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Last updated 2022-03-19
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Vigor Mall New Capital


Vigor Mall New Capital ,

or as it is known as  Project Vigor New Capital or Vigor New Capital  ,

is one of  El Baron  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Vigor Mallpearls tower

Vigor Mall New Capital:

It is the largest administrative, commercial and medical complex in the modern administrative capital,

characterized by its distinguished location and distinctive architectural designs of its kind.

Golden in the best location and the best prices.

Information About Vigor New Capital:

It takes place within the downtown area of the modern administrative capital, with a land area of 3,800 square meters and a building area of 30%.

The mixed-use property includes a split-selling component along with offices and clinics. It is composed of ground and ten floors,

with an area of 1138 square meters, for each floor. The project enjoys a privileged location,

about a kilometer away from the Vigor Hotel, the government sector and the nearby Opera House.

Vigor New Capital Project

also Vigor Mall New Capital


Administrative units

Project Space: 3800 square meters

Administrative units space starts from 25 square meters

Commercial units

Project Space: 3800 square meters

Commercial units space starts from 20 m2

Medical units

Project Space: 3800 square meters

Medical units space starts from 25 square meters

Vigor Mall New Capital Location:

It is characterized by a distinguished strategic location in the heart of the Downtown location, the most popular and active part of the Administrative Capital,

as the site is distinguished by the following features:

  • It takes place at the famous Vigor Hotel, facing the 6: 3 outlets of the hotel.
  • A location close to most residential areas in the Administrative Capital, especially the seventh
  • and eighth residential areas, and they have luxurious housing complexes.
  • also A location near the Green River, the largest park in the Administrative Capital, which gives all units the most beautiful view.
  • A strategic location near the important administrative neighborhoods of the capital, especially the diplomatic quarter and the government district.
  • It takes place next to the central space and the house placement.
  • The distance from the administrative capital Vigor site for the urgent Monorail train is a few minutes.
  • Distinguished location, close to the Egyptian Monetary Bank and the banking district.
  • The Mosque of the Arab Republic of Egypt, built on a 68-acre area, is minutes away from the site.
  • The distance between the site and the Cathedral of Christ is just a few minutes.
  • It occurs in close proximity to public shopping and entertainment.
  • It takes place next to the famous iconic tower.
  • The distance between it and the official sectors was estimated in a few minutes, especially the fuel sector, the original administrative and economic sectors, real estate companies, tourism and aviation companies.
  • A location very close to the administrative capital’s helipad.
  • The Opera House is located a few steps away from the mall.
  • A few minutes are the interval between him and the gold, fashion, fashion, computer and technology stores.

Location Vigor Mall New Capital

Vigor Services The New Capital :

It is the largest and most beautiful administrative and commercial complex in the modern administrative capital, characterized by the integration of its services and facilities in an amazing manner, and among the most important of those services are the following:

  • Green areas, gardens, and the most beautiful landscapes, the highest of which are the mall units, offering psychological peace and relaxation.
  • A huge food court place that includes famous restaurants and cafes chains that provide the most delicious and delicious meals, with a classy service function.
  • Luxury entertainment services for adults and children, the most important of which is water skiing games, as it remains the largest aquarium in the Administrative Capital.
  • Rooms have been provided for celebrations, meetings and conferences, which are equipped with the latest equipment and devices.
  • There remains in Vigor Mall a great complex of cinemas that provide modern Arab and foreign cinematography.
  • 3D hologram screens are available for advertisements at Vigor Mall.
  • Special gates have been provided for administrative units and others for medical units and clinics, as well as entrances to hotel apartments, which allows the advantage and ease of movement.
  • He enjoys distinctive architectural designs on the elegant French look.
  • The entrances to the mall are fully secured electronically, just as protection and security services work without interruption for 24 hours.
  • The mall is equipped with an integrated system of modern daytime surveillance cameras.

Vigor Mall New Capital Units :

It is characterized by the multiplicity of its services and its abundance, which is why it is located on a huge area estimated at 3800 square meters, and it has a main front side on a main axis with a width of 130 meters.

With a land area of 3800 square meters and a constructed area of thirty%. The mixed-use property includes a split-selling component along with offices and clinics. It consists of a ground floor and 10 floors with an area of 1138 square meters for each floor.

Inside the mall there is a different set of units, as there are commercial units, administrative units, medical units, in addition to that, hotel units, restaurants, cafes, and banquet and conference rooms.

Vigor New Capital Project

Vigor Mall New Capital Prices :

Whenever Vigor customers look at the large number of services available in the vicinity of its parts, they will think that the prices win their abilities, but the truth is the opposite at all, as the unit prices were simple without any exaggeration, as it is a slight real opportunity that is repeated.

Payment Methods In Vigor Mall New Capital :

There Vigor Mall is the first choice for everyone who searches for a vital location, comprehensive services, enveloping prices, as well as distinctive facilities in payment. This issue proves the merit of the modernized commercial establishment, as successful companies are those that are keen all the time for the comfort of their customers, and that exert their greatest and greatest burden to fulfill their desires so that they enjoy comfort and psychological calm.

Vigor New Capital Project

The Company That Owns Vigor Mall New Capital :

Overview Of The El Baron Foundation:

Vigor is a project with distinct specifications and its innovative and unusual services, provided by the Baron Real Estate Corporation, which is one of the largest establishments in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The commercial establishment has a great experience of more than 15 years, during which it presented abundant successful projects, whether within the Arab Republic of Egypt or the Arab Gulf Council countries.

Its projects contrast between commercial and administrative malls, huge hotels and luxurious tourist villages, just as it has implemented distinguished residential projects.

The Baron Real Estate Development Corporation is the owner of the Vigor Administrative Capital project, which is considered one of the most luxurious and prominent malls in the modern administrative capital, and was provided by the security forces with care and mastery, as is their habit of presenting their projects.

Vigor New Capital Project

Down Town Area In The Administrative Capital:

The area of the Downtown in the Administrative Capital is one of the unique areas within the Administrative Capital. If you are looking for a map of the Administrative Capital, we offer you many data about the location of the Downtown in the Administrative Capital.

Businesses of Downtown, the Administrative Capital, you can get to know about it at this moment from throughout the completion, as you can familiarize yourself with the map of Downtown in the Administrative Capital.

Map Of The Downtown Administrative Capital Near Al-Ahd :

Down Town Map If you happen to happen, the Downtown Mall, the location of the Downtown malls occurs in one of the most famous excellent areas that remain beside the local ring road, and this is from the Oia area up to Ain Sokhna through the cathedral and the English University, and it is reported to the well-known Al-Masa Hotel.

It is considered one of the best very large projects that were performed in the area of the capital, as it was designed with contemplation and loose imagination, just as a group of different parks were saved beside the Don Town, to become a shining appearance of the malls. All supplies and essentials for everyone are kept within the malls.

And the units inside are designed on how very amazing the owner of a shape with distinct and harmonious specifications in addition to that the gardens around them classify the sophistication of the space That mall was designed on a very large place that took about 27 acres for administrative malls and commercial malls 35 acres and that is what we will mention in the next paragraphs.

Vigor New Capital Project

Don Town Malls District:

Malls in the modern administrative capital, Downtown, the Administrative Capital, the spaces vary in the range of the malls of Downtown many and are designed with the aim of serving everyone, they have been allocated as follows:

  • The responsible business set up a 35-acre area for shopping malls.
  • The responsible institution has established a place of 27 acres for administrative malls.
  • And The responsible institution has also established a place for 17 acres of malls specialized in food products.
  • The responsible commercial establishment has set aside a 16-acre area for malls designated by protection companies.
  • The responsible institution settled by allocating a place of ninety acres for creativity areas.

Vigor New Capital Project



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Features of Vigor Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains