The Curve new Capital Compound

The Curve new Capital Compound
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The Curve new Capital Compound, a ministerial decision for the compound  issued by the Urban

Communities Authority to approve a development plan.

And the division of 13.3 acres in the eighth residential district within the first phase in the New

Administrative Capital,

The Curve New Administrative Capital will own by Corner Stone Real Estate Development

Company, to create an integrated urban community.

According to the ministerial decision, the period of implementing the Zakirve project, the new

administrative capital, and the payment of the value of the land, is two years, ending on August 26, 2022.

Space of The Curve new Capital Compound:

The land area allocated for housing in the compound is 5.7 acres, representing 42.5% of the total project


The area designated for service lands is 2.7 acres, representing 19.9% ​​of the total area of ​​The Curve New

Administrative Capital.

The area designated for green areas and footpaths is 0.239 acres by 1.8%.

The area of ​​land allocated to internal roads is 0.483 acres, at a rate of 3.6%, and the area

allocated to external roads is 4.3 acres.

It represents 32.1% of the total project area.

The building area of ​​The Curve New Capital will be 45% of the total area allocated to housing land.

The Curve new Capital Compound

Information about the ministerial decision for The Curve New Capital:

The ministerial decision allows the establishment of a ground floor, a basement, and 7 typical floors,

with a maximum of 30 meters in height, as the original conditions of the project.

The housing density achieved in the project is 180 people per feddan, and the decision stipulated a

commitment to leave responses about the apartment buildings for each building from all sides,

So that it is not less than 25% of the building’s height and not less than 12 meters,

and a distance of not less than two meters is left between the boundary of the building buildings and

the internal road sidewalk.

The decision included the company’s commitment not to offer the project units for reservation or sale

without the approval of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development.

The procedures for commencing seizure and sale include the decision number and the project

implementation period, and in the event of a violation, the ministerial decision  cancel and legal

measures are taken.

Details of The Curve Compound:

The company obligate to provide the competent city authority with the documents necessary to

obtain licenses in accordance with the provisions of the Building Law issued in 2008 and its

implementing regulations and amendments thereof.

The company shall fulfill the structural requirements in force as a maximum, provided that the height

restrictions permitted by the Ministry of Defense are not exceeded.

The company commit to providing the executive drawings and technical specifications for the

utility network works according to the submitted plan, the contracted area, and the timetable approved

by the Administrative Capital for Urban Development.

The Curve new Capital CompoundThe Curve new Capital Compound

Services of the Curve New Capital Compound:

The company uses solar energy systems in the New Administrative Capital, in addition to its

commitment to provide parking spaces in accordance with the conditions attached to the decision.


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