Prices of Ezdan Mall the administrative capital

Prices of Ezdan Mall the administrative capital
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Prices of Ezdan Mall the administrative capital, which was implemented by the Arab Crown Corporation

for Real Estate Development, its largest commercial project inside the Down Town area in the New

Administrative Capital.

This area is considered one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital,

which has many malls, including Ezdan Mall of the Administrative Capital.

Or what it is called Ezdan Mall as well, and there are commercial units with distinguished specifications,

administrative, and medical.

Data on the prices of Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital:

It is within the boundaries of an area, what distinguishes it most is that it is next

to the Al-Masa Hotel in the capital, which is considered one of the most prestigious hotels

in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Therefore, the Misr Taj Real Estate Development Corporation was chosen to present its

new commercial project and offer its customers the best investment units.

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation presented a minor stage to

launch its residential project in the new administrative capital within the R8 area.

De Goya, the New Administrative Capital, was one of its strongest residential projects in the 8th district.

The De Goia compound achieved huge success for the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation,

And it is preparing to launch its first commercial project. Prices of Ezdan Mall,

the administrative capital, inside the Downtown area.

Prices of Ezdan Mall the administrative capital

The real estate developer of Ezdan Mall,

the Administrative Capital – Taj Misr Corporation:

Taj Misr Real Estate is one of the group of Egyptian international institutions for

construction and building.

The establishment was established in 2006 and it is one of the leading institutions in

the field of real estate development.

Just as the Foundation has a large number of distinguished projects within and

outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and here is simple information about the Foundation’s projects:

  • Established the newest projects of the Arab Taj Egypt Foundation 2020
  • Established a court complex in the south of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  • Founded the Mall de Joya, the administrative capital, DE JOYA MALL NEW CAPITAL
  • Established the social club for the employees of the Central Bank in New Cairo.
  • Founded the Compound Diyar General Intelligence in New Cairo.
  • Established Greens project for a commercial facility (Eng. Hassan Dora).
  • The American School was founded in Sheikh Zayed.
  • I established the Badr Gardens project.
  • Established the main headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo.
  • The Address Compound established the commercial facility (m / Hassan Dora) Sheikh Zayed.

Location and prices of Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital:

The prices of Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital, are in a very unique location in

the Administrative Capital in the location of the Downtown, as the project occurs next to

the Al-Masah Hotel and near many important service areas within the Administrative Capital.

Which includes a large number of distinguished and large commercial malls, which will become

the middle of the town (the center of the republic) modern, and include very large commercial and

administrative units and a lot of medical and hotel units in addition to the presence of

the Downtown near all of:

  • Gold district.
  • Protection institutions.
  • Administrative district.
  • District Fashion District.

Services in Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital:

  • There are green spaces surrounding the mall on all sides for more psychological peace and relaxation.
  • Available to operate and repair establishment to ensure excellence and to operate

the mall completely and periodic maintenance.

  • There is 24-hour security and guarding with the latest police and security services.
  • Internet saving is available free of charge at a high speed in all areas of the mall.
  • There are designated entertainment areas and children’s play areas.
  • The prices of Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital, are very appropriate.
  • Gigantic display screens available to market your business unit.
  • There are international restaurants and cafes in all areas of the mall.
  • Central wind air conditioning is available throughout the mall.
  • There is enormous commercial service space.
  • A great car garage is available.
  • There are solar power generators.
  • European electric elevators are available.
  • There are digital signboards.
  • Food Court area available.
  • There is a visible clip of in Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital

Prices of Ezdan Mall the administrative capital

Features and prices of Ezdan Mall, the New Capital:

The mall is distinguished by its central location in the administrative capital in

the east of the second district of the new administrative capital and in the west of the

unique Al-Masa Hotel in the capital.

Also in the east of the Green River, the Talaat Mustafa project, the Bin Zayed axis,

will be the land of investors.

The area of ​​Down Town is in the MU19 area, which is a distinct place in the capital,

and this is for several reasons that we will list to explain the importance of that is a distinct place.

It contains the huge commercial complexes in the capital in a single place.

Downtown area is distinguished by the presence of all the main centers in

the Administrative Capital and a large number of commercial malls.

The region relied on the smart framework and the distinctive urban foundation of the economic units.

Spaces and prices of Ezdan Administrative Capital:

The spaces start from 35 square meters to 140 square meters.

The price per meter starts from 55 thousand pounds to 170 thousand pounds.

It starts from 5% downpayment and the rest over ten years in equal installments.

Other projects are also of interest (Palm Hills Badyairis Mall new Capital)


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