Ezdan Mall the new administrative capital

Ezdan Mall the new administrative capital
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Ezdan Mall the New Administrative Capital, announced the launch of Taj Misr Establishment

for Real Estate Development as its new project in the heart of the Downtown space in

the New Administrative Capital.

Ezdan Mall of the New Administrative Capital is the largest and strongest commercial project

in the heart of the Administrative Capital, in the wake of the success of its De Goia

project in the place of R8,

Which achieved a huge success unparalleled by the advantages it provided

in that great project over any other housing projects,

It launched this huge commercial project in Ames, the largest commercial place in the heart

of the Administrative Capital, in the Downtown area, and is dedicated to various commercial

activities such as:

  • Al Massa Hotel
  • Monorail Central Station
  • Opera House
  • Ministries district
  • Regional ring
  • Central station
  • Green river

Features of the Down Town area in the New Administrative Capital:

The area of ​​Downtown mu 19 in the New Administrative Capital is considered one of the most

distinguished areas in the Administrative Capital and contains with it a large number of projects,

It is located near the most important landmarks in the Administrative Capital, such as:

  • Al Massa Hotel
  • Green river
  • Ministries district
  • Opera House
  • Governmental government
  • Regional Ring Road,

And others, as it is divided into:

  • An area of ​​37 acres has been allocated for the medical area, 27 acres have been allocated for
  • the construction of malls and administrative offices, and 17 acres have been created for

technical products.

  • There are 16 acres of protection companies
  • 24 acres are designated for gold and jewelery shops
  • There are 57 acres of main roads
  • An area of ​​22 acres has been allocated to the field of computers and technology
  • There are 52 acres for fuel and petroleum companies
  • 6 acres have been allocated to gas and petrol stations
  • There is an area of ​​68 acres for the Egypt Mosque

Ezdan Mall the new administrative capital

Ezdan Mall New Administrative Location:

Ezdan Mall is located in Amiz, located in Downtown MU 19 in the Al-Tuzha district and

shopping district facing the Al-Masah Hotel and the Opera House and facing

the largest international hospital.

And near the Green River that composes the rest of the regions of Greater

Cairo and its proximity to the place R7, R8.

The most important characteristic of the location of Ezdan Mall of the New Administrative

Capital is the location specifically of the Downtown, which has been designated for

the establishment of shops and commercial activities.

Ezdan Mall the new administrative capital

Ezdan Mall New Capital Space:

Ezdan Mall of the New Administrative Capital is built on a huge area divided

into administrative, commercial, medical and hotel units.

To meet the different needs of all tastes, so that everyone has the freedom to choose

the appropriate unit for him as well as many services and features,

Provided by the mall and the largest area is the green spaces and water bodies that are

indispensable in any project, which give a unique and excellent view for the units.

Ezdan Mall New Administrative Services and Features:

The mall contains many features, facilities and entertainment services that distinguish it from

other malls that remain next to it, including:

  • Skyin Stairs
  • Mega 3D Screen
  • There are most dancing fountains available that give an excellent and unique view and view

of dancing fountains

  • Water Fall Screen
  • Pixeled Water Feature
  • A space dedicated to fun and entertainment. Fun Zone
  • Availability of commercial and international brands, Brand Wall
  • Dine out / Cafe or Restaurant
  • Security and insurance are available all day long to defend the mall in addition to that,

several other services are available that meet all the needs of the mall owners

Prices and spaces of Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital:

Ezdan Mall of the New Administrative Capital has commercial, administrative and medical units,

while the spaces and prices have varied in order to suit the nature and capabilities of each one.

The spaces start from thirty square meters and the value per square meter starts from 55,000 EGP

Payment methods and payment systems

Without a down payment and in installments for up to ten years, and without interest

Simple information about the Taj Misr Foundation executing the mall:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Corporation represents one of the best major economic institutions,

as it has been established since 2006.

It is one of a group of international Egyptian establishments in the real estate field and possesses

the abundant quantity of giant in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar,

It seeks continuation of the best, a lot of creativity and innovation, and everything that is

modern and advanced.

As we mentioned that it has a group of major institutions, which are as follows:

  • The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services, Lun Star Company in the State of Qatar
  • Snap company in the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Landmark Tourism Corporation
  • United Corporation for Agricultural Investment

While we mention in the following the most important projects of the Egypt Taj Foundation

in the Republic of the State of Qatar:

  • Gift Tower
  • Al Markhiya Mall
  • Al Sally Tower
  • Twin Towers project
  • Panasonic Tower
  • Showroom Project Hywanda Motors Corporation

Ezdan Mall the new administrative capital

The most important projects of Taj Misr Foundation in the Arab Republic of Egypt:

  • The establishment of the New Capital Compound De Goia
  • It established 23 buildings belonging to the army in the R1 region of the New Administrative Capital
  • Establishing 15 residential towers supporting the Modern Urban Communities Authority

in the R3 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital

  • The Mall de Goia established the new administrative capital
  • Establishing 3 residential, administrative and commercial buildings in the R5 area

of ​​the new administrative capital

  • Established the Sheraton Dreamland project
  • Movenpick  established in Luxor
  • Sultanate of Oman tower was established in Zamalek
  • Established a court complex in South Cairo
  • Established the social club for the employees of the Central Bank in New Cairo
  • Founded the Diyar General Intelligence Project in New Cairo
  • The Greens Compound  established by the Engineer: Hassan Dora
  • She founded The Address project for a commercial facility. Eng. Hassan Dora: in Sheikh Zayed
  • The American School  established in Sheikh Zayed
  • Villa Samih Sawiris  established in Zamalek in coordination with Orascom Construction
  • It established 2 towers in Lebanon Street in Mohandessin, commercial and administrative
  • It established 1 residential commercial and administrative tower in Al-Falah Street, Al-Mohandessin
  • Founded Badr Gardens project
  • It established 1 residential, commercial, administrative tower in Al-Hijaz Street, Al-Mohandessin
  • It established the headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo

in addition :-

De Goia Mall, the New Administrative Capital, is considered one of the largest commercial malls that

stood on its feet in the location of Down Town in the New Administrative Capital.

It offers a lot of services that you have not seen before in any other commercial project,

as it meets all the basic needs of both the owners and the visitors.

Take advantage of the possibility and book your luxury unit in Ezdan Mall,

the administrative capital of Taj Egypt Real Estate

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