Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development

Prices start from 2,654,280 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 80 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-22
project developerEl Attal Developments
Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal DevelopmentLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
Details Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
project nameLeaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
project LocationSheikh Zayed
project unitsStudio- apartments- duplexes
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 8 years
Finishing typesemi finished
Spaces starting from80 sqm
Prices starting from2,654,280
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plan of Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
map of Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
Project details

It is one of the most modern compounds characterized by a civilized nature and green nature. Leaves West Sheikh Zayed from El Attal relies on technology services and artificial intelligence in the use of energy and the rationalization of water and energy consumption. El Attal Holding has contracted with the German company Siemens to provide its services in all the projects it is developing.

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed location

The location of the Leafs Compound is one of the most important things chosen with great care, within the framework of the developer’s realization of the importance of choosing an important strategic location for the construction of an integrated residential complex, as it is distinguished by its close distance to the most famous landmarks of the city, and it is very close to a variety of axial roads that facilitate The arrival of the project residents to their various destinations.

The most important places near the compound

  • The 26th of July Corridor, the Ring Road, and Cairo-Alexandria Road.
  • Hyper One is the most famous mall in 6th of October.
  • Dahshur link and monorail station.
  • Cairo University and the Nile University.
  • 10 minutes from Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia.
  • Close to Nile University and Misr University for Science and Technology.

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed space

The developer worked on the construction of Leaves West Sheikh Zayed on a large area of 36 acres, and was also keen to contract with a distinguished group of the most famous engineering consultants in order to develop the urban planning for the project in the way that the customers deserve and befits the big name of the developer company, while making sure to achieve benefit The entire area of the compound without wasting any of it. The issue came as follows:

  • One-room residential units start from 80 square meters.
  • 3-room apartments start from 145 square meters.
  • Duplex consisting of 4 rooms, starting from 258 square meters.

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed services

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed provides many entertainment and basic services for the residents, and the services came as follows:

  • Vast green spaces and artificial lakes that give a natural aesthetic to the place.
  • There is a 24-hour surveillance system with modern cameras.
  • A large store that provides all foodstuffs and works seven days a week.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and sizes suitable for all ages.
  • Backup power generation system in case of power failure.
  • There is a gymnasium equipped with all sports equipment and professional trainers at the highest level.
  • The compound also includes a sports club with various sports fields.
  • Private garages to prevent overcrowding and trampling in the compound.
  • And security personnel and guards trained at the highest level and work 24 hours a day.
  • The compound includes a relaxation area for holding barbecue parties in the picturesque nature.
  • A solar system that rationalizes electricity consumption.
  • In addition to a health club equipped with the latest equipment, including a sauna and a jacuzzi.
  • There are also jogging, walking and cycling tracks for sports lovers.
  • A recreational area for children, with safety to keep children safe.
  • A commercial mall that offers the most famous international brands.
Leaves West Sheikh Zayed

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed design

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed consists of 6 main branches, each branch includes activities and lifestyle different from the other, and all these branches gather together as they are inspired by the natural landscapes, creating one homogeneous main design to achieve communication and harmony.

In its design, Leaves contains two main gates that lead to the ring road that surrounds the project. You can access all the compound’s units through roads designated for cars, and all buildings in the project have been provided with an underground car park, in order to achieve maximum privacy in the housing.

The design of the Leafs Compound is also distinguished by the presence of an open garden that flows through a main path that connects the residential units of the compound, through a range of vibrant recreational activities that suit the interests of all the residents of the compound.

Leaves West prices

Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company launched its new project, Leaves, with a distinctive and attractive price package. These prices are a great investment opportunity in Sheikh Zayed City. The prices are as follows:

  • The price of a one-room apartment starts from 3,219,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of a 3-room apartment starts at 4,280,000 EGP.
  • Duplex prices start at 8,500,000 EGP.

Payment and installment systems

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed  The advantages provided by the company that owns the compound, Leaves October 6, will not stop, but rather it has provided a lot of cash facilities represented in flexible and easy booking and payment systems that suit all social groups in society, these systems are as follows:

  • Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years.
Leaves West Sheikh Zayed

Leaves West Sheikh Zayed

Advantages of investing in Leavs Compound

In addition to the huge amount of services provided by the owner company, an investment in the Compound Leaves October 6 has a number of advantages, including:

  • Leaves West Sheikh Zayed is located in the 6th of October district, which is one of the most comfortable and stable areas in New Cairo, and it is close to a variety of different facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial and entertainment centers.
  • Leaves El Attal Compound is characterized by a modern and unique design that is in line with the highest international standards in the field of architecture, in addition to providing high-quality facilities and services.
  • Lives El Attal Compound has a security system that includes guarding, surveillance devices, and 24-hour surveillance cameras, providing a safe and protected environment for the residents.
  • It provides many social facilities such as swimming pools, green areas, places for relaxation and entertainment, gyms, barbecue areas, and events, and this helps to enhance social life and integration among the residents.
  • Investing in Lives El Attal Zayed Compound is a good opportunity to get a good return on investment, as the property is very popular with investors and the demand for it is constantly increasing.
  • The compound provides distinguished property management services that include periodic maintenance of facilities and services and supervision of construction and administrative works, which makes the property easy to use and maintain and maintains its value in the long term.
  • It provides a flexible payment system that allows investors to choose between several payment and installment options, and this makes investing in real estate easier and more flexible and provides opportunity.

The company that owns the project and its most important business

El-Attal Company for Real Estate Development and Investment is one of the large investment entities that has a leading and prestigious position in the Egyptian market, and helped it reach this position by the lofty goals and clear visions that followed it, such as credibility, transparency, and adherence to specific deadlines for the delivery of its high-end units.

Al-Attal Real Estate Company achieved a huge sales rate of 12 billion Egyptian pounds, and the company also launched many real estate achievements that were distributed in all new cities and governorates, in addition to diversifying investment projects between residential, commercial, and administrative, and one of its most recent works is the Leaves 6th of October project.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Park Lane Residential Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Bay Cider Resort in Ras Sadr.
  • Infinity Tower, the new administrative capital.
  • Leaves West Sheikh Zayed.

You can contact us at the sales number 01270970000

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Features of Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Leaves West Sheikh Zayed Located?
Sheikh Zayed
Who is the Developer Leaves West Sheikh Zayed?
El-Attal Company for Real Estate Development
What is the finishing type of Leaves West Sheikh Zayed?
semi finished
What is the Type of Units Leaves West Sheikh Zayed?
Studio- apartments- duplexes
What are the Payment Systems in Leaves West Sheikh Zayed?
10%dp-up rest to 8 years
What is the sales number?