,

and in installments for the rest of the unit amount over 7 years.

The residential units characterize by European-style designs and the spread of wide green

spaces in all headquarters to provide the privacy of the compound’s residents.

The compound equippe with the latest modern technology to provide the customer

with peace and comfort, and to meet all his demands within the compound

The owner of the project and the Midtown Condo spaces of the

New Administrative Capital:

Better Home has implemented many huge and unique real estate projects, including Midtown

Condo, the new administrative capital

, Which is considered the third project established by the Foundation in the New Administrative Capital.

Better Home Foundation was keen during the stage of its work in the real estate field to present

the most suitable and successful real estate commercial projects to investors,

This commitment contributed to attracting many investors to purchase Midtown Condo space in

the new administrative capital.

The commercial establishment has implemented many different projects in the regions of the

Arab Republic of Egypt, including the next commercial projects:

  • She founded the Midtown Project opposite the American University in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Cairo Business Park The Fifth Settlement has been established in Cairo Business Park.
  • She founded the High Land Park Compound project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • It built a number of commercial projects in the city of October 6, such as the Highland

Park Compound project on October 6.

  • She founded the Cairo Medical Center project in Cairo Medical Center 6th Of October City.
  • I built the CityScape Mall 6th Of October City.
  • She founded the Cityscape Mall Minia project.
  • I built the Mega Mall project in the 6th of October City.
  • It established many distinctive administrative buildings in the 5th settlement.
  • I established the Cairo Business Plaza real estate project in the 5th settlement, Cairo Business Plaza,

The Fifth Settlement.

  • She established the Cairo Business Gate project in the 5th settlement, Cairo Business Gate,

The Fifth Settlement.

  • Midtown Condo spaces created the new administrative capital.
  • Founded Paris Mall, the administrative capital.
  • The G3 Mall has established the administrative capital.
  • Barouk founded the new administrative capital.
  • The Audaz Mall has established the administrative capital.
  • Founded La Capital Mall, the new administrative capital.

Other projects are also of interest (Ezdan Mall New Capital space

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