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Jefaira village north coast


Jefaira village north coast , or as it is known as  Project

Jefaira north coast or Jefaira north coast, is one of Inertia Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:


About Jefaira village north coast:

The most distinctive feature of the Jefaira project is

that it overlooks a pleasant view directly on the beach

The village of Jefaira, North Coast, designed the village

with a level system of medical terraces included

It includes the largest area of ​​artificial lakes

There are crystal lakes

Marina for fishing and yachting and boat cruises

A tourist village in the Ras Al-Hikma area

It is characterized by beauty, as visitors can enjoy privacy and tranquility

The company developing the project is Inertia

Inertia was keen to make the village an integrated city, closed in on itself

She was able to achieve self-sufficiency in the village

Providing the main service and entertainment facilities

The village was executed on about 1,300 acres

It is located on the seashore on a stretch of 3600 square meters

Depth up to 2,200 square meters

A contract advance is paid at 10% of the unit value

The rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of 6 years

The unit shall be delivered after two years from the date of contracting

Jefaira village north coast

The company developing Jefaira village north coast:

Jefaira North Coast is one of Inertia’s projects

The village is one of the most famous works known for its beauty

Founded in 2007

It has implemented a wide range of major projects

and achieved overwhelming success

The company owns lands with an area of ​​6 million square meters

Investments amounted to 22 billion Egyptian pounds

It achieved tremendous profits amounting to 3 billion and 200 million Egyptian pounds

Ras El-Hikma region enjoys natural resources,

especially the beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

This makes Ras Al Hikma Bay the most important destination for

the largest investments on the northern coast

Ras Al-Hikma area starts from 180 km to 230 km

It has turquoise beaches that are crystal clear and free from waves

It is also distinguished by its proximity to all major places on the northern coast:

Sidi Abdel Rahman, or the new city of El Alamein, or Marsa Matrouh

The company’s business :

They are divided into residential or tourism projects:

Jules 6 October

Veranda Sahl Hasheesh

Brix 6 October

G Cribs El Gouna

Units Jefaira village north coast


Starting from 40 square meters

Fully finished


Starting from 235 square meters

Fully finished


Starting from 166 square meters

Fully finished

Jefaira village north coast location:

The company implemented the village of Jefaira North Coast

in Ras Al-Hikma Bay

Ras Al Hikma Bay is one of the most important places on

the northern coast to attract investors

Ras Al Hikma Bay became known as Marina El Alamein and others

It has many advantages that contribute to its march towards widespread fame

It contains a lot of picturesque areas with a charming view

location features:

Its weather is moderate most days of the year

The beaches are characterized by white sand and soft and turquoise waters

Ras El Hikma Bay and Sidi Abdel Rahman area at

the beginning are far away from Alexandria, Cairo and Alexandria

Through the new Fouka Road, the northern coast will be reached in the least time

The village of Jefaira is located in the northern coast of

Ras Al-Hikma, at the 200 km Alex Matrouh Road

After the village of La Vista and before

the village of Mountain View, a minute and a village away

Jefaira about Marassi village is about 65 square meters and it overlooks the sea directly

The name of the project  taken from the area in which it is located and in the

Bay of Jefaira, 100 km from Marsa Matruh

The project area is 1,300 acres

Juffair Bay, meaning Juffair, is the permanent source of fresh water

Jefaira village is about 300 km from Greater Cairo

It is about 65 km from Marsa Matruh

Services provided by Jefaira village north coast:

Swimming pools evenly distributed

Swimming pool for children

Industrial lakes and the rest of the village green spaces

Huge green spaces

Land scape and health club with gym and spa inside

Providing children with their own entertainment area

For playing, fun and enjoyable sports activities safely

and without worrying about them

Enjoy nature and greenery of various places and chalets

Features unique to the village:

Jefaira North Coast also includes the largest commercial area

It includes a large number of malls and shops in the center of the project

There is also a distinctive walkway on the sea with a height of 7 meters

Within the village of Jefaira North Coast,

there is a new integrated surveillance camera system,

security services, and guarding

Jefaira Resort Village on the North Coast includes

the largest conference hall for holding private meetings and parties

Overlooking a pleasant view directly on the beach

Jefaira North Coast  designed with a level system of medical terraces

The compound units overlook the sea

It includes the largest area of ​​artificial crystal lakes

Establishing a marina for fishing and yachts and a boat for cruises

For those who love taking a stroll in the middle of the picturesque nature

Inside the North Coast village, there is a long walkway that extends on the beachfront

The company established an international hotel

inside the village that provides hotel services to guests

The residential units are surrounded by large areas of

landscapes and beautiful gardens

The allocation of large trails for cycling

and jogging in the village of Jefaira, North Coast

Inertia, the developer of the project, did not forget the young buds

She provided a special area for them with safety and comfort

It contains a group of different games and entertainment

It is characterized by the presence of a number of high-end cafes

and restaurants to provide the best drinks and delicious food to guests

A comprehensive commercial area containing all the products and commodities needed by the village residents

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Features of Jefaira village north coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains