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Last updated 2021-11-13
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Pioneer Plaza Mall New Capital


[Pioneer Plaza Mall New Capital, or as it is known as Pioneer Plaza Project

new Capital or New Administrative Pioneer Plaza , is one of Glopal Pioneer Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

The areas of the Pioneer Plaza new Capital:

The company that owns the Pioneer Plaza New Capital has allocated

enough space to fully establish it within the Administrative Capital,

Which is estimated at 5330 acres, with a total investment of 750 million pounds.

The Pioneer Plaza New Capital Mall consists of a ground floor, in addition

to seven frequent upper floors,

It also contains a large number of various units with different areas,

which include commercial, medical, and administrative units, and

it was divided as follows:

Pioneer Plaza Mall has a dedicated car park for customers that spans

two floors underground.

Commercial units, which include restaurants and cafes, are also located

on the ground floor, reaching a height of approximately five meters.

The first floor was fully equipped to be a huge medical center with all specialties.

There are completely the second and third floors, which are medical

clinics equipped to the best level with a full finishing system.

As for the administrative units, they are located on the fourth, fifth,

and sixth floors, and also they are delivered to the fully finished customers.

And finally, the seventh and last floor in the Pioneer new Capital Mall,

which includes various units,

Some of them are designated for workers to take a rest, including

administrative offices, in addition to a large conference room.

It is worth noting that the spaces of the units in the mall are varied, starting

from 65 square meters, and the customer can request units of larger areas

according to his desire and in accordance with the nature of the activity

for which the unit is to be used.

Location of  Pioneer Mall New Capital :

All the facades of the Pioneer Plaza directly overlooking the main streets.

The Pioneer Plaza Mall, the Administrative Capital, is located in

the MU 23 region, specifically in plot A 10,

It is one of the most vital areas in new Capital, due to its close

proximity to the Gold Souk and the Axis of Hope.

Pioneer Plaza New Capital Mall, close to the financial and business district,

This ensures the high demand for the mall due to the increase in

the number of consumers and customers in this region.

MU 23, in which the Pioneer Plaza Administrative Capital project is located,

is one of the largest populated areas in new Capital,

Due to the fact that it contains the residential neighborhood R2 and R3,

where there is a large number of housing units, about thirty thousand units.

The Pioneer Plaza Mall is located very close to a large number of important areas,

in addition:

The most prominent of which are the new Manuel train station, and

the Sports City, which is expected to witness a number of tournaments by 2021.

It can also be reached from the Olympic Village in a few minutes,

in addition to being directly in front of the Canadian University gate.

It is located on the starting point of the axis of hope, which makes it

very close to the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed,

Which is the link between the administrative capital and the Suez Road.

It is noteworthy that the MU 23 area in which the Pioneer Plaza

is located is one of the residential areas that will be completed first.

And the implementation of all residential units and handing them over to

customers, which makes the investment opportunity in the mall irreplaceable.

Pioneer Plaza Mall New Capital location

Pioneer Plaza Mall New Capital units

administrative office

Starting at 65 meters

Fully finished with air conditioning

medical clinic

Starting at 65 meters

Fully finished with air conditioning


Services provided by the Pioneer Plaza Mall new Capital:

The owner company is well aware that integrated services are one of

the most important advantages that make the project successful from

other similar projects in the same area,

Especially since the Pioneer Plaza Administrative Capital aims to deal

with customers directly without an intermediary, so it was necessary

to provide comprehensive services, which are as follows:

The facilities and buildings within Pioneer New Capital acquire

only 30% of its large total area,

The rest of the space is green areas and places of entertainment in

the area surrounding the buildings.

The Pioneer Plaza Administrative Capital project is supervised by

an Egyptian, Emirati, and Italian administration, making it compete on

the global level.

Pioneer Plaza New Capital Mall is equipped with a fire protection system (Nafco).

There is a tight security system, in addition to placing cameras with

modern technology in different places of the mall.

In the Pioneer Plaza, the Administrative Capital, there is a large

hall suitable for holding corporate meetings.

The ground floor includes the food court on an area of 900 square meters,

with many internationally known restaurants and cafes, providing services

with high efficiency.

Inside the Pioneer Plaza Mall, the Administrative Capital, there

are entertainment areas for children with various games.

Movie theaters are also available to watch the best movies.

There are elevators with international technological technologies.

On the ground floor of Pioneer Plaza there is a huge pharmacy equipped

to the best of the standard.

The landscape takes up a large area of the total area of the mall.

The Pioneer Plaza New Capital project has a distinctive exterior

architectural design that matches modern European architecture.

Prices in Pioneer Plaza New Capital:

The Pioneer Plaza New Capital Mall enjoys various units with

varying areas starting from 60 square meters,

Which is delivered to the customer with a complete packaging system,

equipped with accessories and air conditioners,

Despite this, we find that the prices are very competitive and appropriate,

as follows:

The price per square meter for the medical and administrative units

in Pioneer Plaza ranges from 32,000 EGP to 40,000 EGP.

The price per square meter in the commercial units in the Pioneer Plaza Mall

new Capital, starts from 60,000 EGP and reaches a maximum of 90,000 EGP.

The company has provided easy payment systems in exchange for

owning a unit in the mall, and the systems are as follows:

The customer pays a contract downpayment of only 10% of the total

unit price at Pioneer Plaza Mall.

He pays the second installment, which is estimated at 5% of the total price,

after the lapse of six months from the date of payment of the contract provider.

The remainder is then paid in monthly payments of equal value over

a period of five full years.

Pioneer Plaza Mall is still under construction, but it is expected to start

handing over some of its units by the end of December of the current year 2020,

While the rest of the units will be delivered with a fully finished system

in late December of next year 2021.

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Features of Pioneer Plaza Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains