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Badya Compound

is considered the latest projects of Palm Hills Development The space of Al Badya Compound within the 6th of

October area. The area of ​​the Badya compound is one of the most important residential projects inside


The compound enjoys a lot of wonderful services and benefits to catch the eye, and Palm Hills offers

customers with payment and down payment systems

It is considered the best among all October projects without down payment and equal installments over

10 years without interest and with the best projects of 6 October, Badya Palm Hills Compound.

The space of Al Badya Compound

The location of Badya Compound Palm Hills Compound:

The project is located in the heart of 6 October in the Creative City area, and it is

considered one of the signs of 6 October, and it brings together the most important areas between East

and West Cairo.

The Badya of October project location is one of the best vital locations because it connects to all vital places

within minutes, reaching Greater Cairo with ease.

The space of Badya October Palm Hills Compound :

The area of ​​the Al-Badya compound is huge, estimated at 3000 acres, about 12 million square

kilometers, divided into 6 stages,

Its services and features are available to provide customers with complete comfort, privacy, and avoid

congestion in the project, and to give residents calmness and distance from the noise.

The area of ​​Al Badya Compound includes a variety of spaces and residential units divided into:

  • There are apartments.
  • It contains a twin house.
  • There are villas.

Badya Compound

Prices and area of ​​Badya Compound Palm Hills compound:

  1. There is a studio – 82 m = 1.100,000 million
  2. 2 rooms available – 140m = 1,600,000 million
  3. There are 3 rooms – 172 m = 2.000.000 million
  4. 4 rooms are available – 252 m = 2,800,000 million
  5. There is a twin house – 189 m = 3,850,000 million
  6. Available Twin House – 281 m = 6.100.000 million
  7. Villas are available – starting from 197 m to 371 m = 4,660,000 – 8,200,000 million services in Badya

October Palm Hills Compound

The space of Al-Badya Compound is designed with the latest international designs, complete services,

and providing green spaces, landscapes, and entertainment places for adults and children.

The most important features of Palm Hills badya compound:

  • Shopping mall.
  • Sports club on an area of ​​72 acres.
  • Entertainment places 34 acres.
  • gardens.
  • Land scape.
  • Club House.
  • swimming pool.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Administrative area 32 acres.
  • University on an area of ​​70 acres.
  • Schools on an area of ​​25 acres.
  • Security and guarding.

Palm Hills Development Company:

Badya project is your best choice because it is an integrated project of services, advantages and

distinguished geographical location. Palm Hills Company has been able to attract customers,

The name of Palm Hills is a trademark for some. There is no need to market their projects because the

company name is spread in the Egyptian real estate development field.

Owner of Palm Hills:

Yassin Mansour, who is one of the richest 10 men in Egypt, and his predecessor has distinguished huge

works all over the world.

Palm Hills is one of the largest companies in the real estate market for decades and has won the

confidence of many investors and all customers.

Palm Hills Development Company address:

Fifth Settlement – Southern 90th St., after the Town Down.

Sheikh Zayed – Inside Palm Hills Compound.

Zamalek – in front of the Aquarium – 1 El Kamal Mohamed St.

The space of Al Badya Compound

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