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Dimora Village North Coast


Dimora Village North Coast , or as it is known as  Project

Dimora North Coast or , is one of  N/A Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Design of Dimora Village North Coast

The resorts was designed from the best excellent engineering shapes, as the buildings are on a level and one sees the sea in addition to the wonderful, wonderful colors, which give fun and pleasure to village, just as the village was designed from exquisite green spaces and industrial lakes with different shapes and areas that give the most beautiful natural resemblance

The best number of international swimming pools were designed in order to enjoy more water within the village. village includes the largest variety of crystal lagoons in excellent shapes and types

Just as the village was designed from the most beautiful landscapes, village is completely surrounded by natural splendor and relaxation in the presence of the best picturesque resemblance that includes the village above it, village has allocated 20% areas for the construction of safety buildings and luxurious facilities, as all buildings have a comfortable and excellent view that supports all recreation

A number of international restaurants

have been established within the village,

providing the best food,

just as it overlooks facing the sea

at once in order to eat your meal

in front of the most beautiful view.

The village is distinguished

by its availability of

several distinct specifications

of integrated services

that everyone needs

The village is distinguished by

the design of the wonderful

Italian appearance,

as the luxurious buildings,

huge areas and wonderful wide streets,

the village maintains for all

its customers security

and defense during

the days of the year

Units Dimora Village North Coast


Chalets start from 75 square meters.

Super Lux finishing


Villas start from 240 square meters.

Super Lux finishing

Twin House

Twin House space starts

from 200 square meters.

Super Lux finishing

Dimora North Coast location

It is located in

the archaeological northern coast,

facing the sea immediately

at the 75.5 km Sabil Alexandria Matrouh,

as it is located before the village

of Marseilia Beach 1 North Coast

and in the aftermath of

Green Village North Coast

It has an excellent view

overlooking the Mediterranean Sea,

as enjoyment and recreation are

the best summer vacations,

as the village distinguished by beauty

and sophistication,

amidst the most beautiful green areas

and pleasant residential buildings

overlooking the sea immediately

as it overlooks from a terrace

on the best natural resemblance,

the village is Demora one of

the best tourist villages

On the northern coast,

due to the reasonable prices

and the best methods of exchange

and installment

Dimora Village North Coast services

The village provides the finest types

of services that the customer needs

during their stay in the village,

just as it gives the best public

and private foundation structure enjoyable,

cooperating customers to

meet the obligations

Dimora Al Sahel Village

also distinguished by its establishment

of a number of distinguished service areas.

We will explain to you in details:

  • The resorts characterized by
  • the presence of the best large areas
  • There are more than 17 luxurious
  • swimming pools of various sizes
  • Just as the village enjoys
  • the best international settings
  • It remains the largest integrated
  • commercial place
  • with many commercial stores
  • The village has wide streets
  • There are mosques to meet prayers
  •  resorts characterized by
  • the presence of a large tongue
  • in the sea
  • It also has the advantage of
  • the wonderful green spaces
  • that are common in the village
  • The place for restaurants,
  • cafes and cafeterias
  • on the sea remains immediately
  • village features an international
  • health team that includes a gym,
  • spa, sauna and jacuzzi
  • resorts provides the best sports services
  • as it remains the largest different sports fields
  • Kids Area remains exclusive to children
  • The establishment of
  • the village Aqua Park huge
  • on the beach
  • There is a theme park
  • for adults and juniors
  •  Safety and security throughout the day
  • resorts set aside special areas
  • for hunting
  • There are many yachts in Morsi
  • The resorts characterized by
  • highly equipped health services
  • There is an integrated supermarket
  • with all commodities
  • are a number of marine games
  • establishment of the largest tourist
  • hotel overlooking the sea immediately
  • resorts characterized by the presence
  • of a luxurious selection of apartments
  • There are a number of distinguished
  • and electronic games

Dimora Areas North Coast

The village of Dimora North Coast

characterized by the availability

of the best different areas suitable

for individuals,

as you find all areas,

great and small,

just as the types of housing units

within the village varied in order to

suit all tastes as it remains independent villas,

twin houses and chalets,

as it characterized by an excellent internal

retail Distinctive specifications

and enjoy amazing sea views at once,

facing green spaces.

Chalet areas start from 75 square meters

and villas range from 240 square meters

with excellent and amazing exterior designs,

you will find all the capabilities

that are lacking in our village

Prices Dimora North Coast:

The village distinguished as one

of the best tourist villages

that provide various forms of luxury

and pleasure in addition to

the abundance of services,

infrastructure and areas

that it provides to all its customers

As the village provides the best prices,

distinct and excellent,

compared to the rest of the prices.

Other tourist villages considered one

of the cheapest villages

and characterized by low prices,

as you can own a residential unit as easily as possible

by putting in place the best methods

of exchange and installment systems

without benefits.

Four hundred thousand Egyptian pounds

characterized by handing over apartments

with super lux finishes and equipped

to own this moment as

it considered one of the best

and largest tourist resorts on the North Coast

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Features of Dimora Village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains