The Curve new Capital

The Curve new Capital
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The Curve new Capital, was launched by the Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company as its first

project in the Egyptian market.

Eng. Ashraf Boulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corner Stone Real Estate Development

Company, confirmed that the company has implemented a series of various real estate projects in

urban and coastal cities.

Through the projects, the company highlights its strategy and is based on strong foundations to

establish its name among the leading real estate companies in Egypt over the next few years.

The location in The Curve New Capital:

Engineer Ashraf Boulos confirmed that Corner Stone was keen on choosing its location with great care and

careful study in The Curve compound, so it is located in a privileged place.

The compound is located in the R8 area directly in front of the Green River and near the Mohammed bin

Zayed axis, the airport, the Republican Palace and the ministries.

Spaces of The Curve New Capital:

Engineer Ashraf Boulos added that the percentage of construction in the project is 18%, which is less

than the permitted amount, which is 22.5%.

The Curve, the New Capital, contains services from a commercial mall, an administrative building, large

green spaces and a landscape.

The Curve new CapitalThe Curve new Capital

Delivery date of The Curve Corner Stone:

He confirmed that the delivery of the project will start in mid-2023, and the units’ areas range from 90

to 300 meters, with a percentage of 70%.

The spaces are between 90 to 180 meters to suit the demand of the largest segment of customers, and

the payment systems are varied between 5 to 6 and 7 years only.

The designs for the project will be made by one of the largest consulting offices in New York, USA, and

the project includes commercial, administrative, cultural and sports services.

Details of The Curve Compound:

“The Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company launched its business in the Egyptian market,

based on a portfolio of various real estate projects aimed at implementing them in urban and coastal


His company is based on strong foundations to establish its name among the leading real estate

companies in Egypt over the next few years.

He emphasized that he brings at the forefront of these pillars the broad international and local expertise

of the members of the company’s board of directors to cover areas related to real estate investment,


Contracting, building materials, concrete and decoration, which qualifies the company to provide

innovative products to customers.

Paul emphasized that Corner Stone enjoys strong financial liquidity that enhances its capabilities to

implement high-end projects.

The company is based on the best standards of modern design and construction, as well as adhering to

delivery schedules.

He explained that the licensed capital of the Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company is 600

million pounds, and the paid-up capital is 100 million pounds.

The Chairman of the Corner Stone Board of Directors spoke about the main axes of the company’s plan

and the expansion of real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital.

To lead the development engine in Egypt, in addition to studying promising opportunities in coastal

cities, especially New Alamein and Ain Sokhna.

Corner Stone strategy in The Curve New Capital:

The spotlight will be on the most prominent features of the Corner Stone strategy in the construction of

its projects, and it will combine innovative and unique designs specially provided to its clients.

The Curve New Capital contains smart building models equipped with modern technology that keep

pace with the latest international trends in the world of construction,

The Curve New Capital project includes green architecture standards in order to provide luxury and

healthy life for customers.

He stressed that the company will aim to restore the luster of old buildings with high ceilings and revive

the cultural heritage through the Social Club,

It has allocated specially equipped halls for painting, exhibitions, cinemas and meeting rooms, to provide

an ideal life for its residents.

Each building on the third floor contains a small garden that allows customers to meet with their friends

or gather and establish various activities and constant communication between them.

The Curve new Capital

Type of finishing in The Curve New Capital:

Its project units will be delivered with a “Flexi Finish” system to allow for 75% of the finishing units.

And to provide freedom for the customer in The Curve New Capital by putting the final touches related

to decoration, lighting and flooring works.

The company affirmed that it is committed to providing its units with competitive prices and fully

flexible payment programs, and to provide luxurious units to enhance customer confidence in the

Corner Stone brand.

And the launch of new societies will bring about a revolution in modern housing concepts.

The company is committed to delivering its units to customers according to agreed specifications and

delivery times, as well as creating a homogeneous base of customers.


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