Regency Business Tower New Capital

Prices start from 3,346,200 EGP
6 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 40 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-18
project developerregency development
Regency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New Capital
Regency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New CapitalRegency Business Tower New Capital
Details Regency Business Tower New Capital
project nameRegency Business Tower New Capital
project LocationThe new administrative capital
project unitsCommercial units
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 6 years
Finishing typewithout finishing
Spaces starting from40 sqm
Prices starting from3,346,200
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plan of Regency Business Tower New Capital
Regency Business Tower New Capital
map of Regency Business Tower New Capital
Project details

A distinguished commercial and administrative building has been established in the Down Town area, which is Regency Business Tower, in front of Misr Mosque and in front of one of the largest hospitals in the Administrative Capital, announced by Regency Urban Development Company, offering you a unique experience. Tower with complete security Versatile commercial and executive units feature designs Modern, different spaces and prices, huge discounts of up to 35%, and various payment systems.

Throughout the project, the location of the shopping center is distinguished in terms of calmness, so that its customers and investors can enjoy a healthy life and breathe fresh air in the New Administrative Capital Regent Business Building. Take the opportunity to book your new unit in the finest and most luxurious modern investment project in the Administrative Capital, and enjoy new details wherever you are. In contact, and spend your rest time in harmony and complete relaxation, the most luxurious and modern design with the Regency Business Tower, the capital management offers the most accurate standards and very competitive prices.

Regency Business Tower the administrative capital

The developed company fully utilized all its capabilities and excellent experience in the field of real estate to launch Regency Business, which is the first building that integrates business, management and medical care, attracting many customers and ensuring that it is located in the most important areas within the New Administrative Capital and obtained excellent profit returns.

On the scale of the huge investment, the real estate developer provided many basic and recreational services and features in the Regent Building, not to mention the most beautiful and best views, which created a state of psychological comfort, sophistication and stress-free.

Regency Business Mall New Capital

It is the first project for Regency Real Estate Development Company in the Administrative Capital. It is distinguished by its central location in front of the Egyptian Mosque and its strategic location near important areas of the capital. The developer is also keen to provide all services and facilities for the Regency Shopping Center project in the New Capital, as it provides customers with the utmost luxury.
and relax.

Regency Business Tower New Capital

Regency Business Tower New Capital

 Regency Business project location

The company that owns Regency Business Tower, chose a plot of land in the city center to build its first project in the New Capital, specifically within plot MU2-70. Apart from being located on the road connecting the government district and Bin Zayed City, the mall is also located on a main street that is 100 meters wide. The Regency Tower New Capital Hotel is also close to many important landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, such as:

  • Regency Business Tower which is just 100 meters away from the monorail station.
  • It is also close to tourist parks and government areas.
  • Regency Tower is also located in front of the Great Mosque of Egypt and the Gold Souk.
  • A short distance from the Green River, the view from the mall is very serene and charming.
  • Besides the Regency Tower, it is located near some of the most famous shopping malls in the
  • capital, including Fair Capital Mall, New Capital, and Mall 31 North Tower.
  • Regency Mall is just minutes away from Magna Mall.

Space and design of Regency Business Tower

The Regency Real Estate Development Company is keen to choose a modern and elegant design for the Regency Business Tower according to the latest international style, as the facade of the Regency Mall is made of stained glass, which gives a sense of luxury and uniqueness. Moreover, only 30% of the space is allocated to buildings, while the largest percentage of the mall is allocated to green spaces and various amenities for the well-being and comfort of customers. The Administrative Capital of the Regency Business Tower consists of 10 floors + a ground floor, in addition to two basement floors dedicated to the garage. The mall units are divided as follows:

  • The ground and first floors include the Boulevard where the commercial units are located, in addition to open spaces and green gardens.
  • The second floor to the tenth floor are administrative units.
Regency Business Tower

Regency Business Tower

Space of Regency Business Tower the administrative capital

The area of ​​Regency Business Tower, the administrative capital, is about 2400 square meters, and the operating rate is only 30%, this area is very large compared to other projects in that area. This space was used so well that the Regency building became a destination for lovers of sophistication and distinction, as the plot of land allocated the largest area.

  • The space of the commercial units inside the mall ranges from 20 square meters to 60 square meters.
  • Executive units range in size from 26 square meters to 100 square meters.
  • The average area of medical units is 64 square meters.

Services of the Regency New Administrative Capital project

The Regency Business Tower Mall, the administrative capital, provided a number of advantages in order to provide integration to customers and investors, and they are embodied in basic and recreational services and facilities, most notably:

  • Artificial intelligence built by firefighting professionals using an integrated system.
  • A system from a professional company that provides insurance for all mall units.
  • Water is a group of restaurants and cafes, a place for comfort and convenience for customers 24/7,
  • integrated security systems and surveillance cameras.
  • Large car garage.
  • Carefully designated green spaces create magical landscapes that contribute to calming nerves and peace of mind.
  • An integrated fire protection system that works in emergency situations.
  • the tower is equipped with central air conditioning that can automatically adjust the temperature according to the weather temperature.
  • A garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to regulate traffic and prevent traffic jams.
  • The mall is equipped with a set of generators to operate in the event of a power outage.
  • To ensure the comfort of our customers, we have allocated benches, seating and lounge areas for our customers.
  • And since the real estate developer takes care of every detail of the mall, it has built facilities specially designed for people with special needs to allow them to enjoy the mall smoothly and easily.
  • It has a group of elevators that provide stunning views and facilitate movement between floors.
  • the tower is equipped with escalators on all floors of the mall.
  • All units in the mall have central air conditioning.
Regency Business Tower

Regency Business Tower

Units and their different spaces within Regency Business

Choosing a new investment unit for the client that can build a prosperous future is the basis that Regency Real Estate Company seeks to achieve, by finding for each client the type of unit that suits his needs and the appropriate space for the activities he wants. The real estate developer provides various commercial, administrative and medical units that are luxurious with views within the New Administrative Capital. Regent Business Tower.

Apart from the finest and most luxurious designs presented with the latest international trends to suit all high-end tastes, all administrative and medical units in Regent Towers are equipped with air conditioning and facilities, and as for commercial units, Regent has always followed the delivery of the global unit system gives you the freedom to choose the final form that suits the activity that you want.

  • Commercial units, stores, and restaurants start from 20 square meters up to 60 square meters.
  • Administrative units and offices range from 26 square meters to 100 square meters.
  • Pharmacies space ranges from 64 square meters in Regency Business, the New Administrative Capital.
  • Regency Business Tower has an outdoor area starting from 25 square meters.
Regency Business Tower

Regency Business Tower

 mall Regency Business prices

One of the most important things to attract the customer to choose the right place to start a new project is the privileges and services provided by the real estate developer in the project, taking into account the different tastes, in addition to the prices offered, and this must be within his powers, so that he can start his project quickly and with pleasure, as he may Regency Properties has taken this into consideration, offering competitive prices on par with all other projects.

  • A shop of 40 square meters, with a price of 3,346,200 Egyptian pounds.
  • All units will be delivered in 2026.

Payment and installment systems

One of the most important features offered by Regency Business  and making it one of the best projects in the region, is what real estate developers do to satisfy their customers, and this comes from choosing the location and service in addition to the amazing design, up to the payment system announced in a long-term flexible way so that we do not put a financial burden Big on them and it makes owning a unit in Regency very easy.

  • Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 5 years.
  • Down payment starting from 20% and installments up to 6 years.
Regency Business Tower

Regency Business Tower

The company that owns the project

It is the Regency Real Estate Development Company and the owner of the Regency Business Tower project, the administrative capital, and it is one of the largest Companies with more than three decades of successful experience.

Only in the residential sector but also an interested to own Huge commercial projects that provide you with everything you need and want, and the company has implemented many projects in Egypt and abroad,Therefore, it has won the trust of many customers and has become a distinctive brand. discount.

Previous projects implemented by the company are as follows:

  • New Cairo Mall, New Cairo.
  • 5 Star Mall 6th of October 5 Star Mall 6th of October.
  • Crown 220 Mall, New Cairo, has also developed many commercial and tourism projects in
  • partnership with the Egyptian government.
  • The Wooden Bakery shopping center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change, so we at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Inform clients about the real estate market.

You can contact us at the sales number 01270970000

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Features of Regency Business Tower New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Regency Business Tower Mall located?
The new administrative capital
Who is the real estate developer of Regency Business Tower Mall?
Regency Real Estate Development Company
What is the finishing type of Regency Business Tower Mall?
without finishing
What type of units are Regency Business Tower Mall?
Commercial units
What are the payment systems for Regency Business Tower Mall?
Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 6 years
What is the project area?
2400 metres
What is the sales figure?