Hacienda White Village North Coast

Prices start from 4,960,685 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 145m2
Last updated 2023-05-14
project developerPalm Hills Developments
Hacienda White Village North CoastHacienda White Village North CoastHacienda White Village North CoastHacienda White Village North Coast
Hacienda White Village North CoastHacienda White Village North CoastHacienda White Village North CoastHacienda White Village North Coast
Details Hacienda White Village North Coast
project nameHacienda White Village North Coast
project LocationNorth Coast
project unitschalets, twin houses, and villas.
Delivery date2022
Payment Systems5% down payment and installments up to 7 years
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from145m2
Prices starting from4,960,685
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plan of Hacienda White Village North Coast
Hacienda White Village North Coast
map of Hacienda White Village North Coast
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Hacienda White Village North Coast

, or as it is known as  Project

Hacienda White North Coast is one of  Palm Hills Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Masharf is A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home

by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

Hacienda White village North Coast

Enjoying the charming nature of the northern coast is not complete except with Hacienda White,

which makes your trip more joyful and enjoyable,

as it passes the well-known and agreed-upon meaning of the tourist

village to appear as if it was a town alone due to the abundance of its high-end services and the splendor

of its units despite the different types and types. Here’s everything you need to know about this charming village.

Hacienda White Units


Chalets space starts from 145 meters to 261 meters
Redbrick finishing

Twin House

Twin House space starts from 200 meters
Redbrick finishing


Villas space starts from 300 square meters
Redbrick finishing

Hacienda White village North Coast Location

Hacienda White dazzles everyone with its strategic location in the charming North Coast city,

as the picturesque nature, the open air, the delightful matching of clear water and golden sand and the innumerable services,

precisely within the boundaries of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area at the 140th kilometer of Alexandria Matrouh,

the issue that brought it close From a fundamental and vital path, which is the new path of Fouka

The village was built on the coast of the sea at once,

which means that all units of Hacienda North Coast for sale have stunning natural views of the sea,

which preserves living a luxurious life in an unparalleled tourist residential village.

Hacienda North Coast services and features

The dialogue about the services and advantages of the project requires pages and pages

so that we can list every benefit in it and not forget anything from the list of privileges that is unique to it and not other tourist villages,

but all of this can be summarized as the amount of possibilities in the following points:

The diversity of swimming pools in their areas, designs and spread exceeds the headquarters in the village,

and some of them are designated for children.

Not only apartments remain, but shops can also be reserved within the scope of the project.

Enjoy the charming nature and refreshing climate in the tourist promenade.

Acquisition of the highest health recall within the designated hospitals,

health clinics and medical centers present in Hacienda White that open its doors to all visitors of the village.

The presence of cosmetic centers in the village,

which is a benefit with distinct specifications for those interested in taking care of the skin and the body in particular.

The presence of water games ensures an increase in pleasure for everyone.

A gym equipped with various necessary equipment, equipment and devices.

The presence of chalets enjoying sea views.

Establishing a group of social clubs so that those in the village can get

used to performing their activities in a quiet location.

The benefit of the Internet and Wi-Fi was kept free of charge.

The control of green spaces over an overwhelming proportion of the village’s location,

which gives the headquarters an increase in peace, beauty and psychological comfort.

The multiplicity and variety of playgrounds between golf courses, squash, round-witch sports fields,

five-a-side football, in addition to the children’s playgrounds on the beach.

Hacienda White North Coast Project

Hacienda White North Coast Spaces

You probably think that this resort has no consequence due to its vast area that is difficult to reach its end on foot,

so it was natural for Hacienda White to contain with it, next to the various properties and units,

huge areas of picturesque similarities such as green spaces and water bodies that occupy about 80% From the total area,

a 20% allowance is only for buildings and facilities

The village offers its customers the most luxurious apartments

and tourist destinations in various areas that may occur in your mind,

whether small, medium or large, and whatever the unit category is chalets,

independent villas, palaces, twin houses or townhouses, the customer will find a great variation in spaces.

For example, the areas of chalets for sale in Hacienda White North Coast vary from one
and a half meters to 261 meters, to the extent that it prompts

a huge segment of customers to choose that village without others to book chalets

in it or even other units because they are not similar in size also to the style Which meets all needs.

Strategy of Hacienda White North Coast

All meanings of creativity and splendor are evident in the strategy in every corner of the resort,

land and streets are adorned with vast green spaces and at the same time

overlooking sandy beaches that have an attractive nature.

The village is designed in a creative, non-classic style, taking the “U” style.

The creative preparation of the project was, of course, reflected in its various units,

as its residents can enjoy seeing the sea without the need to go outside from their residence,

whether staying in villas or chalets or even guests of the Hacienda North Coast Hotel.

Hacienda White Village North Coast

Hacienda White North Coast prices

All customers of Hacienda White North Coast enjoy all its services and abundant benefits at the best possible cost, because the enterprise that owns the project does not aim to achieve huge victories at the expense of its customers, but takes into account to maintain the profit of their confidence and satisfaction in all things, even monetary aspects.

Completes the offering of chalets for sale in Hacienda White at widely varying costs, starting from thousands of pounds to reaching millions of pounds, for example, the value of a limited number of chalets in the village is up to 5 million pounds. This vast disparity in costs is in the best customer, of course, in the largest place. Until he finds something that matches his abilities.

Payment systems in Hacienda White North Coast

As long as you make a decision to purchase a unit within Hacienda Village, you will never encounter the problem of defaulting payment because you will have simplified facilities to the maximum extent that enable you to pay the amount in installments over a full 7 years without flogging any privileges and after paying only 5% of the total price of the unit.

By looking at the location, spaces, services, or even hacienda white prices and payment methods, you will find that it becomes better than the abundant quantity of other villages, so there is the ideal direction for those looking for sovereignty and modernity at the best possible prices.

The real estate developer of the project Hacienda White North Coast

Had it not been for the overwhelming work and long experience

enjoyed by the Palm Hills Real Estate Development Corporation,

which owns the project, since it achieved all that supremacy and gained all that fame in a short period,

this is an inevitable result because the corporation has been operating since 2005,

meaning it has enormous experience that enables it to launch projects with distinct specifications.

The commercial facility established by the Al-Mansour

and Al-Maghribi Corporation for Development and Investment as a joint-stock company,

so it listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchanges and London,

and since its inception it has been operating at full capacity

with the aim of implementing integrated housing projects and has actually

been able to investigate its goal until it became one of the largest real estate amendment institutions

at the local rate following the application of Soub 26 Project.

The Foundation undertakes the implementation and modification of real estate projects,

from resorts and residential cities, in the best parts of Egypt, and to the direction of a project

hacienda white

Palm Hills has launched several core projects, the most important of which are:

The Village, Palm Hills Katameya, Palm Hills Compound,

Village Avenue, Capital Gardens, Village Gate, Village Gardens Katameya, Golf Central Mall.

Projects in West Cairo such as:

Badia October Palm Hills

Casa project.

Palm Valley ..

Palm Hills October project.

The Crown.

Badya Palm Hills project.

Bamboo Extension.

Golf Extension Project.

Palm Parks.

Golf View project.


Palm Hills Sokhna Resort.

Palm Hills El Alamein.

Hacienda Bay North Coast.

Palm Hills Alexandria Compound.

Tuaya Gold project in the Red Sea.

Hacienda White North Coast Project

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Features of Hacienda White Village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hacienda White Village North Coast?
North Coast
Who is the Developer of Hacienda White Village North Coast?
Palm Hills Real Estate Development
What is the finishing type of Hacienda White Village North Coast?
fully finished
What is the Type of Units in Hacienda White Village North Coast?
chalets, twin houses, and villas.
What are the Payment Systems in Hacienda White Village North Coast?
5% down payment and installments up to 7 years
What is the sales number?