Jefaira village north coast

Prices start from 1,681,000 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2024
Spaces starting from 35 sqm
Last updated 2024-01-11
project developerinertia Development
Jefaira village north coastJefaira village north coastJefaira village north coastJefaira village north coastJefaira village north coast
Jefaira village north coastJefaira village north coastJefaira village north coastJefaira village north coastJefaira village north coast
Details Jefaira village north coast
project nameJefaira village north coast
project LocationNorth Coast
project unitsStudio - villas - twin houses
Delivery date2024
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 8 years
Finishing typeFully finished
Spaces starting from35 sqm
Prices starting from1,681,000
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plan of Jefaira village north coast
Jefaira village north coast
map of Jefaira village north coast
Project details

It is Jefaira village north coast one of the projects of Inertia Real Estate Development Company. Jefaira Village is also considered one of the best marine tourism villages and resorts, as it was built on the most beautiful and beautiful sea on the North Coast. Jefaira North Coast – Self-Location Development – sponsored by Inertia Development Company.

Jefaira Village is also considered one of the best marine tourism villages and resorts, as it was built on the most beautiful and peaceful sea on the northern coast of the Ras El Hekma Bay area on the Mediterranean coast. Although the Ras El Hekma Bay area is characterized by soft white sand and rocky sand. We also found that Inertia Real Estate Company has an excellent history and a prominent position among the major investment companies

Jefaira village north coast

Jefaira North Coast Village is one of the best and most exciting projects on the North Coast and Ras El Hekma area for the year 2021-2022. It is characterized by unique services and charming features that will make you feel like a real Jefaira. It is located at kilometer 200 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Jefaira Coast designed with a length of 3600 m, an area of 5.5 million square meters and a depth of 2200 m, developed by Intarcia. No benefit for more than 8 years

Jefaira north coast

The most prominent feature of the Jefaira project is the beautiful view directly overlooking the beach. The village of Jefaira, North Coast, designed a horizontal system of medical terraces, including the largest artificial lake. There is Crystal Lake, a marina for fishing, yachting and cruises. The tourist village is located in the Ras El Hekma area, characterized by beauty, where visitors can enjoy privacy and tranquility.

The company that is developing Jefaira village north coast Inertia Company, is keen to make the village an integrated, closed city capable of achieving self-sufficiency in the village, as it provides the main services and recreational facilities. The area of the village is about 1,300 acres, and it is located next to the sea. It extends over an area of 3,600 meters, and its square depth reaches 2,200 meters. . Square meters

Jefaira village north coast

Jefaira village north coast

Location of Jefaira Village North Coast

Now let’s talk about the Jefaira location, we may find the alleged shortcomings in the Jefaira Sahel project. Jefaira village north coast is located on the northern coast and the resort is located at kilometer 183 on Alexandre Matrulo Road. It has a direct view of the sea and is located in Ras El Hekma Bay, one of the most important places on the northern coast to attract foreign investors and tourists. Jefaira is about 65 kilometers away from Marassi and is close to the most famous tourist villages before La Vista North Coast Village and after Mountain View Village. The road from Cairo to Jefaira Village is very easy as it is about 300 kilometers from the hotel.

How close is Mersa Matrouh, about 65 kilometers from Alexandria, and about 200 kilometers from Alexandria. All units in Jefaira enjoy views of one of the most beautiful beaches in the New Coast, known for its white sand, turquoise waters and clean air. Jefaira was designed on a system of natural terraces to ensure that all units and facilities overlook some of the most beautiful beaches on the North Coast.

Designed by Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira village north coast is located on the most beautiful and wonderful beaches of Africa – the Mediterranean Sea, making it characterized by views of turquoise waters, white sand and amazing sunlight. In addition, all units of Jefaira Village overlook several stages of the construction of “The Furl”, “The Cribs” and “The Wharf” by a group of international experts and consultants.

Inertia Egypt has always been keen to design Jefaira according to the latest high-end trends and exciting international designs to ensure privacy for all residents, and inspired by the architectural forms of the Mediterranean islands, characterized by a unique modern character to create a vibrant community and a wonderful haven, it has become a way of life for all residents and residents. And visitors on the northern shore of Gevala. Jefaira village north coast designed a beach with a length of 3,600 meters, an area of 5.5 million square metres, and a water depth of 2,200 metres, indicating the presence of a permanent source of fresh water, indicating that the consulting engineer for Jefaira village is engineer Raif Fahmy.

Area of Jefaira Ras El Hikma units

Jefaira North Coast Resort covers approximately 1,300 acres and features a beach approximately 3,600 meters wide and 2,200 meters deep. Jefaira village north coast is also divided into residential units, villas and different luxury chalets, which vary in size and price. The rest of the area is dominated by the largest amount of green spaces and views represented by trees and unique gardens that intersect the residential units and provide them with the best views of the picturesque nature.

Jefaira village north coast

Jefaira village north coast

Jefaira village north coast prices

Jefaira North Coast Village is characterized by many different prices, spaces, and systems. The project also divides the Jefaira village north coast into separate villas with swimming pools, private gardens, double bedrooms and cottages. Jefaira has unique chalets overlooking the sea, of varying sizes and prices. There are also residential chalets, one-bedroom chalets for sale, and two- and three-bedroom chalets, and we find these units numerous and varied. The same ,

Find everything in a space that suits you and your family members, from nature and size, to suit every taste, whether a village owner or a guest. To meet all needs and achieve the maximum level of luxury, privacy and sophistication, we mention the following prices and available spaces:

  • Independent villa of 240 square meters with a swimming pool, garden and land area of 375 square meters.
  • Price 10,941,000. Egyptian Pound.
  • Twin house with an area of 165 square meters on a plot of 255 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms.
  • The price is 7,272,000 pounds.
  • Townhouse 165 square meters, land area 130 square meters, price 5,716,000 pounds Chalet, area
  • 36 square meters, price from 1,600,000 pounds

Chalet prices in Jefaira Village North Coast

Inertia Real Estate Development Company offers many privileges that guarantee success and peace of mind for investors. Jefaira North Coast prices are commensurate with the unit’s area, features, and services provided by Inertia. the site:

  • Prices for one-bedroom apartments and studios in The Cribs start from 1,681,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Two-bedroom chalets in Jefaira North Coast Docklands from 3,300,000 Egyptian pounds. Three-bedroom villas in Jefaira start from 5,800,000 EGP.

Reservation and installments in Jefaira

A contractual payment of 10% of the unit value is made, and the remaining 8 years are paid in installments, and the unit is delivered two years after the date of signing the contract.

Jefaira village north coast

Jefaira village north coast

Jefaira North Coast Facilities and Services

Services provided by Jefaira village north coast:

  • Swimming pools are equally divided.
  • There is a children’s swimming pool, artificial lake and other parts of the village.
    Green area.
  • Vast green spaces.
  • Landscape and health club with gym and spa.
  • Increase the children’s recreational area to play, have fun, and enjoy sports activities in all safe conditions.
  • You can enjoy nature and green spaces in many places and cabins.
  • What makes Jefaira North Shore Village unique: Jefaira North Shore Village also includes the largest commercial area, with a large number of shopping malls and shops in the center of the project.
  • There is a unique marine walkway with a height of 7 metres.
  • Inside Jefaira North Coast Village, security and guarding services,
  • A new integrated surveillance camera system that includes the tourist village of Jefaira on the North Coast,
  • The largest conference hall for meetings and private parties,
  • With a direct view of the beach. It includes the largest crystal artificial lake,
  • And the construction of a fishing pier,
  • And freely for yachts and travel boats

The developer of Jefaira Village North Coast

Inertia North Coast Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the Jefaira North Coast project. Inertia Company is owned by engineer Ayman Kandil. The two companies’ investments amount to about 22 billion pounds sterling and annual sales amount to 3.2 billion pounds.

The company has provided many successful projects, the most important of which are: Gul 6th October Compound, Veranda Sahl Hasheesh. C- El Gouna crepe. Brix October 6 Finally, after we have shown the many advantages of Jefaira, it is safe to say that the meaning of the term defect in the Jefaira Inertia project has been erased by these multiple advantages. You can only access it when you purchase one of the project modules, so hurry up and pre-order.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2022They are subject to change, as we are keen to update the list of spaces, prices and types of residential units And commercial so that clients understand the changes in the real estate market

You cancontact uson sales number 01270970000

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Features of Jefaira village north coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jefaira North Coast Village located?
North Coast
Who is the real estate developer of Jefaira North Coast Village?
Inertia Company
What is the type of finishing in Jefaira Village, North Coast?
Fully finished
What type of units is in Jefaira North Coast Village?
Studio - villas - twin houses
What are the payment systems in Jefaira Village, North Coast?
Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years
What is the sales number?