The Curve new Capital project

The Curve new Capital project
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The Curve new Capital project was launched by the Corner Real Estate Development Company, for

Engineer Ashraf Boulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors

The project in the New Administrative Capital is witnessing a strong competition between real estate


The developer implements an innovative product that ensures that he is able to continue to compete

and attract the largest segment of investors.

Corner Stone has chosen the location of the new administrative capital to set up its first projects, realizing

the importance of the capital, and the state aims to create an urban society with the latest methods

and with the strongest infrastructure,

The new administrative capital will become the most beautiful cities in North Africa and the Gulf and

compete with many international cities with their plans and infrastructure.

The Curve new Capital project

The Curve new Capital Compound location:

Paul stressed that the company’s first project, The Curve, is located in a unique location in the New

Administrative Capital in the R8 region, directly in front of the Green River.

And near the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, the airport, the Republican Palace and ministries.

Boulos confirmed that the construction rate of the project is 18%, which is less than the permissible

22.5%, and the project contains services:

  • Shopping mall
  • And an office building
  • And large green spaces
  • Land Scape.

Paul indicated that the commercial facility restores the luster of old buildings with high ceilings through

the project, with a ceiling height of 6 meters.

The areas of the units range from ninety to three hundred meters, with seventy% of the areas between

ninety and 180 meters, to suit the largest segment of the investors,

The designs assigned to the project will be through the largest consulting offices in New York, America,

and the project contains commercial, administrative, cultural and sports services.

Payment systems in The Curve new Capitaproject:

Engineer Ashraf Boulos has provided different payment systems between 5 to 6 and 7 years, and the

company is committed to handing over its units to investors according to specifications,

Delivery dates will start in mid-2023, as well as creating a homogenous customer base.

Information about Corner Stone Real Estate Development, the founder of The Curve, the New Capital:

Corner Stone Real Estate Development is based on strong foundations to establish its name among the

leading real estate companies in Egypt in the next few years.

Paul confirmed that the capital of the Corner Stone Company is six hundred million pounds.

And it enjoys strong financial liquidity to implement high-end projects with the best new planning and

construction measures, as well as adherence to delivery schedules.

Paul explained that Corner Stone is committed to offering its units at competitive prices and fully flexible

payment programs.

And providing distinctive units to support investors’ confidence in the “Corner Stone” brand and

launching modern societies that revolutionize modern housing concepts.

The Curve new Capital project

The Administrative Capital adopts the ministerial decision for The

Curve, the administrative capital, owned by the Cornerstone


The Administrative Capital for Urban Development has approved the ministerial decision regarding The

Curve integrated residential project, with Ashraf Boulos becoming the president of the Cornerstone

Corporation, which owns the project.

Bolus added that the company is now working on completing the basic licenses to start implementing

the project,

This is in compliance with the timeline that has been established to contain the delivery of the project by

the end of 2023.

He pointed out that the company plans to establish other projects in several cities, with integrated

residential and coastal activities, and the company places the cities of Ain Sokhna and New Alamein at

the top of its concerns.

It is planned that publication and promotion in the coming period will end the injection of serious

investments in them.

The company has a great intention to expand by relying on its various portfolio, and it pushes it to start

implementing its plan,

Indicating that the Curve project will be a huge starting point for many other projects that the company

is trying to establish


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