The services of De Joya New Capital compound

The services of De Joya New Capital compound
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The services of De Joya New Capital compound, which is one of the last projects

implemented by Taj Misr Real Estate Development Corporation,

The Foundation was keen to provide the services of the De Joya New Capital Compound,

which are varied and distinguished in prices, and provided tranquility and peace for

the residents to enjoy the finest time in the middle of the charming nature.

Space and The services of De Joya New Capital compound:

A huge space has been allocated for the construction of the De Goya project,

the new administrative capital, and 19% of the project has been allocated for

the construction of apartments.

And the rest of the area to perform the services of the De Joya New Capital

compound and entertainment venues, while the units area was divided as follows:

The studio area ranges from seventy meters to eighty square meters.

The residential units’ area ranges from 111 square meters to two hundred meters.

The duplex villas’ area ranges between 277 meters to 410 meters.

The services of De Joya New Capital compound

De Joya New Capital Compound’s services:

The Foundation was keen for the project to provide a lot of services in the De Joya

New Capital compound that the residents lack to ensure that they can save peace and luxury.

Among the services provided by De Joya New Capital Compound are the following:

  • Track is available for various sports such as walking, cycling and jogging, away from

the vehicles, to spend some quality time.

  • There is a large number of various swimming pools to suit all ages and

a covered swimming pool for women to ensure they spend a private and quiet time.

  • Several surveillance cameras are available throughout the project to provide safety for the residents.
  • There is an area within the De Joya New Capital project for children that contains all

the components of entertainment.

  • A huge aquarium is available that gives the compound an excellent aesthetic appearance.
  • There is a roof garden in the compound.
  • A private garage for cars is available under the ground to ensure the safety and security of the car.
  • There is solar energy in the compound to become a pure source of energy.
  • Security and guard are available 24 hours.
  • There are two clubs remaining with a spa, a ladies’ pool, a spa, a gym and a gym.
  • There are commercial areas designated for sale with shops selling all products and goods.

De Joya New Capital location and services:

The compound is located in a vital location in the 8th district in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital within plot B2,

The compound is located next to a limited number of vital headquarters such as the

central park and the service area and remains on a unique walkway,

It overlooks 3 huge main streets, the width of which ranges from seventy meters

to one hundred meters.

To provide the investor with peace and order, away from crowding, in addition to

the fact that the project overlooks the best neighborhoods in the Administrative

Capital on the Diplomatic Quarter.

Apartments in installments in De joya

Real Estate Developer of De Joya New Capital:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation implemented the De Goya project,

the new administrative capital, which was designed with the help of Dr. Medhat Dora and

the Space engineering office,

The Foundation established the Ajdad project, as it is affiliated with the Egyptian International

Construction Company, and it was established in 2006 in addition to other affiliated institutions

such as:

  • Lone Star Foundation Qatar
  • United Company for Agricultural Investment
  • Landmark Foundation
  • Egyptian Company for Hotel Services

Among the Foundation’s projects are the following:

  • The American School in Sheikh Zayed.
  • The main headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt is in New Cairo.
  • Establishing 3 commercial, administrative and residential buildings in the R5 Administrative Capital.
  • Implementation of 23 buildings within the R1 administrative capital area of ​​the army.
  • Establishing projects in Qatar such as Al-Markhiya Mall, Al-Manha Tower, Panasonic Tower,

Al-Sailiya Tower, Packer Twin Towers, and a Hyundai Motors commercial facility.

  • Execution of Samih Sawiris villa in the White Castle and the Sultanate of Oman tower in

the White Castle.

  • Establishment of two commercial and administrative towers on Lebanon Street in Mohandessin.
  • Implementing 15 residential towers within the R3 area in support of the Urban Communities Authority.
  • Establishment of Badr Gardens.
  • Implementation of The Study project in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Establishing a limited number of projects such as:
  • The social club for the employees of the Central Bank
  • Courts complex in South Cairo
  • Greens project
  • Dyar General Intelligence Compound.
  • Establishing an administrative commercial tower in Al-Hejaz Street in Mohandessin
  • Implementing a commercial administrative tower on Al Falah Street in Mohandessin. (Kobe)
  • Movenpick and Sheraton Dreamland completed.

Payment and payment systems, prices and The services of De Joya

New Capital compound:

Taj Misr Foundation has provided a simplified payment system to relieve fatigue on

the compound residents, and facilitate the payment system on the following approach:

There is the first method: not to spend any downpayment from the unit price and to pay

the entire amount in equal installments over seven years.

The second method is available: the investor pays 5% of the unit cost and pays

the remainder of the amount in equal installments over 8 years.

There is the third method: in which the investor pays ten% of the unit price to

be offered equally and the rest in installments over nine years.

Pay an 8% maintenance deposit.

Payment is mandatory for the Roof Garden and Club House subscription.

Registration is optional in the trolley garage.

We find that the costs within the De Joya New Capital project are remarkably

appropriate for the services available in it.

Taj Misr Real Estate Development was keen to save every distinguished person of

proficiency and originality in the services and prices of De Joya New Capital Compound.

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