The Curve Corner Stone Compound

The Curve Corner Stone Compound
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The Curve Corner Stone Compound is approved by the housing unit to create a distinct residential

project in the Administrative Capital of “Corner Stone” company

The Egyptian Al-Waqi’a newspaper, in its issue No. 153, issued on July 7, 2020, issued the Ministry of

Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Resolution No. 359 of 2020,

Regarding the approval of the design and division of the plot of land No. (I6) the first phase (residential

neighborhood R8) with an area of ​​13.38 acres allocated to the Corner Stone Real Estate Development


The Administrative Capital for Urban Development is constructing a distinguished residential project

within the framework of the first phase of the New Administrative Capital.

The first article of the decision states:

Approving the design and division of plot No. (I6) with an area of ​​13.38 acres, equivalent to 56177.

Thirty square meters,

The first phase will be in the R8 residential neighborhood of the New Administrative Capital, which is

designated for the Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company to establish a distinguished

residential project.

This is in accordance with the limits shown on the map and the contract with the company.

Cornerstone Real Estate Development wins the ministerial decision

for The Curve new Capital project:

Engineer Ashraf Boulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Cornerstone Real Estate Development”,

stated that the company obtained a ministerial decision for the “The Curve” project,

Licenses are being extracted in preparation for the start of implementation soon in the new

administrative capital.

Location of The Curve Compound The Curve Corner Stone:

“The Curve” is located in a privileged location in the R8 district of the Administrative Capital,

immediately next to the Green River, and near the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the airport, the

Republican Palace and the ministries.

The Curve Corner Stone Compound

The location of the buildings in The Curve new Capital Compound:

He emphasized that the construction rate of the project is 18%, which is smaller than the permissible

(which is 22.5%), just as the project contains services such as:

  • Shopping mall
  • And an administrative building
  • And large green spaces
  • Land Scape.

Cornerstone Development obtained the acceptance of the Curve Corner Stone Compound:

Cornerstone Development got Ministerial approval to improve its larger project,

To be named The Curve, in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), according to the company’s CEO,

Ashraf Boulos.

Bolus added that the company has already obtained the required licenses and will start establishing the

project by the end of 2020.

The Curve Corner Stone Compound location:

The Curve will be within the R8 zone of NAC, and will consist of a construction area of ​​18%,

which is less than the permitted percentage of 22.5%.

The rest of the project will be allocated for green spaces and landscapes. Just as the project contains

various services and amenities, including:

Shopping mall ,And an administrative building,

In addition, there are cultural, social and sports services.

Boulos added that the commercial facility is managing to deliver the compound by the end of 2023, with

areas ranging from eighty square meters to 320 square meters.

Add to that, 70% of the units vary from eighty square meters to two hundred square meters.

He stated that Cornerstone Development Company has great solvency that enhances its capabilities to

implement high-end projects.

The company creates new designs with the highest standards of craftsmanship and buildability, and the

company maintains a positive commitment to delivery schedules, regardless of conditions.

In addition to this, he stated that Cornerstone Development’s licensed capital currently amounts to EGP 1 billion.

The Curve will offer all its units with an 80% Responsive Finishing System. As a result of this,

Investors will not be in trouble about any tough work since they will have the units equipped with

mosaic tiles for flooring ready to install HDF or porcelain.

The Curve Corner Stone Compound

Infrastructure in The Curve Corner Stone Compound:

The units will come with fully bolted windows, balustrades and balconies, and internally installed piping

for virtually all electrical supplies and units.

Investors will continue to give the possibility to choose the final paint for walls, lighting, floors,

appliances and furniture according to their distinct taste.

Paul said: “Cornerstone Development is committed to providing its units with adequate costs and fully

responsive payment plans,

In addition, the assurance of providing distinct units to support the confidence of investors in

Cornerstone Development. ”

He stressed that the company is committed to handing over its units to investors according to the

agreed specifications and delivery dates, in addition to creating a homogeneous base of investors.


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