Calma Compound 6 October

Prices start from 4,194,000 EGP
10 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 150
Last updated 2023-10-22
Calma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 October
Calma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 OctoberCalma Compound 6 October
Details Calma Compound 6 October
project nameCalma Compound 6 October
project Location6 October
project unitsApartments - duplexes - penthouses
Delivery date2023
Payment SystemsDown payment starting from 10% and installments up to 10 years
Finishing typeSemi finished
Spaces starting from150
Prices starting from4,194,000
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Calma Compound 6 October
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Project details

Calma Compound 6 October, is one of the major projects of El Nasr Housing and Development Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate field. Calma is one of the distinguished residential projects located in the heart of the October Gardens, as it is characterized by luxury, sophistication, and the accuracy of distinguished and modern architectural designs.

And work has been done by the real estate developer to make the compound unique in its kind by providing all the various and different services among them that fulfill all the needs and desires of customers.

As for the prices, they were surprising within the Calma Compound, as they are the most appropriate and best of all, as El-Nasr Housing and Development Company provided a distinctive package of prices that suit everyone, with interest in allocating a payment system based on the convenient installment system for the largest possible period and without interest.

Calma Compound 6 October

Calma Compound 6 October

The location of Calma Compound 6 October

Al-Nasr Housing and Development Company, the real estate developer of the Calma project, chose the distinguished geographical location, as it is located on the most important roads, main axes, and the most important major neighborhoods.

Among the most important axes and places near the compound are the following:

  • Calma Compound is only 10 minutes away from Mall of Egypt.
  • The project overlooks the middle ring road, which can be reached in just 10 minutes.
  • It is 7 minutes away from the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Media Production City, Zewail City, and Zamalek Club can be reached in a few minutes.
  • It is located near the new tourist capital, Sun Capital, with a short distance.

The area of ​​the Calma Compound 6 October

Calma Compound 6 October was established on an area of 24 acres, and that space was taken into account to divide it among the various residential buildings and constructions that occupy 40% of the total area of the project.

Work has been done to provide green spaces and wide landscapes surrounding the compound from all sides and occupying about 60% of the total area in order to provide more comfort and enjoy relaxation and tranquility within the Calma October Compound, and this gave the developer of this huge project the opportunity to provide all possible services to customers.

Therefore, the compound is amazingly integrated with services, basic and recreational facilities.

Calma Compound 6 October

Calma Compound 6 October

Types and spaces of units in Calma 6th of October

The residential units within the Calma Compound 6 October vary and this has been taken into account in terms of spaces and types, so that you have the opportunity and freedom to choose the most suitable unit for you and your family. The units within the compound have been designed to consist of

  • apartments
  • duplexes
  • penthouses

and each of them differs from the other and is unique in its designs. unique global.

The space of the units within the Calma Compound ranges from (170 square meters to 400 square meters), and work has been done to provide these different spaces between the units to be the most appropriate choice for the customer in accordance with his capabilities, desires, and taste.

Services available in Calma Compound 6 October

  • Inside the Calma Compound 6 October there is a unique social club that provides all the various services, as it is a source of meeting for families and friends.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes, types, and sizes, taking into account the depth of the water to suit all ages, adults and children.
  • Football Court is spacious for playing sports, including football, tennis and other various sports.
  • An excellent commercial area with a large number of shops and malls on an area of 5,000 square meters. It includes world-famous brands and brands, which facilitates shopping for customers.
  • Calma Compound 6 October t has a distinguished health club with large gymnasiums with the latest sports equipment and supervised by the most qualified trainers.
  • There are entertainment places for children, Kids Aria, with all the various games and activities that suit them.
  • There is a huge administrative building on an area of 400 square meters in the compound.
  • Attention was paid to the religious aspect by establishing a large mosque designed in the modern Islamic style to perform religious rites and prayers.
  • Privacy was taken into account inside Calma 6th of October, by spacing between each unit and the other.
  • There is a nursery for children with all the toys and it is supervised by the most qualified teachers with a high level of education.
  • Wide waterways inside the compound give it an attractive urban look and help customers relax.
  • Security services are distinguished, as a number of security personnel and guards have been appointed throughout the compound, trained at the highest level, in addition to the presence of large electronic gates to help enter and exit easily in the compound.
  • Distributing a large number of modern surveillance cameras that monitor all events on a daily basis without interruption.
Calma Compound 6 October

Calma Compound 6 October

Housing features in the Calma October Gardens project

  • The most important characteristic of the compound is that it is located in the 6th of October City, which is one of the strategic and vital locations that surround and connect to the most important roads and main neighborhoods.
  • The units within Calma 6 October are diverse and different from each other, and spacing between them has been provided for more privacy and comfort.
  • Highly qualified companies and architects were hired in this field in order to produce an integrated residential compound with different modern and sophisticated designs characterized by luxury and sophistication.
  • The interior and exterior design of the units is inspired by the unique international style, which creates a distinct shape that differs from other residential projects.
  • It also features luxurious entrances designed of granite, securit glass, and fallen ceilings.
  • The compound has modern electric elevators on every building, which facilitates movement between floors in the buildings.
  • There are great restaurants and cafes inside the compound that offer the finest types of international food and drinks.
  • Paying attention to providing all means of comfort and relaxation within the Calma Compound, as a large percentage of green spaces, gardens, and various and distinctive facilities have been taken into account.
  • For each residential unit, there is a spacious garage that is sufficient for a large number of cars of the compound’s customers to prevent overcrowding and overcrowding.
  • Providing all means of entertainment with the presence of beauty centers, including a spa house, massage rooms, a unique jacuzzi, and a sauna.
  • The real estate developer was keen, when establishing the compound, to take into account the distance between it and schools and universities, in order to facilitate the study methods for students from the units’ residents.
  • There are long and wide paths among the green spaces, for those who love walking, running and cycling away from cars.

Calma Compound 6 October

Payment and installment systems in Calma Compound

The company has provided suitable prices for the units, which are distinct from others, and this price is one of the best prices announced in that area compared to all the services and facilities available within the project.

El-Nasr Housing and Development Company, the developer of that project, also provided appropriate and appropriate payment systems for all customers and those who intend to live within the Calma Compound 6 October.

Among the most important of these systems are:

  • You can pay a 10% downpayment to reserve the unit of the total value of the unit, and the rest of the amount over 10 years.
  • There is a 15% discount on cash payments.
  • The compound units are delivered semi-finished.
Calma Compound 6 October

Calma Compound 6 October

The developer of Calma Compound 6 October

El-Nasr Housing and Development Company is the developer of the project and it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, and it has many successful achievements in Egypt. The future of real estate development and investment.

The developer aims to be one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt and the entire Middle East, and seeks to implement sustainability and architecture standards and obtain Leed certification for its upcoming projects.

Among the most important previous projects of El-Nasr Housing and Development Company:

  • flower estates
  • Compound 2020.
  • The future project in Mokattam.
  • Miraj Towers.
  • Residential buildings in Belbeis.

The most important future projects of the real estate developer, Al-Nasr Housing and Development:

  • The Hikstep Project.
  • Al Safwa Project.
  • Mokattam Gardens Development Project.
  • Terraced land.

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers:

  • 01270970000

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Features of Calma Compound 6 October
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Calma 6 October Compound located?
6 October
Who is the real estate developer of Calma 6 October Compound?
El-Nasr Company for Housing and Development
What is the type of finishing in Calma 6 October?
Semi finished
What are the units' types in Calma 6 October?
Apartments - duplexes - penthouses
What are the payment systems in Calma 6th of October?
Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 10 years
What is the sales figure?